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    We already had an album by the other Prince General Adekunle
    student, Segun Adewale. Today his buddy Sir Shina Peters finds his
    way to you. Sir Shina takes the juju to a whole new level, it sounds
    very nineties so to speak. In 1989 He was given four Nigerian Music
    Awards for the release of his album ‘Ace’. Artiste of the year, song of
    the year, album of the year and juju artiste of the year. The afro juju
    disco style he displays is highly infectious and
    served a huge public. Dance away..

    We hadden reeds een elpee van die andere Prince General Adekunle
    leerling, Segun Adewale. Vandaag is de beurt aan zijn vriend Sir Shina
    Peters. Sir Shina tilt de juju naar een heel ander niveau, het klinkt echt
    negentiger jaren. In 1989 kreeg hij vier Nigeriaanse Music Awards in
    éen keer voor zijn album ‘Ace’. Artiest van het jaar, song van het jaar,
    album van het jaar en juju artiest van het jaar. De afro juju disco stijl
    die hij neerzette is zeer aanstekelijk en raakte een
    groot publiek. Dikke dans sound..

    tracks ;

    01 – Shina gbode
    —–Give your women a chance
    —–Think twice
    —–Omode e gbo to’bi
    02 – Omo mbo
    —–Omo lere aiye
    —–Ha egbe mi wo asia
    —–Oluwa yio pese
    —–Mojuba o
    —–aare moshood olawale abiola
    —–Loke loke (afro juju slow disco)


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    Neko Case / Hell-On Жанр : Alt. Country/Americana Носитель : WEB Год издания : 2018 Издатель (лейбл) : Anti/Epitaph Страна исполнителя (группы) : US Аудиокодек : FLAC (*.flac) Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт аудио : lossless Продолжительность : 52:26 Источник (релизер) : Waffles, littlepiggy Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи : нет Треклист : 01.

    Тема на форуме

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    Η Kumisolo, αληθινό όνομα Kumi Okamoto, είναι μία ιαπωνίδα τραγουδίστρια (και μουσικός), που ζει μονίμως στο Παρίσι. Προσφάτως η Kumisoloσυνεργάστηκε με τον ενορχηστρωτή Joe Davolaz, για την παραγωγή ενός άλμπουμ που διαθέτει μια πληθώρα… παλαιικών ποπ χαρακτηριστικών. Το άλμπουμ τιτλοφορήθηκεKabuki Femme Fatale [Alter K / Tona Serenad / Recordisc, 2017], κυκλοφόρησε στη Γαλλία (LP/CD), την Ιαπωνία (CD) και τη Σουηδία (LP) και συμμετέχουν σ’ αυτό οι Kumi Okamoto φωνή, τρομπέτα, synths, κρουστά, Andersaf Klintberg όργανο, lap steel, pedal steel, synths, Linus Hillborg κιθάρες, synths, Oskar Carls πνευστά, DennisEgberth ντραμς, κρουστά, Vilhelm Bromander μπάσο και Joel Danell synths, τύμπανα, μαρίμπα. Ένας σχετικός χαμός δηλαδή από ονόματα και όργανα, που δεν μεταφράζεται, αναγκαστικώς, σε κάτι πνιγηρό και βαρυφορτωμένο. Απεναντίας…
    Η Kumisoloείναι σαφώς επηρεασμένη από την κοριτσίστικη pop της δεκαετίας του ’60 και βασικά τη γαλλική. Το ότι επιλέγει να τραγουδήσει στη γαλλική, εξάλλου, δεν είναι τυχαίο. Θα πρέπει να έχει ξεσκονίσει δηλαδή τις συλλογές “Femmes de Paris”, ακούγοντας και ξανακούγοντας τα τραγούδια των Brigitte Bardot, Marie Laforêt, Cléo, Christine Delaroche και λοιπά και λοιπά, μαζί με Françoise Hardy, ClaudeLonget και τα συναφή. Αυτή η ατμόσφαιρα είναι η κυρίαρχη στο άλμπουμ της, που είναι ανάλαφρο, με ορθά παιξίματα και με μια σίξτις-φιλική διάσταση, που δύσκολα κρύβεται –όπως αντιλαμβάνεστε–, καθώς δεν υπάρχει και η πρόθεση για να κρυφτεί. Τούτο είναι το βασικό, γιατί αν δει κανείς πιο λεπτομερώς το “Kabuki Femme Fatale” θα διαπιστώσει κι άλλες αναφορές, που μπορεί να είναι ακόμη και fifties (exotica δηλαδή) ή και seventies (στις παρυφές της disco πια). Όλα αυτά περνούν με χάρη στα κομμάτια του άλμπουμ, που οπωσδήποτε παραξενεύει περισσότερο με το… γαλλογιαπωνέζικο αξάν της Kumisolo, παρά με τη μουσική του αυτή καθ’ αυτή και τα τραγούδια, που τα αποδέχεσαι, σε κάθε περίπτωση, έτσι όπως είναι καλοφτιαγμένα, χαλαρά και γουστόζικα.

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    Winger - In The Heart Of The Young (1990) [Japan SHM-CD 2009]

    ???????????: Winger
    ??????: In The Heart Of The Young
    ????: Rock / Hard Rock
    ??? ??????: 1990 / 2009
    ??????: FLAC (image+.cue, log, scans)
    ????????: Lossless
    ??????: 425 Mb
    ??: turbobit/gigapeta/uploadboy/katfile

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    Ana Egge - White Tiger (2018) FLAC
    Artist: Ana Egge | Album: White Tiger | Released: 2018 | Genre: Pop, Folk

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    Autoclav1.1 - Makeshift.splint (2018) FLAC
    Artist: Autoclav1.1 | Album: Makeshift.splint | Released: 2018 | Genre: Rock

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    M. Ward - What a Wonderful Industry (2018) FLAC
    Artist: M. Ward | Album: What a Wonderful Industry | Released: 2018 | Genre: Rock

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    Acarash - In Chaos Becrowned (2018) FLAC
    Artist: Acarash | Album: In Chaos Becrowned | Released: 2018 | Genre: Metal

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    71Sp0OsjriL._SL1200_.jpgVBR~231 kbps | 60 MB | LINKS

    As opening lines to albums go, “You may look at me and think the lord employed a fool to sit around and sing of nothing,” is a bold offering, but what R W Hedges lacks in warm introductions they more than make-up for in sweet and intriguing folk songs, their new album, The Hunters In The Snow, crafting subtle adventures that make for an immersive and often revelatory journey through various musical landscapes that rise and fall throughout, shifting in the light as they roll forward, restful and restrained.

    Pieced together on a canal boat in London, and drawn from Seemingly pulled from the golden days of easy listening, the new record finds Roy Hedges and songwriting partner, producer, and label-mate Luca Neiri in beautifully compelling form, the collaboration coming after a chance meeting in Hyde Park brought the childhood friends back together, having previously played in bands together during their youth.

    Guided by Neiri’s delicate vision, the new record is quietly dominated by its own restraint, the pair’s love for the Easy Listening era of the 1950s and 60s filtered through a keen ear for doo-wop and rhythm-and-blues, resulting in an album that finds a place all of its own in the hustle and bustle of this new world; existing as a tender escape from the busy London world that underpinned its creation, full of quaint retreats and charming idiosyncrasies.

    Taking its dues from The Beatles and The Kinks, among other quintessentially distinctive British pop bands, The Hunters In The Snow weaves varying literary references – from Dickens and Dylan Thomas to Shakespeare – through its pastoral and patterned guitar landscapes, Hedges English lilt adding a palpable sense of poignancy to otherwise bright surroundings, the album always balancing the breeziness of the compositions with a dark turn-of-phrase that makes you re-evaluate your own place within these songs.

    Drifting between fictional world and characters – ‘The Night Owl’ takes us from dark woods at night to Dutch East India sailors; ‘Signalman’ is inspired by a Dickens’ ghost story – to the personal and personable reflections found on the summer-pining ‘Nights Of Laughter’, and the sweet ode to friendship ‘Where We Came From’, the album’s focus on loneliness, love, and laughter in the face of it all give it a confessional quality that transcends the rich, storybook feel at its core.

    “Someday, someone will remember you, but now you’ll have to leave the town behind” Hedges sings on the beautifully swaying closing track ‘The Town Where No Birds Sing’ and it’s a lyric that feels indicative of warm heart that shapes so much of The Hunters In The Snow; a confessional moment of poignancy that follows us down whichever road we find ourselves on, whether we know where it’s leading or not.

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  • 06/10/18--07:56: Scarecrow - Scarecrow (1992)
  • Scarecrow - Scarecrow (1992)

    Artist : Scarecrow
    Title Of Album: Scarecrow
    Year Of Release: 1992
    Country : USA
    Genre: hard rock
    Quality : FLAC (*image + .cue,log,scans)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Full Size: 297,0 MB

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    John G. Perry - Sunset Wading (1976)

    Artist : John G. Perry
    Title Of Album: Sunset Wading
    Year Of Release: 1976 (2008)
    Country : UK
    Genre: progressive rock, canterbury scene
    Quality : FLAC (*tracks + .cue,log,scans)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Full Size: 265,0 MB

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  • 06/10/18--07:56: Jane - Here We Are (1973)
  • Jane - Here We Are (1973)

    Artist : Jane
    Title Of Album: Here We Are
    Year Of Release: 1973 (2007)
    Country : Germany
    Genre: heavy krautrock, progressive rock
    Quality : FLAC (*tracks + .cue,log,scans)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Full Size: 263,0 MB

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    Out Of Focus - Out Of Focus (1971)

    Artist : Out Of Focus
    Title Of Album: Out Of Focus
    Year Of Release: 1971 (2010)
    Country : Germany
    Genre: progressive rock, krautrock
    Quality : FLAC (*tracks + .cue,log,scans)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Full Size: 298,0 MB

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    Out Of Focus - Wake Up (1970)

    Artist : Out Of Focus
    Title Of Album: Wake Up
    Year Of Release: 1970 (2010)
    Country : Germany
    Genre: progressive rock, krautrock
    Quality : FLAC (*image + .cue,log,scans)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Full Size: 300,0 MB

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    Brooke Annibale - Hold to the Light (2018) FLAC
    Artist: Brooke Annibale | Album: Hold to the Light | Released: 2018 | Genre: Pop

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    Ghost - Prequelle [Deluxe Edition] (2018)

    ???????????: Ghost
    ??????: Sweden
    ??????: Prequelle [Deluxe Edition]
    ????: Heavy Metal | Gothic Metal | Hard Rock
    ????????: Loma Vista Recordings [LVR00383]
    ???: 2018
    ??????: FLAC (*image + .cue,log, covers)
    ??????: 359Mb
    ??????: Depositfiles | Turbobit (3% ?? ??????????????)

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    Oκιθαρίστας Willie B. Thomas αναφέρεται πάντα σε σχέση με τον βιολιστή Butch Cage(δες το σχετικό λήμμα στο blues revival), με τον οποίον αποτέλεσαν καλλιτεχνικό δίδυμο.
    Ο Thomas, που εργάστηκε ως βαμβακοσυλλέκτης, κόφτης ζαχαροκάλαμου, παπάς, πλανόδιος ιεροκήρυκας, μουσικός των weekends κ.λπ., ακούγεται στις ίδιες εγγραφές μ’ εκείνες του Butch Cage, οπότε η δισκογραφία τους δεν μπορεί παρά να είναι κοινή. 
    Βασική δισκογραφία 
    1. Country Negro Jam Sessions – Folk-Lyric FL 111 – 1960 (ως Butch Cage, Willie B. Thomas and others / collected by Harry Oster) 
    2. The Folk Music of The Newport Folk Festival 1959-60 Vol.1 – Folkways FA 2431 – 1961 (συλλογή) 
    3. Blues N’ Trouble – Arhoolie F 1006 – 1961 (συλλογή) 
    4. Raise A Rukus Tonight – UK. Flyright LP 545 – 1979 (ως Butch Cage / Field recordings made in Louisiana in 1960 and 1961 by Harry Oster with Clarence Edwards, Charles Henderson, Willie Thomas and Robert ‘Pete’ Williams)

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    Joachim Witt - Neumond [2CD] (2014)

    ???????????: Joachim Witt
    ??????: Germany
    ??????: Neumond [2CD]
    ????: Darkwave | Goth Rock | Neue Deutsche Welle | Electronic
    ????????: SPV GmbH.; Oblivion [SPV 267350]
    ???: 2014
    ??????: FLAC (*image + .cue,log, covers)
    ??????: 569Mb
    ??????: Depositfiles | Turbobit (3% ?? ??????????????)

    Joachim Witt ???????? ????? ?? ??????? ?????????????? ?Neue Deutsche Welle?. ??????? ????? ????? ???????? ??????????? ? ???? ???????? ????????????. ????? ??? Rammstein, Megaherz, Eisbrecher ? ??. ????? ???????, ??? 14-? ????????? ?????? ?Neumond? - ????? ??????? ??????? ???????????? ?????????? ??????? - ???? ?????? ?? ???-??????, ?? ??? ???? ? ?????? ???????????? ????????? ? ???????????. ? ??????????? ?????-?????? ???? ???????, ??? ?????? ????? ???????????? ??????. ? ??????????? ??? ??? ?????????? ????????? ???????.

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    51n2mLXxujL._SS500.jpg320 kbps | 183 MB | LINKS

    Monsieur Guillaume and His Zydeco Hepcats successfully fuse the laissez faire party vibe of the Big Easy with the gritty dynamic energy of the Motor City. This collection of their favorite tunes was recorded over a period of eight years, both live and in the studio with a line up that variously includes accordion (Monsieur Guillaume), lead guitar (Erich Goebel), harmonica (Wailin’ Dale), tenor and baritone sax (Joe LaBeau), bass (Frankie Lee), drums (Ziggy Ziegeler) and frottoir (Perez Morris on rub board) This sampling of Zydeco classics, blues standards, and originals — all with an infectious driving rhythm — will get everybody up on their feet. Five of the cats take turns on lead vocals and everybody jams on every tune making this Zydeco Hepcat set a cross between a Friday night fish fry and a jam band concert.

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  • 06/10/18--10:33: De Leon / De Leon [2018]
  • [Label: Mana | Cat#: MANA4]

    1. A1 (6:57)
    2. A2 (5:32)
    3. A3 (5:21)
    4. B1 (4:30)
    5. B2 (4:53)
    6. B3 (5:47)

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