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    61ErpgaHEIL._SS500.jpg320 kbps | 102 MB | LINKS

    Can there be any greater thrill for a band, especially one with love and appreciation for Afrobeat, than getting to work with Tony Allen? If the Chicago Afrobeat Project’s new collaboration with Allen is any indication, there’s nothing better than the music that comes from working with the legendary Afrobeat founder. Not a single track holds back as the group plays fiery, modern funk with Allen’s intense rhythms driving them forward. The group tackles race relations and police brutality on “Race Hustle” and climate change on “Marker 48”, which starts with a quick spoken breakup between the Earth and her deadbeat boyfriend, the human race, before turning into a lament for the fate of them both.

    All in all, it’s one of the Project’s finest, and Tony Allen’s beats are a natural fit with the group’s mix of vital social activism and sharp, soulful grooves. If the collective ever worried about being on the wrong track, the way Tony Allen so seamlessly joins in with the group should put those fears safely to rest. What Goes Up is an energetic, horn-heavy album that puts every member involved — master drummer and otherwise — to excellent use.

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    Περίεργη περίπτωση αυτός ο Jef Maarawi. Γεννημένος στο Σάο Πάολο από σύρο πατέρα και βραζιλιάνα μητέρα, ο Maarawi έχει ζήσει (και ζει) στην Αθήνα γράφοντας τραγούδια με ιστορίες στην αγγλική. Τον θυμάμαι φυσικά από το προηγούμενο συγκρότημά του, τους Egg Hell (κι εκεί ιστορίες) και το άλμπουμ τους “Once Part of a Whole Ship” [InnerEar, 2014], αλλά τώρα έχουμε στ’ αυτιά μας κάτι πιο προσωπικό του, κάτι που θα μπορούσε να δώσει κι άλλα στοιχεία, για τον τρόπο που σκέφτεται ο Maarawi και αντιλαμβάνεται την τραγουδοποιία.
    Ξεκινώντας από το cover του Comfort Food [Inner Ear, 2017] θα έλεγα πως έχουμε να κάνουμε μ’ ένα καθαρό tropicáliaεξώφυλλο, που δείχνει αν θέλετε και τις πρώτες-πρώτες αναφορές του Jef Maarawi. Και όντως δηλαδή. Γιατί ακούγοντας το εισαγωγικό φανταχτερό ηχητικά “Corcovado”, δε γίνεται να μην ανακαλέσεις τη σχετικώς πιο πρόσφατη τραγουδοποιία του Caetano Veloso ή αν θέλετε τον τρόπο που έχει επηρεάσει ο Veloso τύπους σαν τον David Byrne (του “Look Into the Eyeball” π.χ.). Και όμως το δεύτερο track, το “Forest”, είναι κάτι διαφορετικό – μια πολύ όμορφη, ακουστική να την πούμε, μπαλάντα, που βαραίνει ελαφρώς στη διαδρομή διατηρώντας αναλλοίωτη τη γοητεία της. Τρίτο τραγούδι στη σειρά το “Reverend Jones”, γραμμένο για τον παρανοϊκό πάστορα, που πήρε μαζί του πάνω από 900 ψυχές στο ανείπωτο έγκλημα της Jonestown, στη Γουιάνα, τον Νοέμβρη του 1978. Δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω από ποιαν ακριβώς θέση γράφει αυτό το πολύ ενδιαφέρον (από ηχητικής πλευράς) τραγούδι ο Maarawi – και το λέω τούτο, γιατί κάπου με μπερδεύει… Ωραία μπαλάντα το “LA”, γραμμένο για το Λος Άντζελες φυσικά, έχει κάτι από την άπλα των τραγουδιών των Byrdsή των Love, δείχνοντας τα πολλά και ποικίλα ενδιαφέροντα τού Maarawi – που παραμένουν πάντως ατάκτως ερριμμένα. Το “Eggshell”, που κλείνει την πλευρά κολλάει με τα προηγούμενα – διαθέτει πάντα τις ακουστικές κιθάρες του ίδιου του Maarawi, ενώ γεμίζει με ηλεκτρικές στην πορεία ανεβαίνοντας και σε vibes. Σε όλη την πλευρά κάνουν πολύ καλή δουλειά βεβαίως οι King Elephant, Sir Kosmicheκαι Βασίλης Βλαχάκος (ηλεκτρικές κιθάρες).
    Πολύ κοντά στα προηγούμενα (“L.A.” και “Eggshell”), το “Comfort food” ανοίγει την B Sideμε ωραίο τρόπο. Αυτός ο συνδυασμός ακουστικού και ηλεκτρικού ήχου νομίζω πως είναι το πιο δημιουργικό στοιχείο τού άλμπουμ του Maarawi και πάνω εκεί πρέπει να γίνει ακόμη περισσότερη δουλειά στο μέλλον, που θα τείνει προς την απλοποίηση της γενικότερης φόρμας, ώστε τα κομμάτια να κυλάνε πολύ πιο άνετα. Το “Coming going” είναι ένα από τα πιο sixties-pop tracks του LP, καθώς έχει μια φρεσκάδα στην ενοργάνωση και την ερμηνεία του – αν και οι στίχοι, που είναι πολλοί, δεν βοηθάνε, στην… αγκίστρωσή του. Το “Dread & breakfast” είναι ένα τραγούδι, που μοιάζει περισσότερο με την εισαγωγή του άλμπουμ και στ’ αυτιά μου ακούγεται κάπως μπερδεμένο (μάλλον αναφέρεται στον συριακή καταγωγή του Maarawi, στον πατέρα του, γιατί στους στίχους ακούμε και διαβάζουμε κάτι περί Δαμασκού κ.λπ.). Το προτελευταίο κομμάτι έχει τίτλο “Someone jumped in front of train” και αναφέρεται σε κάποια περίπτωση αυτοκτονίας στις γραμμές του μετρό ή του ηλεκτρικού. Από τη μια υπάρχει το δράμα της πράξης και από την άλλη ο κυνισμός τού… τώρα τι κάνουμε, τού πώς θα πάμε σπίτι μας κ.λπ. Το πιάνει ωραία το θέμα ο Maarawi, αλλά το τραγούδι είναι κάπως δύστροπο και κατά βάση δε σε πιάνει μουσικά. Το “Comfort Food” θα κλείσει με το “Oh my god, Omayra!”. Το τραγούδι αναφέρεται στην τραγική ιστορία της 13χρονης Κολομβιανής Omayra Sánchez, που πέθανε αβοήθητη, μισοθαμμένη σε λάσπη, σε ζωντανή τηλεοπτική θέα, μετά από την έκρηξη ενός ηφαιστείου στην Armero της Κολομβίας (τον Νοέμβρη του ’85).
    Οπωσδήποτε ένα ενδιαφέρον άλμπουμ από έναν τραγουδοποιό, που έχει δώσει καλά ή και πολύ καλά δείγματα και που αξίζει να εξελιχθεί και να προχωρήσει.

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    51uw7mgzO%2BL._SS500.jpg320 kbps | 139 MB | LINKS

    When sisters Leah and Chloe Smith set out to start a band in 2005, they began with one goal: to preserve roots music. For 12 years now as Rising Appalachia, they’ve been doing just that, melding folk sounds from around the world into interpretations both faithful and contemporary.
    Their soulful world craft has seen what began as a duo project for the Smiths transform into a full-blown band. Featuring instrumentation on anything from banjos and washboards to djembe and didgeridoo, the band’s unique blend also features Biko Casini and David Brown.
    Their latest release is appropriately titled Alive, given that it’s a collection of live performances. Given that the music of Rising Appalachia in such a setting also sets to liven their crowd,there’s a double meaning present.

    The 11 performances presented on Alive are nothing short of raw, unfiltered perfection. The band works to unify with their music, playing in harmony with their audience. The mood is palpable, and it is light and energizing.

    “It’s a play on words in a way,” says Leah and Chloe Smith on the album. “It’s a collection of live recordings, which have a very different sentiment than our studio recordings. But perhaps, more importantly, it is a collection of songs that are telling of the time.”

    “A time where the veil has been lifted, and people want to be present and work to make this crazy world more just and humane. We hope that our music can, in fact, be a tool in this awakening of consciousness, encouraging people to become more aware, more engaged, and more awake.”

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    320 kbps | 80 MB | LINKS

    The Old Joe Clarks is the brainchild of Mike and Jill Coykendall. Originally based in San Francisco, their sound can best be described as alt-country with a strong dose of Americana. Mike’s song-writing is at once current and timeless- though the arrangements are often steeped in an inventive indy-rock, his vocals can sound at times as if they’re coming from someplace deep in ancient Appalachia.At first as their drummer, Mark Orton joined the trio of Mike Coykendall (guitar/voice), Jill Coykendall (bass/clarinet) and Kurt Stevenson (guitar/lap-steel/fiddle) in 1997. The group later expanded to include Rob Burger(of Tin Hat Trio) on organ and accordion, and Pat Campbell on drums, with Mark switching to guitar, lap-steel, and tipple.They have recorded three CD’s, Town of Ten (1997), Metal Shed Blues (1999), and November (2002).

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    3614979556672_600.jpg320 kbps | 105 MB | LINKS


    01. I Got My Brand On You (Live)
    02. (I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (Live)
    03. Baby, Please Don’t Go (Live)
    04. Soon Forgotten (Live)
    05. Tiger In Your Tank (Live)
    06. I Feel So Good (Live)
    07. I’ve Got My Mojo Working (Live)
    08. I’ve Got My Mojo Working, Pt. 2 (Live)
    09. Goodbye Newport Blues (Live)
    10. I Got My Brand On You (Mono Studio Version)
    11. Soon Forgotten (Mono Studio Version)
    12. Tiger In Your Tank (Mono Studio Version)
    13. Meanest Woman (Mono Studio Version)

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    Huge Hits For The Holidays 2CD (2017)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: Huge Hits For The Holidays
    Label: Casablanca, Republic, Bogota, AstroPilot, Super 7, River Nile, Friendship Collective
    Style: Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno, Future House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Dancehall, Electronica, EDM
    Release Date: 20-12-2017
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Quality: M4A/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 110 Tracks
    Size: 3430 Mb / 08:14:14 Min

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    MI0004283646.jpg?partner=allrovi.com320 kbps | 117 MB | LINKS

    A top-notch instrumentalist and prolific producer, music teacher, author, and arranger, Nashville-based musical polymath Craig Duncan has appeared on over 90 records and has produced a wealth of successful recordings for the gift shop market. Well established in both the country and classical scene, and a member of the North American Fiddler’s Hall of Fame, Duncan is as renowned for his plethora of arrangements and books for Mel Bay Publications as he is for his flawless musicianship and impressive catalog of work. ~ James Christopher Monger.

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    . official site • wiki (pt) • youtube • discogs . Elba Ramalho Collection | 39 albums | 1979 - 2017 . . Жанр : Forro, Samba, MPB Страна : Brazil Аудио кодек : MP3 Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт : 320 kbps Общая продолжительность : 555 треков | 34 часа 26 минут Тэги : ID3v1 & ID3v2 + обложки .

    Тема на форуме

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    hrga6x.jpg320 kbps | 117 MB | LINKS

    The nations original Angel Of The Morning, Merrilee Rush was raised with the rock sounds of the Northwest. She was schooled by the great R&B acts such as Ike and Tina Turner. Her raucous show and dynamic presentation are a direct reflection of those influences. As countless groups and artists came and went, Merrilee endured. The literal millions who have seen her perform live stand witness to her stellar record of achievements, including the industry’s highest honor: a Grammy nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year. Her version of Angel Of The Morning remains one of the most enduring staples of radio playlists. This release contains some never released recordings including a rock version of her classic hit Angel.

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    241tg6f.jpg320 kbps | 492 MB | LINKS


    01. Tuning
    02. Stagger Lee
    03. I Need A Miracle
    04. Good Lovin’
    05. Introduction
    06. Jack Straw
    07. Sugaree
    08. Me And My Uncle
    09. Big River
    10. Stagger Lee
    11. Passenger
    12. Candyman
    13. New Minglewood Blues
    14. From The Heart Of Me
    15. Loser
    16. The Promised Land
    17. Radio Station Interviews
    18. Tuning
    19. I Need A Miracle
    20. Good Lovin’
    21. Friend Of The Devil
    22. Estimated Prophet
    23. Shakedown Street
    24. Drums
    25. Ollin Arrageed
    26. Fire On The Mountain
    27. Sugar Magnolia

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    George Strait - Troubadour (2008)
    Artist: George Strait
    Title Of Album: Troubadour
    Release Date: 2008
    Location: USA
    Label: MCA Nashville (B0010826-02)
    Genre: Country
    Quality: APE (image+.cue+covers)
    Length: 36:22 min
    Tracks: 12
    Total Size: 238 MB (+5%)

    Troubadour — двадцать пятый студийный альбом американского кантри-певца Джорджа Стрейта, изданный 1 апреля 2008 года на студии MCA Nashville Records, диск возглавил американские хит-парады Billboard 200 и Top Country Albums.

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    James Otto - Sunset Man (2008)
    Artist: James Otto
    Title Of Album: Sunset Man
    Release Date: 2008
    Location: USA
    Genre: Country
    Quality: APE | lossless (image+.cue)
    Length: 42:43 min
    Tracks: 11
    Total Size: 281 MB (+5%)

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    91Uo3bOYDkL._SX425_.jpg320 kbps | 116 MB | LINKS

    01. Hallelujah Band
    02. Man of Sorrows
    03. Livin’ in the Rhythm of Grace
    04. I’ll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus
    05. Chain Breaker
    06. Manna From Heaven
    07. We Are the Sands, We Are the Stars
    08. We Are All God’s Children
    09. Jesus Messiah
    10. You Amaze Me
    11. We Have This Moment, Today
    12. Hymn of Praise

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    51UrNeeKhPL._SS500.jpg320 kbps | 74 MB | LINKS

    Daniel Gadd was born in Cape Town, South Africa but is now based in London. He holds a degree in composition and also trained at the Berklee College of Music in Spain and has composed and scored for films. However, it was while playing in some basement bar in London that he was ‘discovered’ by Mal Smith and Chris Carr who run music promotions company. Impressed, they offered to help and discovered he’d actually already recorded a debut album, back in a small fishing village near Cape Town. Now, As If In A Dream I Drifted At Sea is to get its UK release.

    Firmly in the late 60s folk troubadour vein and with a warm but yearningly wearied voice grained by lifetimes of experience it opens with the lovely, fingerpicked first single, Siri Linn, a wistful song of love and loss that, especially in his phrasing, firmly underlines Leonard Cohen as a key influence, indeed, this could well be his Suzanne.

    The same holds true of the equally melancholic Some Time Ago (On A Cold Winter Night), another number that draws on images of winter and water, a spare folk song reminiscent perhaps of Scarbrough Fair in its tale of a man haunted by memories of a night with siren or selkie.

    With guitar playing that echoes the title, Rolling On picks up that Simon & Garfunkel reference, reinforced with a familiar Simon motif of being lost and adrift, one which also informs The Trail I’m Tracking with its theme of never quite finding the things you’re searching for and always having to start again.

    Another clear influence is early Dylan, most specifically on the five-minute Sleep Turns Her Face with its reflections of a lost love that lingers still, reinforced by those bursts of forlorn harmonica. It returns in even more mournful mood on Just Like The Road, a simply picked chord pattern as, another song of loss, broken dreams and leaving as he sings “ain’t it just like the road to teach you how to love, teach you how to cry, teach you how to say goodbye.”

    The sound of the sea heard in the background, parting is at the heart of So Long Old Friend, a number that brings the album back to those Cohen notes, both musically and in the enigmatic, metaphorical lyrics as he ponders “if I’ve never been to the ocean, why do I dream of the waves?”

    All too soon it closes with a final Dylan and Cohen flourish, and more harmonica, on Somedays Down A Highway, the lyrics about the impermanence of relationships and life, of looking back and moving on and being “stuck here spinning like the wheels on a train” suggesting a schooling in the blues.

    It’s a hugely impressive debut that has been likened, in its open emotions and simplicity rather than its music, to the first Bon Iver album and it resonates so deeply because of those qualities. It seems certain to bring Gadd both acclaim and exposure and with it the possible temptation to make a fuller sounding second album. For now, he should resist such a move as there’s nothing he needs to fix.

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    Люди на холме / Nocturnus Жанр : Neofolk Страна исполнителя (группы) : Россия Год издания : 2017 Издатель : COD Аудиокодек : MP3 Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт аудио : 320 kbps Продолжительность : 00:41:06 Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи : нет Треклист : 01.

    Тема на форуме

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    Het begon ooit toen ik de film ‘Cidade de Deus’ voor het eerst zag.
    Op het moment dat ik ‘Preciso me encontrar’ hoorde was ik op slag
    verkocht, je vindt het op ‘Cartola – Cartola’ welke ik reeds plaatste op
    23 augustus 2008. Dit is een van zijn albums van een jaar later, 1977.
    Het origineel heb ik helaas niet maar wel deze cd release uit 2001.
    Geen andere sambista is vergelijkbaar met Cartola, heerlijke
    Braziliaanse blues, zoals ik het placht te noemen..luister..

    It all began when I first saw the movie “Cidade de Deus’. The moment
    ‘Preciso me encontrar’ started to play, I was completely captured by
    its wonderful sound. You can find it on ‘Cartola – Cartola’ which I already
    posted on august 23rd, 2008. This is an album from one year later, 1977.
    Unfortunately I do not own the original so we have to settle with this
    cd release from 2001. No other sambista is comparable with Cartola.
    I tend to call this Brazillian blues, just listen..

    tracks ;

    01 – Verde que te quero rosa
    02 – A canção que chegou
    03 – Autonomia
    04 – Desfigurado
    05 – Escurinha
    06 – Tempos idos
    07 – Pranto de poeta ( part. Nelson Cavaquinho )
    08 – Grade deus
    09 – Fita meus olhos
    10 – Que é feito de você
    11 – Desta vez eu vou
    12 – Nós dois


    Cartola – Cartola

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    Люди на холме - Nocturnus (2017) Жанр : Neofolk Страна исполнителя (группы) : Россия Год издания : 2017 Издатель : COD Аудиокодек : MP3 Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт аудио : 320 kbps Продолжительность : 00:41:06 Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи : нет Треклист : 01.

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    Lorrie Morgan ✦ Коллекция 1989-2017 (30 релизов) Жанр: Country Страна исполнителя (группы): USA (Hendersonville, TN) Продолжительность: 20:38:20 Аудиокодек, тип рипа, битрейт аудио: MP3 (tracks), CBR 256, 320 kbps http://www.

    Тема на форуме

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    Download here:
    Bài được thực hiện bởi Hà Nguyễn, mọi chi tiết liên hệ qua email:

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    [Label: Livingstone Studio | Cat#: LIVST005]

    1. Christy Ogbah – Advice (6:27)
    2. Johnny Bazz – Xmas Eve (4:34)
    3. Mike Umoh – Look At Me (5:25)
    4. Mike Umoh – Shake Your Body (6:18)
    5. Bindiga – Disco Connection (4:55)
    6. Christy Ogbah – Aimiuugwia (6:01)
    7. Bindiga – Perfect Disco Machine (5:12)
    8. Bassey Black & The Natty Messiah – On My Mind (5:40)
    9. Christy Ogbah – Azomonfe (9:29)
    10. Godfrey Odili – You Do Good For Yourself (8:00)
    11. Eunice Mokus Arimoku – Ariro (5:16)

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