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  • 06/02/18--09:05: Hot Party Summer (2018)
  • Hot Party Summer (2018)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: Hot Party Summer 2018
    Label: Universal Music Italia, Universal Strategic
    Style: Reggae Fusion, Tropical, Electropop, Latin, Indie, Nu Disco, Dancehall
    Release Date: 02-06-2018
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Codec: MP3
    Tracks: 43 Tracks
    Time: 02:22:37 Min
    Size: 331 MB

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  • 06/02/18--09:28: Hatz en flaque par Fred'

    Genre : After punk mélodique destroy que Pierrot acte à mort ! Une belle surprise que ce Higelin sous ampeth ! Do not se fier à la chopette. 1984.

    04:33] 01. Hatz - T'as même pas voulu
    [03:53] 02. Hatz - Comment lui dire
    [02:57] 03. Hatz - L'enfance
    [03:55] 04. Hatz - Banquise
    [03:30] 05. Hatz - Pierrot massacre
    [03:55] 06. Hatz - Sentimentale
    [03:07] 07. Hatz - Même si
    [03:48] 08. Hatz - Le métro
    [07:06] 09. Hatz - Satanas


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  • 06/02/18--09:28: Eric Kemray - 1975

    [03:34] 01.  - 01 Les filles des autos tamponneuses
    [02:33] 02.  - 02 L’éveil
    [02:59] 03.  - 03 Les grands soirs
    [02:59] 04.  - 04 Vivre
    [02:17] 05.  - 05 Méfie toi
    [03:56] 06.  - 06 Mes rêves les plus fous
    [03:30] 07.  - 07 Il pleut sur ton Hlm
    [02:54] 08.  - 08 Ton vieux cahier
    [03:05] 09.  - 09 Il y a dans tes cheveux
    [03:38] 10.  - 10 Si c'était vrai
    [03:53] 11.  - 11 Quand je rêve la nuit
    [02:48] 12.  - 12 La fille à mon piano

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    1986 - Utiliser 7zip pour décompresser les deux fichiers ou un tranxène® !

    Dernier album chez Polydor en 86 avant de bifurquer vers des cieux moins tranquilles + le quarante cinq tours à l'adaptation hasardeuse.

    [04:45] 01. Les Forbans - C'Est La Fête (Na Na Na)
    [03:11] 02. Les Forbans - La Tête Que T'As
    [03:59] 03. Les Forbans - Biguine Rock
    [03:24] 04. Les Forbans - Banana's Boulevard
    [03:38] 05. Les Forbans - L'Ami Magicien
    [03:25] 06. Les Forbans - Le Cœur Qui Bat
    [03:02] 07. Les Forbans - Les Talons Qui Swinguent
    [02:40] 08. Les Forbans - Señorita
    [03:11] 09. Les Forbans - Guitare Mec
    [02:16] 10. Les Forbans - Eh Boy

    Bonus 45 :
    [03:16] 11. Les Forbans - Hey Valérie


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    Bon,  Kiki m'a dit des choses et j'ai tiqué. Tout ça pour m'apercevoir que je pouvais "reconstruire" l'album ( la moitié est sorti en cd, mais faut avoir des yeux ! ). Donc, voici la version Mp3 avec le même bonus mais différent qu'est pas pareil.

    [04:45] 01. Les Forbans - C'Est La Fête (Na Na Na)
    [03:11] 02. Les Forbans - La Tête Que T'As
    [04:02] 03. Les Forbans - Biguine rock
    [03:24] 04. Les Forbans - Banana's Boulevard
    [03:41] 05. Les Forbans - L'ami magicien
    [03:25] 06. Les Forbans - Le Cœur Qui Bat
    [03:04] 07. Les Forbans - Les talons qui swinguent
    [02:45] 08. Les Forbans - Senorita
    [03:14] 09. Les Forbans - Guitare mec
    [02:16] 10. Les Forbans - Eh Boy

    bonus :
    [04:35] 11. Les Forbans - Hey Valéry ( version longue )


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    61o7f0paYBL._SS500.jpg320 kbps | 105 MB | LINKS

    Amy Kucharik is a ukulele-slinging singer-songwriter based in Somerville, MA. The 2015 Kerrville Grassy Hill New Folk winner explores the full range of her instrument’s capabilities as a tool to convey a complex array of subjects and moods: Whether humorous, topical or intense, she steers listeners away from the ukulele’s perception as a twee novelty. At the same time, Amy wants her audience to have a good time, and her performances are infused with Vaudevillian charm and an infectious, danceable swing. Her music draws from a range of influences including blues, ragtime jazz, folk, pop and country… as well as aesthetics garnered from film and literature. Amy’s catchy, sexy, sometimes haunting songs recount tales of reluctant love, heartbreak, revenge, and grit.

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    71jVdDCKDVL._SL1200_.jpg320 kbps | 70 MB | LINKS

    LUMP was born of good timing and predestined compatibility. It began when Mike Lindsay – a prolific, Mercury prize-winning producer – was introduced to Grammy-nominated, Brit award-winning singer-songwriter Laura Marling after her show supporting Neil Young in London. LUMP is a heady blend of wonked-out guitars, Moog synths and pattering drums, set against droning, coiling clouds of flutes and voices. The lyrics are inspired by early-20th-century Surrealism and the absurdist poetry of Edward Lear and Ivor Cutler – a bizarre but compelling narrative about the commodification of curated public personas, the mundane absurdity of individualism, and the lengths we go to escape our own meaninglessness. The composers are keen to stress that LUMP is a creation that passed through them, and they look upon it parentally. It is their understanding that, now it has come into being, LUMP is the artist, and it will continue to create itself from here on. Lindsay and Marling will assist it as necessary.

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    Έφυγε χθες από τη ζωή στα 83 ο Eddy The ChiefClearwater, μία σημαντική μορφή του blues.
    Γούσταρα από μικρός τον Αρχηγό, από τα μέσα της δεκαετίας του ’80, όταν είχε πέσει στα χέρια μου ένα split LP της βρετανικής Red Lightnin’ (μιας εταιρείας, που μας έμαθε πολλά «μυστήρια» γύρω από το blues), το οποίο είχε τίτλο “I didnt give a damn if whites bought it!” (1984), περιέχοντας τραγούδια των Jimmy Johnson και Eddy Clearwater.
    Στην πορεία, και μετά τα μέσα του ’90, και στο Jazz & Τζαζ πια, είχα την ευκαιρία να γράψω για πολλά CD του Clearwater, άλμπουμ του δηλαδή στo label Bullseye Blues βασικά, μέσα από το οποίο τον γνώρισε πολύς κόσμος εκείνη την εποχή. Το λέω, γιατί μια 20ετία πριν ο Eddy Clearwater ήταν ένας μουσικός που αλώνιζε τα κλαμπ, δίνοντας συνεχή και καταπληκτικά live, σπέρνοντας τον blues-σπόρο παντού στον κόσμο. Τον είχαμε δει και στην Ελλάδα εκείνα τα χρόνια –ήταν Νοέμβρης του 1997 στο Blues Hall, στην Αρδηττού, και ξανά το ’98–, την εποχή χοντρικά όπου η Delmark έβγαζε ξανά, σε CD αυτή τη φορά, τη φοβερή συλλογή της “Chicago Aint NothinBut a Blues Band” στην οποίαν ακούγονταν μερικές από τις πιο παλαιές εγγραφές τού Eddy Clearwater, όπως το φοβερό “A minor cha-cha” [Atomic, 1959].
    Ένα από τα κορυφαία άλμπουμ του Eddy Clearwater ήταν το προτελευταίο του (μάλλον), το “West Side Strut”, στην Alligator, το 2008. Για ’κείνο το CDείχα γράψει στο Jazz& Τζαζ (#185/186, Αύγουστος 2008):
    Με 50βάλε στουντιακή καριέρα, ο Αρχηγός μπαίνει στην Alligator για μιαν εγγραφή στα 73 του. Ποτέ δεν είναι αργά; Λόγια της πλάκας, γιατί εκείνο που εδώ μετράει είναι η μαγκιά, η δύναμη, το πάθος, ενός ανθρώπου της ηλικίας του, να κάνει, τώρα, το άλμπουμ της ζωής του. Το “A minor cha-cha” μπορεί να είναι το κομμάτι που πέρασε με μιας τον «Ινδιάνο» στην αθανασία, το “The Chief” [Rooster Blues, 1980], μπορεί να ήταν εκείνο που τον έκανε γνωστό σε πολλούς blues fans, το “West Side StrutCD θα είναι όμως αυτό που θα κατατάξει το όνομά του στον αφρό της ιστορίας. Εντάξει, θα περιμένουμε λίγα χρόνια μέχρι να κάτσει το πράγμα, αν και, προσωπικώς, αντιμετωπίζω αυτό το άλμπουμ ήδη ως κλασικό. Καταπληκτικό CD, με μαγικό drive, απίθανα παιξίματα, guestsπου καταθέτουν σέβη (Billy Branch, LonnieBrooks, Otis Clay, Jimmy Johnson) κι έναν Eddy Clearwater να σβήνει όσο κενό υπήρχε μετά τους Chuck Berry και ScreminJay Hawkins μαζί. Τώρα πρέπει να τον (ξανα)δούμε…

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    R-10955583-1516989975-9496.jpeg.jpgFLAC | 1,2 GB | LINKS

    The Zappa Family Trust will mark the 50th anniversary of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention’s politically-charged, envelope-pushing sophomore album, Absolutely Free, with an expanded vinyl-exclusive edition on October 6 via Zappa Records/UMe. This double 180-gram LP version will include the original record mastered by Bernie Grundman cut directly from the original analog master tapes and a second disc with 20 minutes of rare and unreleased bonus material, including the “Why Don’tcha Do Me Right?”/“Big Leg Emma” single as well as vintage remixes, and radio ads from The Vault on side one and a laser etching of Zappa’s visage from the album cover on side two. The package features Zappa’s original layout and a reproduction of the rare, highly sought-after “libretto,” an 18-page booklet with a foreword by FZ and lyrics to all the compositions, that was offered only by mail order when originally released.

    Released 50 years ago on May 26, 1967 on Verve Records, Absolutely Free was the Mothers of Invention’s follow-up to their landmark debut album, Freak Out! Brash, challenging and exhilarating, the record was revolutionary as it pushed the limits of what an album could be. A pop culture pastiche, the album leaps through genres – from psychedelic pop and progressive rock to free-form jazz and avant-garde noise to doo-wop and garage rock, often in the same composition as on album highlight “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It,” and is filled with Zappa’s trademark biting political and social satire. Hailed by All Music as a “fabulously inventive record” that is “by turns hilarious, inscrutable, and virtuosically complex,” the record is divided into two “oratorios” or song suites – “Absolutely Free” and “The M.O.I. American Pageant” – and is rife with complex instrumentation, cutting edge experimentation and unconventional editing.

    Produced by Tom Wilson (Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, Sun Ra), who first worked with the band on Freak Out! the year prior, Absolutely Free featured an expanded cadre of musicians working with Zappa and vocalist Ray Collins and included Jim Fielder on guitar, Roy Estrada on bass, Don Preston on keyboards, Bunk Gardner on woodwinds, and drummers Jim Black and Billy Mundi. The album was recorded the week before Thanksgiving, November 1966 in Los Angeles at the Sunset-Highland Studios of T.T.G. Inc., in a series of four sessions. It was edited and re-mixed in New York City at the MGM Studios in five sessions the following week. In Clash’s appreciation of the record, they exclaimed: “Amidst this high-brow inspiration and aggressive musical arrangement we have beautiful passages of melody, laugh-out-loud lyrics about vegetables and lacerating cynicism. Nonconformist, comedic and maverick, Absolutely Free establishes Zappa as a fantastical musical mutineer and pioneering bandleader.”

    As Zappa wrote in the “libretto,” “The music of the MOTHERS speaks of the feelings of what might be described as THE VAST MINORITY. The feelings of the people on the fringe of everything . . . the ones who don’t care if they’re IN or OUT … don’t care if they’re HIP, HEP, SWINGIN’ or ZORCH. This is the audience the MOTHERS want to reach … those few have the power within themselves to cause or motivate social change but have never used it for one reason or another. If you are reading this and understand it (even if you have short hair and watch TV 18 hours a day), it is time that you realized WHO and WHAT YOU ARE. It is time you realized what the words to our songs mean.”

    50 years later Absolutely Free resonates as strong as ever and has proven itself to be prescient and wildly ahead of its time.

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    51eEcOGIHoL._SS500.jpg320 kbps | 260 MB | LINKS

    1. Working My Way Back to You – The Spinners 04:05
    2. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Rose Royce 03:51
    3. Spanish Harlem – Aretha Franklin 03:30
    4. Kung Fu – Curtis Mayfield 06:12
    5. Street Tough – Ben E. King 04:32
    6. Nature Boy – George Benson 04:18
    7. On Your Way Down – Allen Toussaint 03:58
    8. Emma – Hot Chocolate 03:54
    9. Love, Love, Love – Donny Hathaway 03:22
    10. Love Insurance – Gwen McCrae 03:46
    11. You’re Still a Young Man – Tower of Power 05:35
    12. Roll Me Through the Rushes (Lew Hahn Remix) – Chaka Khan 04:43
    13. What’s Come Over Me – Blue Magic 04:14
    14. Move Me No Mountain – Dionne Warwick 05:03
    15. Help Somebody – Earth, Wind & Fire 04:02
    16. Slide – Slave 06:50
    17. Soul Searchin’ Time – The Trammps 06:04
    18. I Believe In You – Norma Jean Wright 05:12
    19. Never Let You Go – BLOODSTONE 03:34
    20. Can This Be Real? – The Natural Four 03:28
    21. Rock a Doodle Doo – Linda Lewis 03:24
    22. Wrap It up (Single Version) – Archie Bell and The Drells 02:48
    23. Today I Started Loving You Again – Bettye Swann 02:52
    24. Ain’t No Sunshine – Betty Wright 03:14
    25. Mojo Hannah – Esther Phillips 02:22
    26. Your Turn to Cry – Betty Lavette 03:13
    27. Sweet Charlie Babe – Jackie Moore 02:37
    28. The Show Must Go On – Sam Dees 03:27

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    At The Gates - To Drink From The Night Itself (2?D) [Japanese Edition] (2018)

    ???????????: At The Gates
    ??????: Sweden
    ??????: To Drink From The Night Itself (2?D) [Japanese Edition]
    ????: Melodic Death Metal
    ????????: Trooper Entertainment [QATE-10110-11]
    ???: 2018
    ??????: FLAC (*image + .cue,log, covers)
    ??????: 578Mb
    ??????: Depositfiles | Turbobit (3% ?? ??????????????)

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    Susheela Raman / Ghost Gamelan Жанр : World Fusion, Indian & Indonesian Tradition Носитель : WEB Страна-производитель диска (релиза) : EU Год издания : 2018 Издатель (лейбл) : NAÏVE / BELIEVE Страна исполнителя (группы) : India Аудиокодек : FLAC (*.

    Тема на форуме

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    Amorphis - Queen Of Time [Japanese Edition] (2018)

    ???????????: Amorphis
    ??????: Finland
    ??????: Queen Of Time [Japanese Edition]
    ????: Progressive Metal | Melodic Death Metal | Doom Metal | Melodic Metal
    ????????: Ward Records; Chaos Reigns [GQCS-90570]
    ???: 2018
    ??????: FLAC (*image + .cue,log, covers)
    ??????: 584Mb
    ??????: Depositfiles | Turbobit (3% ?? ??????????????)

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    MASS - When 2 Worlds Collide [Japanese Edition] (2018)

    ???????????: MASS
    ??????: USA
    ??????: When 2 Worlds Collide [Japanese Edition]
    ????: Heavy Metal | Hard Rock
    ????????: Rubicon Music [RBNCD-1255]
    ???: 2018
    ??????: FLAC (*image + .cue,log, covers)
    ??????: 493Mb
    ??????: Depositfiles | Turbobit (3% ?? ??????????????)

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    Ruth Dolores Weiss - My Middle Name Is Misery (2012) FLAC (tracks + .cue)
    Artist: Ruth Dolores Weiss | Album: My Middle Name Is Misery | Released: 2012 | Genre: Jazz | Duration: 00:37:12

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    2j0zio1.jpg320 kbps | 113 MB | LINKS

    Fixed Up is a trio from Le Havre that sowed its garage rock music with a strong concentration of R & B and soul, between 1981 and 1988. With François (vocals / guitar), Sylvain (drums) and Mephisto (Bass), the trio s’ is formed on the ashes of the group Teenage Riot (1979-1981). The choice of the name Fixed Up comes from the title of a piece from the English group The Outsiders, first band of the amazing singer Adrian Borland, best known in The Sound. In short, a French group that listens in 1980 The Outsiders, has a good chance of being good!

    During the 7 years of its existence (at that time under François Mitterrand, the duration of a presidential term), Fixed Up published six 45t, two albums and some titles scattered on compilations. As the title of the CD informs, here it is a compilation of six 45t, with the bonus of the upturned Fixed Up of Outsiders which was present on the compilation Eyes On You published by the cult label Le Havre, Closer Records. To note, small particularity, the 2nd album of The Outsiders is entitled Close Up, CLOSEr versus Fixed UP?
    The compilation continues in descending order the chronology of six 45t, which gives a funny impression to (re) discover the sound of Fixed Up at its peak “guitar line clear”, with choruses and brass to end in a more brutal sound and garage, mono limit cut for the bulk of training trio guitar / bass / drums. What is nice to hear is that in 2018, the music of Fixed Up has not taken a ride, it still breathes full lung R & B that burns the floor. The voice of François Lebas has a stamp cut for this type of rock, which has its origins in the rock pub (Dr. Feelgood) and Australian rock (The Saints, Died Pretty). Energetic and fresh, the SON Fixed Up is effective. No need to make tons, to make solos rotted and useless, Fixed Up goes to the basics, but without falling into the nag plane plan. As such, we can bring them closer to the trio The Jam. Also, special mention to the song You Can not Count Me In and its beautiful groovy rhythm that trots well in the head and legs, in the vein of a Dum Dum Boys title. That’s it, the compilation allowed us to listen again, or to discover the music of this trio which separated too quickly.

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    71Xn8CmGKPL._SL1200_.jpg320 kbps | 342 MB | LINKS

    62 tracks across 2CDs from arguably the greatest bar band of them all – Dr Feelgood & The Interns or just plain Piano Red as he was originally known. Presented here are all of the singles, both sides, he released just as you would have found them on any jukebox from 1950 to 1962. Piano Red was a true original and of course another performer with a claim over “the first rock and roll record” with his debut double sided smash “Rockin’ With Red” / “Red’s Boogie”, many years before Bill Haley hit the scene. This excellent set also features his 1962 hit “Doctor Feel-Good” which became a staple cover for scores of British beat groups. Resident in Atlanta for most of his life, these rocking tracks made him one of the city’s major tourists attractions for decades.

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    American Aquarium Жанр : Alternative Country, Americana, Indie Rock Год выпуска диска : 2006-2018 Страна : 2006–, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States Аудио кодек : MP3 Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт аудио : 192-320 kbps Продолжительность : 8:31:23 Albums: 01.

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