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  • 12/18/16--10:19: Temples – ladəs (2016)
  • xz320 kbps | 126 MB | UL | OB | KF |

    Temples clearly have an idea of the sound that they were going for with, but while it’s definitely in their sight it is just out of their grasp as “Ladəs” comes extremely close to achieving it. Yet no matter which way you look at it, “Ladəs” is a very enjoyable post rock album, instrumental being a bonus, that gets nothing but a solid thumbs up from me all day long.

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  • 12/18/16--10:28: Ultimix 237 (2016)
  • Ultimix 237 (2016)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: Ultimix 237
    Label: Ultimix Records
    Style: R&B, Electropop, Club, Tropical, Reggae, Indie, Folk, Synthpop
    Release Date: 16-12-2016
    Format: CD, Compilation, Promo
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 13 Tracks
    Size: 141 Mb / 01:01:04 Min

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    Artist: Nick Zaino
    Title: Blue Skies and Broken Arrows
    Year Of Release: 2015
    Label: Nick Zaino
    Genre: Roots Rock, Folk Rock, Americana
    Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
    Total Time: 51:29
    Total Size: 126 Mb

    1. Live Through You
    2. Blue Skies and Broken Arrows
    3. She Makes Me Want to Believe
    4. Hello, Moon
    5. Bruises
    6. I Hate Love
    7. Giant Ant in the Sky
    8. Everybody Wants to Mess With Me
    9. I Love You and I’m Glad That You’re Gone
    10. Come Down With Me
    11. Start the Show
    12. Your Sweet Memory
    13. One True Friend
    14. The Good News (Live)
    15. The Good News (Electric) [Hidden Track]

    Full-length debut of Boston-based Americana artist Nick Zaino, recorded at the Moontower Recording Studio. Live tracks recorded at the Walnut Street Cafe in Lynn, Ma.


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    cover320 kbps | 106 MB | UL | OB | KF | TB

    Country Songs is a refreshing mix of classic sounds with new, head-turning country swagger. At times defiant, celebratory, or pining, Country Songs remains intensely personal. It is crafted to be focused on – perhaps alone, while sipping whiskey on a quiet evening – for poetry, story, and nuance. The layered fiddle, steel, and organ are the stage upon which Jonas’s stories shine, with collaborator Tim Bray’s lead guitar acting as a spotlight.

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    640Mulatu Astatke + Black Jesus Experience
    Cradle Of Humanity
    (BJX, 2016)
    more details

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    Jason Aldean (Jason Aldine Williams) Жанр : Country, Country Rock Год выпуска диска : 2005-2016 Страна : February 28, 1977-, Macon, Georgia, USA Аудио кодек : MP3 Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт аудио : 320 kbps Продолжительность : 5:54:52 Albums: 01.

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    1972-1977 Vol. 2…Where other Nigerian vinyl compilations have focused on various permutations of rock, funk, soul, and disco, Wake Up You! specifically covers the short-lived but influential period of Nigerian rock in the country’s post-Civil War era (after 1970). On 34 tracks across two volumes and two accompanying books, the compilation documents some of the musical, socioeconomic, and political trends that shaped Nigerian Afrorock.
    The majority of both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 feature music from the height of Nigerian rock in the early ‘70s, before the scene started to decline. The decade saw Nigeria experiencing a petroleum-fueled post-war economic boom, which ushered in a renewed sense of optimism that proved a huge boon to the growth of the country’s music industry.

    153 MB  UL | MC ** FLAC

    And yet, as the government sought to rebuild the nation, leftover wartime trauma and unresolved tensions got swept under the rug. So it’s very possible that the sense of discomfort and melancholy that had never really gotten addressed then ended up bubbling over into rock, particularly in the East, which had borne the brunt of the war as the former secessionist Republic of Biafra. The compilation reflects that reality, featuring mostly Eastern rock bands.

    Despite regional differences, there was a collective desire, especially among youth, to have some kind of contemporary music they could claim as their own that was “distinctly African.” This was one of the reasons why James Brown’s soul music, with its pro-Black messaging and funky rhythms that meshed well with pre-existing West African musical traditions, had exploded in popularity during the region’s independence era. His influence continued into the next decade and beyond, as evidenced throughout Wake Up You! For instance, on Vol. 1, The Hygrades’ 1971 B-side “Keep on Moving” directly references “Cold Sweat” and has the cathartic screams to match. This desire for a homegrown music was also what helped make Fela’s self-branded Afrobeat so popular, which would soon eclipse Afrorock, even though the two weren’t initially that different. The stylistic similarities between the two are clear in their shared highlife percussion rhythms and off-kilter organ work. This can be heard across Vol. 1—on The Hygrades’ “In the Jungle (Instrumental),” The Funkees’ “Baby I Need You,” OFO the Black Company’s “Beautiful Daddy,” and many more.

    On Vol. 1 opener “Never Never Let Me Down” (1973), the little-known Formulars Dance Band deliver a touching number filled with nostalgic doo-wop harmonies and lyrics steeped in heartache: “Just one thing you do not know, girl,” the lead singer croons. “And that is I need you/And one more thing you do not know, girl/And that is I love you.” By contrast, War-Head Constriction’s record “Graceful Bird” (1973) ramps up into a heavy metal track with long, snarling guitar solos and piles of distortion. According to Ikonne’s liner notes, War-Head Constriction also often played with a later iteration of the band Waves, whose psychedelic “Wake Up You” (featured on Vol. 2) b/w “Mother” (on Vol. 1) is the comp’s namesake. Vol. 1’s closing track, P.R.O.’s 1976 “Tell Me,” in turn references dub by way of delay effects, hinting at the fact that towards the end of the decade, a several schoolboy and college rock bands—including teen sensations Ofege—started shifting their heavy rock sound towards “dub and militant rockers-style reggae.” But even then, with the exception of Afrobeat and with the advent of disco, the public wanted something smoother and glossier, and Nigerian rock slipped more or less into darkness (related: Funkees’ cover of War’s “Slipping into Darkness” on Vol. 2).

    In that way, Vol. 1 comes to a logical close. The album itself is very loosely chronological, though it doesn’t follow the arc of the accompanying book, which is an important part of the compilation. Vol. 1 sags a bit towards the middle of its 18 tracks, but it picks up again later on—perhaps not unlike the trajectory of Nigerian rock over the decades. Many of the narrative threads present on Vol. 1  are also those that run through Vol. 2, and certain bigger bands, such as The Hykkers, The Hygrades, and The Funkees, appear on both volumes. However, where Vol. 1 is generally more exuberant and brighter, Vol. 2 is more melancholy, reflecting some of the darker realities of the time.

    Much of Vol. 2 expresses a desire for freedom and a resistance to the social and political dis-ease of post-war Nigeria. On “Life in Cannan,” Ceejebs lament the state of what could have been their promised land. Over nimble jazz keys and thick bass, lead vocalist Eyo “Crosbee” Hogan gathers his listeners around him, intoning, “Come around, people of this world/let’s get together and pray/Evil things are happening every day/Many rich are getting poor/The poor ones are dying away.” Echoing that sense of despair is The Identicals’ nearly-apocalyptic “Who Made the World,” on which they demand answers to questions they know they’ll never get, howling, “Who made the world? Who made the land? Who made the moon?” Even the love songs here ride on a sort of desperation bordering on futility: on opening number “Come Back,” band leader Theodore Nemy’s voice cracks time and time again as he begs for his “baby” to “come back.” An organ drones beneath him, sympathetic (figuratively and musically) to Nemy’s grievances.

    Perhaps most clearly exemplifying the intersection of Afrorock and the politics of the time on Vol. 2 is the band Action 13, who appear on Vol. 1 as their later iteration, Aktion. On Vol. 2, their song “Set Me Free” could easily be interpreted as a protest against the band’s prison-like relationship to their then-patrons, the Nigerian military’s 13th Brigade. Many brigades of the time used bands to entertain their soldiers, boost morale, and reassure citizens, via music, that all was well. Initially, their patronage was helpful in providing a number of Eastern musicians with a living. But Action 13, like many other bands with brigade numbers affixed to their names, eventually grew frustrated, and many tried to break free to make a name for themselves independent of the military. These outside pressures, as well as labels’ jostling to sign artists with varying degrees of success, often augmented bands’ internal instabilities as well. There was a ton of back-and-forth between bands. For instance, on Vol. 2, we see Tony Grey, (former?) keyboardist of the Magnificent Zenians (Vol. 1) leading his own band, The Black 7; certain members of Afrorock pioneer Joni Haastrup’s Monomono appear here backing one Shadow Abraham; juju icon King Sunny Ade makes a surprise appearance producing The Believers’ “Life Will Move.” Trying to make sense of the bands’ relationships to each other, to regional trends, to labels, and to military involvement is like trying to make sense of a messy maze of crossed paths, dead-ends, and false starts.

    But in that sense, Wake Up You!: The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock, 1972-1977 does a thorough job of conveying the angst and mutability of Nigeria’s protean post-war period. This was music that helped people, young people especially, to sort through their own identities in the wake of war, even if it was to define what they weren’t. On Vol. 1, in the chorus of their track “Scram Out,” from their 1977 album Be Nice To The People, young schoolboy rockers Question Mark sing, “I want to feel free, I want to feel happy!” Which at the end of the day, through all its ups and downs, was what the movement was about.

    1. Theodore Nemy – Come Back 4:07
    2. The Funkees – Slipping Into Darkness 4:37
    3. The Hykkers – I Want A Break Thru 3:08
    4. The Hygrades – In The Jungle (Vocal) 3:20
    5. Shadow Abraham with Monomono Friends – Babalawo 3:25
    6. Waves – Wake Up You 4:02
    7. War-Head Constriction – Shower Of Stone 3:40
    8. Question Mark – Love 5.01
    9. Action 13 – Set Me Free 4.01
    10. Jay U Experience – Baby Rock 5:23
    11. The Doves – Flying Bird 3:31
    12. Kukumbas – Awa Lani Arawa 3:53
    13. The Believers – Life Will Move 5:10
    14. Tony Grey & the Black 7 – The Feelings 4:40
    15. Ceejebs – Life In Cannan 3:10
    16. The Identicals – Who Made the World 4:32

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    Artist: BabaJack
    Title: Exercising Demons
    Year Of Release: 2010
    Label: Rochelle & the Sidewinders
    Genre: Blues, Acoustic Blues, Folk-Blues
    Quality: Flac (image, log, .cue)
    Total Time: 51:52
    Total Size: 378 Mb (covers)

    1. Big Man Blues (4:22)
    2. Sweet Jelly Love (5:00)
    3. Going Down (5:17)
    4. Parade (4:49)
    5. Big Summer Rising (5:02)
    6. Dog Tired (4:41)
    7. The Last Train (3:50)
    8. Religion (6:21)
    9. I Walk On Diamonds (4:05)
    10. The Well Song (8:20)

    This is a CD that is going to grab you by the shoulders and shake you around for a bit, resettling your mind into a new locale on a wide-open range. It can seem serene and be flowing smoothly and in a blink erupt with a power and energy you never saw sneaking up on you. It is folky and then goes to almost violent tribal rhythms that display the sheer power of the music being generated. There are gypsy rhythms intertwined with African beats, drone, blues, and folk music. BabaJack is comprised of Trevor Steger on acoustic Dobro and wine box guitars, harmonica and vocals; Becky Tate vocals, drum, and stomp, with Aron Attwood on drums, bass, percussion and vocals (he also produced the disc) and they are joined by about five of their cohorts on various tracks on various instruments. The songs they unleash on the unsuspecting-they did write all of them-are well written and show the versatility of this group with their friends.
    The singing, mostly done by Becky, is always full of emotion and very evocative and expressive. Though her voice comes very close to the level of surrender to the song, it is the musical rhythms that carry them. It is as much as what they don’t play, the spaces they create and don’t play into, as what they do play that creates the tension in the songs. Becky’s voice has a gritty edge to it that gives it added texture along with Trevor’s percussive guitar playing, particularly when he is using his slide. Though it might sound as if it could be hibildy gibbery it is a very cohesive disc that earns repeated listenings with its musicianship.


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    Artist: Paquito D’Rivera
    Title: Portraits Of Cuba
    Year Of Release: 1996
    Label: Chesky Records
    Genre: Afro-Cuban Jazz, Latin Jazz, Post bop
    Quality: FLAC (tracks) [24Bit/96kHz]
    Total Time: 01:02:43
    Total Size: 1,33 GB

    Paquito D’Rivera (born June 4, 1948 – Cuba) is a alto saxophonist, clarinetist and soprano saxophonist. The winner of fourteen GRAMMY Awards, he is celebrated both for his artistry in Latin jazz and his achievements as a classical composer.

    01 La Bella Cubana (5:27)
    02 The Peanut Vendor (4:56)
    03 Tu (6:07)
    04 Tu Mi Delirio (6:55)
    05 No Te Importe Saber (5:33)
    06 Drume Negrita (4:02)
    07 Portraits Of Cuba (5:35)
    08 Excerpt From "Aires Tropicales" (0:43)
    09 Mariana (5:41)
    10 Como Arrullo De Palmas (3:12)
    11 Echale Salsita (5:22)
    12 Song To My Son (5:36)
    13 Theme From "I Love Lucy" (3:34)

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    Novalima Жанр : Latin, Afro-Peru, World Год выпуска диска : 2003-2015 Страна : 2001-, Lima, Lima, Peru Аудио кодек : MP3 Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт аудио : 320 kbps Продолжительность : 5:16:56 Albums: 01.

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    Superlove – How Deep Is Your Love (1992) MP3 + Lossless
    How Deep Is Your Love | 1992 | Alfa International
    Italo-Disco, Hi-Energy | mp3 / Flac (image+.cue) | 49:25 | 117,4 / 372,2 Mb

    01 How Deep Is Your Love 3:26
    02 Playboy 2:22
    03 One Day 2:56
    04 You In My Heart 2:40
    05 I Wanna Stop 3:03
    06 You And Me 3:33
    07 Lovely Lambada 3:14
    08 Island Cubana 3:10
    09 How Deep Is Your Love (Extended Version) 6:10
    10 One Day (Lovely Hearts Club Mix) 6:46
    11 Playboy (Mix Edit) 6:32
    12 I Wanna Stop (Paris Mix) 5:25
    Download link:

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    Gandalf – The Stones Of Wisdom (1992) MP3 + Lossless
    The Stones Of Wisdom | 1992 | Columbia
    New Age, Modern Classical, Ambient | mp3 / Flac (image+.cue) | 01:15:48 | 178,08 / 412,49 Mb

    1. The lonesome Wanderer (4:42)
    2. Secret Of The Ancient Tree incl. "Roots in the Mother Earth, Head In The Sky" (8:49)
    3. Questions Of The Heart (1:52)
    4. Simades, A Guide On The Path Of Wisdom (2:33)
    5. Words Of Silence (1:10)
    6. Roads Of Atlantis (7:00)
    7. Talk With The Spirits Of The Sea (3:38)
    8. Astral Excursion (3:59)
    9. Dance Of Ecstasy (3:48)
    10. Stones Of Wisdom (5:49)
    11. The Light (0:48)
    12. The Ageless Beauty Of Magaia (6:09)
    13. Mên-An-Tol, The Healing Stone (1:04)
    14. To A Different Shore (1:56)
    15. Ritual Night At The Stonecircle incl. "The Procession" (4:49)
    16. Wings Of Love (Osjame's Theme) (5:05)
    17. Servants Of Darkness – Servants Of Light (5:24)
    18. Morning Of Peace (1:48)
    19. Source Of Life (5:48)
    Download link:

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    Ronnie Spector – English Heart (2016)
    English Heart | 2016 | Savoy
    Pop, Oldies | FLAC (tracks) | 31:55 | 192 MB

    1 Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby) 03:35
    2 Because 02:29
    3 I'd Much Rather Be With The Girls 02:48
    4 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying 03:02
    5 Tired Of Waiting 03:25
    6 Tell Her No 02:15
    7 I'll Follow The Sun 02:13
    8 You've Got Your Troubles 03:21
    9 Girl Don't Come 02:09
    10 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 02:37
    11 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 03:56
    Download link:

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    1. Big Spender
    Release Name:Smiler – Big Spender (feat. Lana Del Rey) – Single Tunes Plus AAC M4A
    Size:6.97 MB
    Genres:Hip-Hop/Rap, Music, Rock
    Label: 2016 Joseph Bartlett-Vanderpuye
    Download link:

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    Jam & Spoon - Kaleidoscope (1997) FLAC (tracks + .cue)
    Artist: Jam and Spoon | Album: Kaleidoscope | Released: 1997 | Genre: Electronic, Eurodance | Country: US | Duration: 01:12:45

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    John Legend – Darkness And Light (2016) FLAC (tracks + .cue)
    Artist: John Legend | Album: Darkness And Light | Label: Columbia | Catalog #: 88985 37953 2 | Released: 2016 | Genre: Soul, Pop Rock | Country: USA | Duration: 00:55:30

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    Marc Antoine - Hi-Lo Split (2007) FLAC (image + .cue)
    Artist: Marc Antoine | Album: Hi-Lo Split | Released: 2007 | Genre: Jazz, Smooth Jazz | Country: USA | Duration: 00:53:42

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    Little Mix – Glory Days (2016) FLAC (image + .cue)
    Artist: Little Mix | Album: Glory Days | Label: Syco Music, Sony Music | Catalog #: 88985367822, 88985367822 | Released: 2016 | Genre: Electronic, Pop, Europop, Synth Pop | Country: Europe | Duration: 00:54:09

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    James Last - The Best Of James Last (1995) FLAC (image + .cue)
    Artist: James Last | Album: The Best Of James Last | Released: 1995 | Genre: Pop, Easy Listening | Country: Germany | Duration: 02:33:19

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    Marc Antoine - Universal Language (1999) FLAC (image + .cue)
    Artist: Marc Antoine | Album: Universal Language | Released: 1999 | Genre: Jazz, Smooth Jazz | Country: USA | Duration: 00:56:08

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