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    61cu4tXf8lL.jpg320 kbps | 234 MB | LINKS

    In May 1972 Twenty Sixty Six And Then met first time and decided to found a band. Day and night they rehearsed and filed on their sound in their residence in Mannheim. Another journalist at that time: “Dominating in their music is a dynamic, which is regulatory in the developing harmonies in the complex structured arrangements. When the musicians sometimes get lost in old hard rock stereotypes they kept enough distance to the sounds, to prove their intents with detailed inserted alienation.” In a short way: the rediscovery of a Krautrock origin from the Mannheim”-rock scene in the early 70ties. Twenty Sixty Six And Then were the singer Geff Harrison (the only member from the UK), Veit Marvos on organ, Steve Robinson played the second organ, Gagey Mrozeck guitar, Dieter Bauer on bass and Konstantin Heinrich Bommarius on drums.

    This 2CD reissue contains a wealth of bonus material, starting off with a live in studio version of “At My Home” which adds almost 3 minutes of extra jamming to take this already super song to another level. “The Way That I Feel Today” brings the bands blues & jazz leanings into play, featuring plenty of piano and flute solos to go along with rampaging guitar & organ jams. Think early Iron Butterfly at the height of their powers. The colossal “Spring” is a duet for two Hammonds, Bommarius’ drums steadily keeping the beat while both organs lay down a wealth of grandiose sounds.

    If you are a Hammond organ lover, this is the song for you. “I Wanna Stay” is pummeling hard rock not far removed from early Deep Purple or Uriah Heep, as is “Time Can’t Take it Away”, with rippling bass, wah-wah guitar riffs, Hammond, and multi-part vocal harmonies soaring to the heavens. A few demo tracks of pretty sub-par quality are also included, the very proggy “Winter”, the bluesy pop piece “I Saw the World”, and the completely different, R’n’B tinged number “You Are Under My Skin”, which appears to be a Steve Robinson solo piece recorded much later. Though the booklet is sadly all in German, it no doubt contains a wealth of information on this long forgotten but totally formidable band.


    1. At My Home [05:02]
    2. Autumn [09:05]
    3. Butterking [07:20]
    4. Reflections On The Future [15:47]
    5. How Would You Feel [03:22]
    6. At My Home (Studio Live Version) [07:58]


    1. The Way That I Feel Today (Studio Live Version) [11:11]
    2. Spring (duet for two Hammonds, rehearsal) [13:02]
    3. I Wanna Stay (the Munich session) [03:59]
    4. Time Can’t Take It Away (the Munich session) [04:40]
    5. Winter (Demo 1970) [07:17]
    6. I Saw The World (Demo 1970) [04:30]
    7. You Are Under My Skin [04:34]

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    Antichrisis - A Legacy of Love - Mark II (Compilation) 2005

    Исполнитель: Antichrisis
    Альбом: A Legacy of Love - Mark II (Compilation)
    Год выхода: 2005
    Жанр: Medieval Folk / Gothic Rock
    Страна: Germany (Monschau, North Rhine-Westphalia)
    Формат: Lossless: FLAC (cue+covers+log)
    Размер: 563.68 Mb
    Залито на: Turbobit | Hitfile | Rapidgator

    Antichrisis - A Legacy of Love - Mark II (Compilation) 2005

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    Antichrisis - A Legacy of Love (1998)

    Исполнитель: Antichrisis
    Альбом: A Legacy Of Love
    Год выхода: 1998
    Жанр: Medieval Folk / Gothic Rock
    Страна: Germany (Monschau, North Rhine-Westphalia)
    Формат: Lossless: FLAC (cue+covers+log)
    Размер: 531.77 Mb
    Залито на: Turbobit | Hitfile | Rapidgator

    Antichrisis - A Legacy of Love (1998)

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    The Three Suns – A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas! Original release 1959, RCA Victor LSP-2054 2015 reissue, Real Gone Music: RGM-0395   01 Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town (2:04) 02 Skater’s Waltz (2:56) 03 The Chipmunk Song (2:03) 04 White Christmas (3:06) 05 Ding Dong Dandy Christmas (2:54) 06 The Christmas Song (2:31) 07 Russian Sleigh Song (2:39) 08 Jingle Bells (2:41) 09 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (2:20) 10 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (2:00) … Continue reading

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    CandeiasOriginally “Sambaiana” has been released in Spain and France but only in small numbers. Re-mastered from original vinyl at Calyx Mastering, Berlin.
    Candeias, (engl: Candles) was initiated by the Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Guillermo Reuter due to an invitation by French producer Jaques Subileau to write an album.
    …The recordings of Sambaiana took place shortly after Subileau’s invitation, in October/November 1975, in the Buenos Aires based studio ‘Sound Center’. To realise his vision Reuter surrounded himself with four superb musicians, who he knew from previous recording sessions: Agustin Pereyra Lucena on guitar, Brazilian bass player Darci Soave, Uruguayan drummer and percussionist Carlos Carli, and the young flute player Rubén Izarrualde.

    93 MB  320 ** FLAC

    Reuter himself plays the Fender piano on all tunes (despite “Zimbao“ on which he played the upright piano) as well as 12-string guitar. The idea of adding a horn section to some tracks was quickly scrapped, mostly for financial reasons. Recorded in only a few brisk spring days (which is November on the southern hemisphere), you can feel the sheer enjoyment of the musicians in this masterpiece of timeless, universal music through its unbridled playfulness. Starting with ‘El Tren De Tom’, the album’s first track, where the sound of a departing locomotive announces the beginning of a journey. A journey that winds it’s way through the contagiously melodious, cunningly arranged and in every detail, profound world of Guillermo Reuter and his project Candeias. All of which is overseen by their heraldic spirit animal, the Toucan, which is the bird we first see on the album cover. The name Candeias, which means candles in Portuguese, was chosen democratically by all four participating musicians. The album’s carefree, casual happiness is never superficial or forced. For instance, ‘Paolinho’, driven by Izarrualde’s flute, is rooted in the folkloristic tradition of Northern Brazil and emphasizes Reuter’s almost academic approach towards his compositions. ‘Managua’ employs the Cuban Guajira rhythm and is probably the song of the album that best expresses the harmonic interaction of the four musicians extraordinaire. Throughout the whole album, Reuter’s training in classical compositions interweaving with his love of Jazz and Brazilian music, in particular, is almost tangible.

    In his homeland of Argentina, ‘Candeias’ will never be released. Subileau’s personal connections took the project to Europe, Spain to be precise. Here, with changing line-ups, Reuter played live regularly between 1976 and 1978. His playmates in Candeias (expandable from quartet to septet) include f.e. the Cuban saxophone player Paquito d’Rivera, the US trombone player Bill Smith, the Brazilian percussionist Rubem Dantas and the Spanish flute/saxophone player Jorge Pardo. Further recordings never happened, though. The European Jazz scene at that time was much too volatile and in turmoil. Talents like Reuter were mostly getting booked as session musicians and were swamped by endless touring, leaving them little time to pursue their own projects. After his father had died towards the end of the ’80s, Guillermo Reuter returned to Argentina and only infrequently returned to Europe for occasional live gigs. Back in his hometown, he made a living writing compositions for commercials and from intermittent gigs in local jazz clubs. He operated a music store for some years, worked as a composition teacher and acted as a program manager for various music and live venues in Buenos Aires. During this time he never stopped writing own songs. His fascination for South American folklore and its rhythms, from Brazil via Uruguay to Argentina, continued to increase, even until this day. In 2004 Guillermo Reuter wrote a song, ‘El Gorgojo’ (The Bug), which won the first prize at the international Latin Jazz Contest in La Habana and was praised by the French film music composer Michel Legrand, one of Reuter’s personal idols.

    Having now Notes On A Journey, more than forty years after its initial release, introducing ‘Candeias’ to a whole new audience is also in the interest of its creator. For Guillermo Reuter, this album was and is a lifework, which has never lost momentum and significance. It is a record, which simply stands the test of time by bringing pure joy over its full, entertaining length, and is going under the skin at the same time. That’s why for this re-issue the original Spanish pressing has been lovingly restored, preserving the sound quality, letting you listen to it the way it should be heard, in the here and now.

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    Artist: Charles Aznavour Title Of Album: Autobiographie Year Of Release: 2004 (1980) Label (Catalog#): Capitol / EMI (571118 2) Country: France Genre: French Chanson, Pop, Vocal Quality: SACD (.iso+.md5+covers) Bitrate: Lossless Time: 57:15 min Full Size: 4.06 GB (+5%)

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    Artist: Charles Aznavour Title Of Album: Plus Bleu... Year Of Release: 2004 (1997) Label (Catalog#): EMI (571115 2) Country: France Genre: French Chanson, Pop, Vocal Quality: SACD (.iso+.md5+covers) Bitrate: Lossless Time: 54:01 min Full Size: 4.06 GB (+5%)

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    Download Miombo_Drums_and_Swifter_Studio-Songs_of_The_Native_Americans_The_Album-2CD-2014-NOiR Free
    Artist: Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio
    Title of Album: Songs of The Native Americans The Album
    Genre: Ethnic
    Year of Release: 2014
    Tracks: 36
    Total Time: 2 hours and 4 minutes
    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 247 Kbps
    Total Size: 218.9 MB

    # Song Title Artist Time
    01 Heya-Hee (The Inter-Tribal Song to Stop The Rain) Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:05
    02 Yeha-Noha (Wishes of Happiness Ans Prosperity) Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:39
    03 Ta-Was-Ne (Elevation) Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:45
    04 Canto Chamamico (Heal The Soul) Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:43
    05 How The West Was Lost Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:06
    06 Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya (The Counter Clockwise Circle) Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 3:51
    07 Dawa (The Credele Song) Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 3:55
    08 Ya-Na-Hana (Celebrate Wild Rice) Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 3:36
    09 Night Song Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:07
    10 Crying Rabbit Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:55
    11 Eye of The Sun Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:56
    12 The Caller Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 5:52
    13 Harvest Dreams Part 1 Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 3:44
    14 Harvest Dreams Part 2 Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:22
    15 Cry for Rain Part 1 Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 3:59
    16 Cry for Rain Part 2 Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:19
    17 Dancing Squaws Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:41
    18 Like A Snake Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 4:06
    19 Cheyenne War Dance Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:02
    20 Pawhatan Ceremony Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:51
    21 Sioux War Dance Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:04
    22 Arikara’s Cry Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:37
    23 Desire for Freedom Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:19
    24 Ponca Wasteland Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:33
    25 Taos Mountains Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:39
    26 Kiowa Stow War Dance Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:48
    27 Chief’s Honoring Song Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:18
    28 Navajo Hoop Dance Song Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:35
    29 Crow Push Song Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:37
    30 Shawnee Stomp Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:42
    31 My Pueblo Home Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 3:05
    32 Two Bears Dancing Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:30
    33 Apache Sun Dance Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:48
    34 North Arapahoe Moon Dance Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 2:11
    35 Ute Rain Dance Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 3:28
    36 Hopi Basket Game Miombo Drums & Swifter Studio 3:12

    Release: Miombo_Drums_and_Swifter_Studio-Songs_of_The_Native_Americans_The_Album-2CD-2014-NOiR

    Download Links

    The post Miombo Drums and Swifter Studio-Songs of The Native Americans The Album-2CD-2014-NOiR appeared first on AlbumDL.

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    2gy6b7m.jpg320 kbps | 510 MB | LINKS

    Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a new deluxe 3CD which tells the story of the so-called “underground” era of one of Britain’s great independent record labels of the 1960s & 1970s, Transatlantic Records. In the heady atmosphere of the late 1960s, the sea change in British popular music spearheaded by the Beatles experimentation on the Sergeant Pepper album and swiftly followed by the likes of Cream, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Family, Procol Harum, Jethro Tull and a host of groups and musicians who followed in their footsteps led to the album being seen as the medium in which “serious” musicians would explore and develop their craft. The apparently disparate genres of blues, jazz, rock, folk and even world music were fused together by many diverse acts all of whom were eager to be regarded as “progressive” in their musical approach. The so-called “underground” audience eagerly consumed this music, which sat alongside the social changes that were also taking place. Featuring over three and a half hours of newly re-mastered music over three CDs, “Let the Electric Children Play” documents the fascinating story of a unique period in the history of one of Britain’s most eccentric labels. This deluxe anthology also includes a lavishly illustrated booklet with new essay and artist biographies housed in a clamshell boxed set.


    1. Alan Hull – We Can Swing Together [03:29]
    2. Circus – II B S [06:30]
    3. The Sallyangie – Midsummer Nights Happening [04:10]
    4. Pentangle – Light Flight [03:15]
    5. The Deviants – Billy The Monster [03:26]
    6. Jody Grind – Paint It Black [05:06]
    7. Circus – Norwegian Wood [07:17]
    8. Alan Hull – Obadiahs Grave [02:40]
    9. Gordon Giltrap – Lucifers Cage [03:41]
    10. Pentangle – Once I Had A Sweetheart [04:36]
    11. The Deviants – Metamorphosis Explosion[08:53]
    12. The Humblebums – Saturday Roundabout Sunday [Single] [03:09]
    13. Little Free Rock – Makin Time [10:28]
    14. Mick Farren – Mona (A Fragment) [03:16]
    15. Jody Grind – Plastic Shit [07:19]


    1. Stray – All In Your Mind [09:23]
    2. Marsupilami – Born To Be Free [05:45]
    3. Jody Grind – We ve Had It [05:06]
    4. Jan Dukes De Grey – Mice And Rats In The Loft [08:20]
    5. Peter Bardens – Homage To The God Of Light [13:33]
    6. Stray – Around The World In 80 Days [03:38]
    7. Mr Fox – Mendle [07:12]
    8. Marsupilami – Prelude To The Arena [05:22]
    9. Unicorn – Dont Ever Give Up Trying [05:07]
    10. Pentangle – Reflection [11:13]
    11. Skin Alley – Skin Valley Serenade [03:43]


    1. Peter Bardens – Tear Down The Wall [07:24]
    2. Stray – Son Of The Father [05:49]
    3. Gerry Rafferty – Dont Count Me Out [03:48]
    4. Skin Alley – Nicks Seven [05:00]
    5. CMU – Song From The 4th Era [02:20]
    6. CMU – A Distant Thought A Point Of Light [06:48]
    7. Decameron – The Ungodly [04:08]
    8. Fair Fortunes Star [10:01]
    9. Stray – Move It [Single] [03:22]
    10. Renia – Shelter [04:47]
    11. Gryphon – Opening Move [09:44]
    12. Decameron – Journeys End [04:42]
    13. Metro – Criminal World [05:26]

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  • 12/18/17--10:05: 69 Hits Winter (2018)
  • 69 Hits Winter (2018)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: 69 Hits Winter
    Label: Sony Music Entertainment - SMART
    Copyright: Sony Music Entertainment France
    Style: R&B, Hip Hop, Electronic, Trip Hop, Soul, Blues, Afrobeat, Folk, World, & Country
    Release Date: 03-11-2017
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 69 Tracks
    Size: 550 Mb / 03:48:27 Min

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    Ministry Of Sound Garage XXV (2017)

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Garage XXV
    Label: Ministry of Sound Recordings
    Style: Post-Disco, 2 Step, UK Garage, Hip Hop, R&B, Grime, Breakstep
    Release Date: 24-11-2017
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 100 Tracks
    Size: 732 Mb / 05:17:47 Min

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    320 kbps | 118 MB | LINKS

    On March 25th, Provogue released Heal My Soul, the first new, original Jeff Healey rock material in over 15 years. This incredible lost album features some of the most powerful and passionate performances Healey ever committed to record.Heal My Soul has been compiled with the participation and full approval of the Jeff Healey Estate to coincide with what would have been Healey’s 50th birthday on March 25th, 2016. Healey is remembered as one of the most outstanding guitarists and performers of the past 30 years. After losing his sight during childhood, he developed the distinctive lap-style guitar technique that helped bring him international fame.

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    Cool Cats & Diamond Dolls - Ministry Of Sound (2017)

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Cool Cats & Diamond Dolls
    Label: Ministry of Sound Recordings
    Style: Orchestral, Easy Listening, Lounge, Traditional Pop, Show Tunes, Swing
    Release Date: 10-11-2017
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Quality: 256 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 60 Tracks
    Size: 315 Mb / 02:50:34 Min

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    Κοιτάζω τα «μουσικά» της Καθημερινής και κουνάω το κεφάλι μου… Τίποτα ουσιαστικό. Τίποτα ζωντανό. Κάτι ανούσια γενικόλογα αρθρίδια και από κει και κάτω… Μοντεβέρντης, Μέγαρα Μουσικής, Λυρικές, Κρατικές Ορχήστρες, βραβευμένοι μα(ν)έστροι και τα τοιαύτα. Α, και κάτι για ρεμπέτικο… τώρα που το πήρανε χαμπάρι και στην Ουνέσκο. Γενικώς και ειδικώς μια συνεχόμενη θλίψη.
    Η «Κ» είναι σαν την μεγαλοκοπέλα, που έμεινε στο ράφι με μόνη συντροφιά τις γαλλικούρες και το πιάνο της. Α, και με τις κάλτσες και τα κομπινεζόν της που στεγνώνουνε στο τζάκι…

    Η κυβέρνηση της δηθεναριστεράς το έχει ρίξει στις εφάπαξ ελεημοσύνες. Κάθε λίγο και λιγάκι ανακοινώνει και από κάτι φραγκοδίφραγκα, τα οποία και δίνει μετά διαδικαστικών κόπων σε «στοχευμένες» ομάδες πληθυσμού, που έχουν χτυπηθεί από την κρίση, έχοντάς τα πάρει πρώτα διπλά και τρίδιπλα.
    «Έκτακτη ενίσχυση 650 ευρώ για κάθε εργαζόμενο που δεν μπορεί να εργαστεί εξαιτίας των πλημμυρών» ανακοίνωσε σήμερα η Αχτσιόγλου.
    Χθες ανακοίνωσε άλλα 400 ευρώ έκτακτο «Επίδομα Νεανικής Αλληλεγγύης» σε 50.000 ανέργους 18-24 ετών.
    Του χρόνου, όταν θα έχει κόψει τις συντάξεις κατά 20% και θα έχει πάει το αφορολόγητο στα 4,5 χιλιάρικα, θα μοιράσει άλλα 500 ευρώ σε όσους το επώνυμο αρχίζει από Ω κι έχουν να πάνε σινεμά 10 χρόνια…

    Έβαλα σήμερα το πρωί ν’ ακούσω ένα δίσκο του Al Stewart κι έγινα άλλος άνθρωπος! Τι μεγάλος καλλιτέχνης, τι μελωδός, τι άπιαστος στιχουργός!
    Ο κόσμος, στην Ελλάδα, ξέρει τον Al Stewart από το “Year of the cat” του 1976, αλλά ο Σκωτσέζος δεν ήταν ποτέ ο… άνθρωπος του ενός τραγουδιού και της μιας επιτυχίας. Ο τύπος έχει γράψει φοβερά τραγούδια και εκπληκτικούς δίσκους, που, 45 χρόνια μετά, ακούγονται «άπιαστοι» για όλους τους σημερινούς τραγουδοποιούς – που θα τρέχουν πάντα και με τη γλώσσα έξω , μήπως και κατορθώσουν να τον φτάσουν.
    Ακούγοντας φερ’ ειπείν τα «Νέα από την Ισπανία» (άσμα-ασμάτων από το “Orange” του 1972) η μόνη σκέψη που κάνω είναι τούτη. Ποιος μπορεί να σε εξαναγκάσει, σήμερα, ν’ ακούσεις την όποια τελευταία μπούρδα (που στην παρουσιάζουν οι άσχετοι για… μεγαλείο), όταν έχεις μπροστά σου τέτοιες αθάνατες και πάντα νέες επιλογές;  
    (Προσέξτε τα γεμίσματα στο πιάνο από τον Rick Wakeman σε όλο το κομμάτι, αλλά κυρίως προς το τέλος). 

    Διαβάζω κάποιες λίστες με τα «καλύτερα» της χρονιάς και τραβάω τα μαλλιά μου. Ο καθένας γράφει ό,τι να ’ναι. Επιλογές, χωρίς καμμιά συνάφεια. Ασυνάρτητα πράγματα. Τίποτα που να φανερώνει ότι κάτι συμβαίνει στη μουσική, κάτι που να έχει ένα νόημα κεντρικό, κάτι που να δείχνει ότι κάτι κινείται προς τα μπρος.
    Δεν φταίει ο κόσμος. Δεν φταίνε οι άνθρωποι που διαλέγουν. Φταίει το γεγονός πως η δισκογραφία έχει μετατραπεί εδώ και κάτι χρόνια σ’ ένα απλό «γαμώτο» –δίσκοι βγαίνουν για να βγαίνουν– χωρίς ουδεμία σύνδεση με κάτι βασικό κοινωνικο-αισθητικό που να συμβαίνει.  
    Φυσικά, κάθε χρονιά βγαίνουν καλοί δίσκοι –κι εφέτος βγήκαν– απλώς αυτοί θα είναι, όλο και πιο συχνά, όλο και πιο απομακρυσμένοι ο ένας από τον άλλον. Κλειστές και απομονωμένες καταστάσεις, χωρίς μιαν αφήγηση για όλους.  
    Γι’ αυτό και σπάνια θα δεις (εκτός από κείνες τις περιπτώσεις, στις οποίες ορισμένοι αντιγράφουν από τις επιλογές άλλων) κοινά άλμπουμ στις διάφορες λίστες – με τον καθέναν να επιλέγει, όλο και πιο συχνά, ό,τι του θυμίζει κάτι από το χθες. Πράγμα που σημαίνει πως αυτή η ιστορία με τα «καλύτερα» έχει πια τελειώσει και πως θα πρέπει να την ενταφιάσουμε βαθειά, μια και καλή, και μια για πάντα.

    Ο Λογαρίδης είναι πολύ μεγάλος τραγουδιστής – και νομίζω πως παραμένει ακόμη και τώρα τέτοιος. Αυτό το τραγούδι, που επιλέγω πιο κάτω, δεν είναι δικό του, είναι του Χρήστου Κυριαζή, και είναι καταπληκτικό. Το έχω ακούσει, δε, λάιβ από το Λογαρίδη, να το λέει μόνος με την κιθάρα του και να το απογειώνει. Κι έτσι όμως, ενορχηστρωμένο, δε χάνει πολύ.
    Για μένα ο Λογαρίδης ήταν, είναι και θα παραμείνει η μεγαλύτερη φωνή του ελληνικού ροκ. Κάνει μια χαψιά Μπονάτσους, Σιδηρόπουλους, Αγγελάκες… όλους…

    Τώρα που ξεκουμπίστηκε ο… σουλτάνος, μπορούμε ν’ ακούμε τούρκικα, χωρίς το φόβο να μας πουν ορισμένοι πως τον αβαντάρουμε.
    Μπαρίς Μαντσό ακούω από τις αρχές των 90s, όταν είχα βρει δύο LP του στο Μοναστηράκι (αργότερα πήρα κι άλλα), ενώ στις αρχές των 00s είχα γράψει ολάκερο κείμενο στο Jazz & Τζαζ, με στοιχεία και πληροφορίες για την περίπτωσή του (ήταν η εποχή όπου επικοινωνούσα μ’ έναν record trade partner από την Άγκυρα).
    Σπουδαία περίπτωση τούρκου τραγουδοποιού (διέπρεψε σε πολλά είδη) ακόμη και μέχρι το πρόωρο τέλος του (πέθανε στα 56 του, το 1999).
    Μπαρίς Μαντσό έχει τραγουδήσει στα ελληνικά η Καίτη Γαρμπή (αλλά το κρύβει).
    Mόνον ο Ζηλωτής του Παπάζογλου θα μπορούσε να δώσει τέτοιο τραγούδι στο δικό μας ροκ. Ακούστε εδώ ένα θαύμα…

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    51irRoHUGGL.jpg320 kbps | 226 MB | LINKS

    Perfect Angel is a two disc set with 11 bonus tracks. The original album is appended with the hit single version of “Lovin’ You,” edited and featuring a synth overdub as well as a studio count-off by Rudolph which has never been released. An alternate construction of the album, A More Perfect Angel, includes extended and alternate versions of every track on the album; highlights include a duet version of “Take a Little Trip” with vocals by Wonder and a full band version of “Lovin’ You.” One final bonus track is an early version of “Don’t Let Anyone Bring You Down,” later re-recorded for Riperton’s next album Adventures In Paradise (1975), with backing instrumentation by Wonder on most instruments and Hubert Laws on flute.

    Disc 1: Original album (released as Epic KE 32561, 1974) and bonus track

    2.It’s So Nice (To See Old Friends)
    3.Take a Little Trip
    4.Seeing You This Way
    5.The Edge of a Dream
    6.Perfect Angel
    7.Every Time He Comes Around
    8.Lovin’ You
    9.Our Lives
    10.Lovin’ You (Single Version – Epic single 8-50057, 1974) (includes unreleased countdown)

    Disc 2: A More Perfect Angel (previously unreleased)

    1.Reasons (Extended Version)
    2.It’s So Nice (To See Old Friends) (Extended Version)
    3.Take a Little Trip (Duet with Stevie Wonder)
    4.Seeing You This Way (Acoustic Version)
    5.The Edge of a Dream (Extended Version)
    6.Perfect Angel (Extended Version)
    7.Every Time He Comes Around (Extended Version)
    8.Lovin’ You (Alternate Band Version)
    9.Our Lives (Extended Version)
    10.Don’t Let Anyone Bring You Down (Perfect Angel Version)

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    DMC Dance Mixes Vol. 191 (2017)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: DMC Dance Mixes Vol. 191
    Label: DMC Records
    Style: Electronic, Funk, Soul, House, UK Garage, Dance, Tropical, Grime, Breaks
    Release Date: 31-08-2017
    Format: CDr, Compilation, Promo
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 14 Tracks
    Size: 188 Mb / 01:17:14 Min

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    Jason Moran | Mary Halvorson | Ron Miles
    (Yes Records, 2017)
    more details

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  • 12/18/17--14:27: Ayben - Baskan (2017)
  • Ayben - Baskan (2017)

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    2hxn5nl.jpg320 kbps | 121 MB | LINKS

    There is something brave, perhaps even foolhardy, in the notion of a ‘Christmas album’. The very idea of Christmas can be a troublesome one for artists to explore. There is a wish to celebrate tradition, but in an increasingly secular world that tradition does not really exist, or rather it has been co-opted or in some cases created by the market. Our idea of a traditional family Christmas is made up of a combination of personal or family mythology, a tiny bit of diluted Christianity, Coca-Cola and a badger bouncing on a trampoline. The attempts of musicians to capture the essence of Christmas in an album-length release are often sincere but ultimately fruitless. Sometimes (and I’m looking at you here, Bob Dylan) they can be frankly embarrassing. And there are further difficulties: Christmas albums can be a massive commercial gamble. It takes some mean marketing to get people to shell out for something they can only really listen to for two weeks every year.

    But, for millions of people, there is something magical about the season. What that magic consists of is elusive because it is unique to every person, or at least to every family. And the idea of family is important here: for many people, the Christmas holiday season is about enjoying things communally, about preserving personal traditions that are often esoteric in a spirit of togetherness, about creating a shared warmth at a cold time of year. And that is why the idea of a ‘winter album’ rather than a ‘Christmas album’ is appealing: it allows the artist to focus on the feelings associated with this time of year without being subject to its limiting factors. And that is exactly what Belinda O’Hooley and Heidi Tidow have achieved with WinterFolk Volume 1. This is a collection of songs – some new, some very old – that are linked by the common theme of Winter but more importantly linked by a love of the communal act of music making, and of the stories, the feelings and the memories that can be conjured up by that act.

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    The Congolese collective KOKOKO! repurposes typewriters, coffee cans, CPUs and more to create afropop-infused experimental music.

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