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    Dread Zeppelin - It's Not Unusual (1992) FLAC (tracks)
    Artist: Dread Zeppelin | Album: It's Not Unusual | Released: 1992 | Genre: Rock | Country: USA | Duration: 00:45:18

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    Big Giant Circles - The Glory Days Remixed (2014) FLAC (tracks)
    Artist: Big Giant Circles | Album: The Glory Days Remixed | Released: 27 august 27 2014 | Genre: Electronic, Chiptune | Country: US | Duration: 0:44:01

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    Bob Dylan - Christmas In The Heart (2009) FLAC (tracks + .cue)
    Artist: Bob Dylan | Album: Christmas In The Heart | Label: Columbia | Catalog: 88697 57323 2 | Country: US | Released: 2009 | Genre: Blues Rock, Rock, Vocal | Duration: 00:42:20

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    Demon - Cemetery Junction (2016) FLAC (image + .cue)
    Artist: Demon | Album: Cemetery Junction | Released: 2016 | Label: Spaced Out Music | Catalog # SPMCD019 | Genre: Hard Rock | Country: UK | Duration: 00:55:36

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    Electric Light Orchestra - The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra, Vol. 2: Ticket to the Moon (2007) FLAC (image + .cue)
    Artist: Electric Light Orchestra | Album: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra, Vol. 2: Ticket to the Moon | Released: 2007 | Genre: Pop Rock | Country: UK | Duration: 01:19:31

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    Hyper - We Control (2006) FLAC (tracks + .cue)
    Artist: Hyper | Album: We Control | Released: 2006 | Genre: Breakbeat, Breaks, Electronic | Country: U.S. | Duration: 00:39:18

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    Susan Boyle - Home For Christmas (2013) FLAC (image + .cue)
    Artist: Susan Boyle | Album: Home For Christmas | Released: 2013 | Genre: Pop, Classical, Vocal | Country: UK | Duration: 00:38:28

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    Susan Boyle - I Dreamed A Dream (2009) FLAC (image + .cue)
    Artist: Susan Boyle | Album: I Dreamed A Dream | Released: 2009 | Genre: Pop, Classical, Vocal | Country: UK | Duration: 00:42:58

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  • 12/24/16--23:51: Tienno - Emotion (2016)
  • Tienno - Emotion (2016) Исполнитель: Tienno
    Альбом: Emotion
    Дата выхода: 2016
    Страна: France
    Категория(и): Pop  World  Other Pop
    Дата выхода: 2016
    Продолжительность: 00:49:29
    Формат: MP3, 320 kbps

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    z320 kbps | 143 MB | UL | OB | TB

    Globetrotter of parallel subcontinents and digger of rare, forgotten records, Eothen “Egon” Alapatt tracks sounds from the dawn of time to the four corners of the world. On the other side of the globe, French designer Christophe Lemaire stays forward thinking and audacious in his choices: far from our deified present, he cultivates a love of timeless designs and mixed influences; a passion for iconoclastic music hidden in the dark corners of a global cultural industry.

    This extraordinary openness has been at the heart of their friendship since 2007. Their exceedingly eclectic, fierce rock discoveries gave birth to a first anthology, Where Are You From? (Now-Again, 2010), the fruit of Lemaire’s excavating Alapatt’s archives. That was a post-geographic exploration in psych, rock and funk territories from 1968 to now; this second anthology celebrates their impressionist vision and explores garage rock from the 1970s, voicing the struggles of independence in Zambia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

    Can’t You Hear Me comes from a track by charismatic Zamrock icon Paul Ngozi, a Lemaire favorite. Ngozi’s title track sets the tone for a drastic selection of seventeen songs with rebellious undertones, riddled by an infectious groove, the forsaken writing about a forgotten chapter in the history of music. Ngozi, WITCH, Chrissy Zebby Tembo, Amanaz, Wells Fargo, Eye Q and the Funkees represent a generation fighting for their freedom, armed with fuzz guitars, symbolic objects of a new movement. They played in Fela’s kingly shadow, were influenced by Hendrix’s psychedelic solos, Jefferson Airplane’s penetrating chords and Cream’s repetitive melodies. The music of their colonial oppressors they reassembled and reinterpreted with pure energy, without nod to hymn or flag.

    A halo of cosmic design and pure lines, the cover for the anthology by Sanghon Kim transports us in this whirling odyssey in space and time while composer/producer Pilooski concludes the album with an edit of WITCH’s “No Time,” an expression of the critical need to open up to new perspectives, new imaginations and to keep unearthing riches of our universal heritage.

    “Through these tracks we can feel the communicative energy, this pure vitality, not only of Africa , but of youth and hope,” Lemaire states. “And I find it quite universal and timeless. It is not about music as an industry , or as product , but music as a craft . And one can immediately recognized when music is created with heart and soul.”

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    Ο Billy Hart είναι φυσικά ο τεράστιος τζαζ ντράμερ (με τις άπειρες συνεργασίες και την εκτεταμένη δισκογραφία), η WDR Big Band είναι η εξίσου θρυλική (δυτικο)γερμανική μεγάλη τζαζ ορχήστρα, που ιδρύθηκε λίγο μετά τον Δεύτερο Παγκόσμιο Πόλεμο στην Κολωνία και η οποία εξακολουθεί να ζει και να βασιλεύει και βεβαίως το The Broader Picture[enja/yellowbird, 2016] ένα ξεχωριστό CD, που γίνεται με συνεργασία των… δύο – του Billy Hartκαι της ορχήστρας. O διευθυντής τής WDR Christophe Schweizer, που είναι ο ίδιος mega-fan των μουσικών τού Hart, διάλεξε γι’ αυτό το πολύ ειδικό tribute μια σειρά συνθέσεων του τιμωμένου – επιλεγμένων από ιστορικούς δίσκους του. Πιο συγκεκριμένα τα tracks που διασκευάζονται στο “The Broader Picture” και ενορχηστρώνονται από τον Schweizerπροέρχονται από τα άλμπουμ τού Billy Hart “Enchance” [Horizon Records & Tapes, 1977], “Rah” [Gramavision, 1988], “Oceans of Time” [Arabesque, 1997] και “All Our Reasons” [ECM, 2012].
    Το άλμπουμ, που είναι άριστα πλαισιωμένο από το booklet ήδη –καθώς ο Schweizer αναλύει, ένα προς ένα, κάθε trackτου CD, αναφερόμενος στην ιστορία του και στο πώς το αντιμετωπίζει από ενορχηστρωτικής απόψεως– πυκνώνει καθώς αναπτύσσεται στο χρόνο, με τον ενορχηστρωτή και διευθυντή ορχήστρας να αναδεικνύει στη διαδρομή όλες τις ποιότητες των μουσικών του Hart(τις αλλεπάλληλες μελωδικές στρώσεις, την έξοχη αρμονική δουλειά, τη ρυθμική ποικιλία, τη φαντασία στις ενορχηστρώσεις, τις οποίες ο Schweizer επεκτείνει).
    Μεγάλη συμβολή στο ακρόαμα δεν έχει μόνον ο ίδιος ο Billy Hart, που παίζει ντραμς φυσικά, ελέγχοντας το «όλον», μα ακόμη ο κιθαρίστας Paul Shigihara, που προσφέρει στα tracks ροκ-αβαντγκαρντίστικες χροιές και επίσης ο τενορίστας και μπασοκλαρινετίστας Paul Heller (που επίσης αναφέρει τον Hart ως μία από τις πιο βασικές επιρροές του).
    Εξαιρετικό άλμπουμ, με μεγάλες δόσεις ηχητικής περιπέτειας.

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    Lenny Kravitz: Love, Love, Love – Live In Lisbon (2008)
    Video: NTSC, MPEG-2 at 5 600 kb/s, 720 x 576 at 29.970 fps | Audio: AC-3 2 channels at 192 kb/s, 48.0 kHz
    Genre: Rock | Copy: Untouched | Release Date: 15 July 2008 | Runtime: 100 min. | 4,15GB (DVD5)

    Rock music in the 1980s had completely lost the gritty feel of earlier eras, until Lenny Kravitz rediscovered the magic formula. Kravitz's sonic template combined good old-fashioned rock & roll with glam, soul, and psychedelia, making him a massive success. He made a splash straight out of the gate with his album Let Love Rule. After that, he de-emphasized the flower-power aspects of his music and began moving toward a heavier rock sound.This progression brought him such huge hits as "Are You Gonna Go My Way" and a hard-rocking cover of the Guess Who's "American Woman." Along the way, his flamboyant image, model-like looks, and frequent acting roles made him a fixture in pop-music circles.
    Born in New York on May 26, 1964 (his mother was actress Roxie Roker, best known for her role as Helen Willis on the popular TV series The Jeffersons, and his father was a TV producer), Kravitz was raised in Los Angeles, where he found himself around countless musical giants as a youngster due to his parents' friendships with the likes of Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Short, and Miles Davis. Kravitz was a member of the California Boys Choir until his teenage years, when he decided to pursue rock & roll while in high school and under the heavily influence of funk-rocker Prince. Kravitz's admiration of the Purple One was so great that he at first patterned his style and approach directly after Prince and became known as "Romeo Blue" (complete with blue contact lenses), but failed to land a recording contract.
    In the late '80s, Kravitz relocated back to New York City, where one of his roommates turned out to be actress Lisa Bonet (who played the part of Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show); they eventually got married. During this time, Kravitz wisely discarded his Prince-like approach and looked back to such '60s/'70s classic rockers as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley, and the Beatles for inspiration. Kravitz found a kindred spirit in engineer Henry Hirsch (who would stick by Kravitz throughout his career). With a back-to-basics approach, his style was quite refreshing in the humorously gaudy late '80s. He inked a recording contract with Virgin Records and issued his debut release, Let Love Rule, in 1989. Kravitz's debut proved to be a surprise hit due to the success of the title track, which became a hit single and oft-aired video. A few critics were quick to assume that Kravitz's retro look and sound were simply a schtick to get the public's attention, but come the '90s, it had become integrated into the mainstream (both musically and fashion-wise), proving that Kravitz was a bit of a trendsetter. It was around this time that Kravitz penned a major hit single, not for himself but for Madonna, who went to number one with the sultry track "Justify My Love."
    What should have been a time of happiness for Kravitz quickly turned sour as he and Bonet divorced in the early '90s. Kravitz's heartbreak was very evident in his sophomore effort, Mama Said, which was even stronger than its predecessor, highlighted by the Led Zep-like funk-rocker "Always on the Run" (a collaboration with Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash), as well as a mega-hit with the Curtis Mayfield-esque soul ballad "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over," which confirmed that Kravitz's success was no fluke. But the best was yet to come for Kravitz. His third release overall, 1993's Are You Gonna Go My Way, is often considered to be the finest album front to back of his entire career, and with good reason: every single song was a winner, including the uptempo, anthemic title track, which turned out to be one of MTV's most-played videos for that year. The album was a massive hit and Kravitz became an arena headliner stateside, as well as being featured on countless magazine covers.
    Despite an almost two-year gap between albums, Kravitz's fourth release, Circus, came off sounding unfocused and was a major letdown compared to his stellar previous few releases. Perhaps sensing that he needed to stir things up musically, Kravitz dabbled with electronics and trip-hop loops for his next album, 1998's 5. Although not a huge hit right off the bat, the album proved to have an incredibly long chart life, spawning the biggest hit of Kravitz's career, "Fly Away," almost a year after its original release. With the single's success, Virgin decided to cash in on the album's sudden rebirth by reissuing it around the same time with a pair of extra added bonus tracks, one of which became another sizable hit single, a remake of the Guess Who's "American Woman" (which was used in the hit 1999 comedy movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me). Kravitz's first best-of set, the 15-track Greatest Hits, was issued as a stopgap release in 2000, while his sixth studio release overall, Lenny, was issued a year later. Baptism followed in 2004. After starting a residential, commercial, and product design company called Kravitz Design, he recorded a funky version of John Lennon's "Cold Turkey" for Amnesty International's 2007 benefit compilation Instant Karma. Before the end of the year it was announced that Kravitz would return in 2008 with a new album, It Is Time for a Love Revolution. The album arrived in February, accompanied by a brief tour.
    Kravitz made his acting debut in the Academy Award-nominated 2009 film Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire. As he was filming his next role a spot in the eagerly awaited adaptation of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games he released his ninth album, Black and White America, in the summer of 2011. Reprising his role of Cinna in the second of The Hunger Games movies in 2013, Kravitz wouldn't return to the studio until the following year. Kravitz released his tenth studio album, Strut, in September of 2014; it was preceded by the disco-rock single "The Chamber.
    – Lenny Kravitz (vocals, guitar, bass, piano)
    – Franklin Vanderbilt (drums, vocals)
    – Craig Ross (guitar)
    – Jack Daley (bass)
    – Harold Todd (saxophones)
    – George Lake (keyboards)
    – Ron Haynes (trumpet)
    01. Back In Vietnam
    02. Bring It On
    03. Always On The Run
    04. Where Are We Running?
    05. Fields Of Joy
    06. It Ain't Over 'til It's Over
    07. Tunnel Vision
    08. Love Love Love
    09. Stillness Of Heart
    10. I'll Be Waiting
    11. Mr. Cab Driver
    12. Dig In
    13. Fly Away
    14. Let Love Rule
    15. Are You Gonna Go My Way

    Download link:

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    Bill Evans – The Last Trio Live '80 (2006)
    Video: NTSC, MPEG-2 at 7 958 kb/s, 720 x 576 at 29.970 fps | Audio: PCM 2 channels at 1 536 kb/s, 48.0 kHz
    Genre: Jazz | Label: Voa | Copy: Untouched | Release Date: 2 May 2006 | Runtime: 43 min. | 2,90GB (DVD5)

    William John "Bill" Evans , August 16, 1929 – September 15, 1980) was an American jazz pianist and composer who mostly worked in a trio setting. Evans' use of impressionist harmony, inventive interpretation of traditional jazz repertoire, block chords, and trademark rhythmically independent, "singing" melodic lines continue to influence jazz pianists today.Born in Plainfield, New Jersey in 1929, he was classically trained, and studied at Southeastern Louisiana University and the Mannes School of Music, where he majored in composition and received the Artist Diploma. In 1955, he moved to New York City, where he worked with bandleader and theorist George Russell. In 1958, Evans joined Miles Davis's sextet, where he was to have a profound influence. In 1959, the band, then immersed in modal jazz, recorded Kind of Blue, the best-selling jazz album of all time.
    In late 1959, Evans left the Miles Davis band and began his career as a leader with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian, a group now regarded as a seminal modern jazz trio. In 1961, ten days after recording the highly acclaimed Sunday at the Village Vanguard and Waltz for Debby, LaFaro died in a car accident. After months of seclusion, Evans re-emerged with a new trio, featuring bassist Chuck Israels.
    In 1963, Evans recorded Conversations with Myself, an innovative solo album using the unconventional (in jazz solo recordings) technique of overdubbing over himself. In 1966, he met bassist Eddie Gómez, with whom he would work for eleven years. Several successful albums followed, such as Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Alone and The Bill Evans Album, among others.
    Many of his compositions, such as "Waltz for Debby", have become standards and have been played and recorded by many artists. Evans was honored with 31 Grammy nominations and seven awards, and was inducted in the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame.
    1. Re: Person I Knew
    2. The Days Of Wine Aad Roses
    3. Your Story
    4. Nardis

    Download link:

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    Happy New Year From Goa Of Ibiza 2017 (2016)
    2016 | Eivissa Recordings | Progressive, Psy Trance, Goa Trance
    320 Kbps | 03:01:19 | 417 Mb

    Tracks List:
    01. Shivalayam – End Of Line 04:41
    02. Diagrama – Shiva Dancer 06:24
    03. Larix – Simplicity 06:31
    04. Open Source – Rapid Rabbit 08:35
    05. Estec – Wild Dreams 08:34
    06. Vimana Shastra – Alien Psychosis 07:39
    07. Manjushri – Federation Of Light 07:25
    08. Parsec & Eszx – Wonderland 09:13
    09. Edi – Ancient Times 06:57
    10. Faxi Nadu – Temporal Control 06:57
    11. Cabal & Dustraffik – Escape 07:04
    12. Tura – The One 07:12
    13. Soni Soner – Schizophrenia 08:02
    14. Inplic – Alone In The Cave 08:07
    15. Alien Dynamics – Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 09:48
    16. Gaiazentrix – Is There Reality Somewhere 09:25
    17. Dead & Growing – Forget What You Know 07:34
    18. E-Beiz – Diabolika 06:36
    19. Mahanada – Beyond This Planet 08:26
    20. Sensifeel – Smoke On The Moon 06:43
    21. D-Vision – Hot Drive (Agent Kritsek remix) 07:25
    22. Ismir – Grashunger 08:02
    23. Blade – Music Is Your Religion 06:58
    24. Lenfred – Hi-Tech Bitch 06:51
    Download link:

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    VA – Doo Wop From Dolphins Of Hollywood Vol.1 (2016)
    Pop, RnB, Soul | Ace Records
    320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2016 | 01:03:46 | 154 Mb

    1. The Turbans – The Goose Is Gone 2:35
    2. The Turbans – Tick Tock a Woo 2:09
    3. The Turbans – No No Cherry 2:35
    4. The Turbans – When I Return 2:37
    5. The Voices (The Hollywood Flames) – Two Things I Love 2:33
    6. The Voices (The Hollywood Flames) – Why 2:26
    7. The Voices (The Hollywood Flames) – Crazy 2:07
    8. The Voices (The Hollywood Flames) – Takes Two To Make a Home 2:41
    9. The Voices (The Hollywood Flames) – Hunter Hancock Radio Ad 0:47
    10. The Gassers – My Aching Feet 2:58
    11. The Gassers – Why Did You Leave Me 2:38
    12. The Gassers – Tell Me 3:10
    13. The Gassers – Beloved 2:18
    14. The Gassers – Hum-De-Hum 4:19
    15. Bobby Relf – Untitled Blues 2:53
    16. Bobby Relf – Our Love 2:46
    17. The Turks – Honey Bun 2:02
    18. The Turks – It Can't Be True 2:36
    19. Gaynel Hodge and the Blue-Airs – How To Be a Lover 2:01
    20. Gaynel Hodge and the Blue-Airs – Love You Right 2:17
    21. Bobby Day – One Time Is Enough 2:16
    22. Bobby Day – Hold Me Baby 2:28
    23. The Miracles (The Jaguars) – A Girl Named Joe 2:07
    24. The Miracles (The Jaguars) – My Angel 2:00
    25. The Miracles (The Jaguars) – 9 Boogie 2:08
    26. The Miracles (The Jaguars) – Let Us Be As One 2:06
    Download link:

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  • 12/25/16--01:46: House Space Mix Xmas 2016
    House Space Mix Xmas 2016 (2016)
    2016 | Love In Space | House
    320 Kbps | 02:48:12 | 386 Mb

    Tracks List:
    01. Daviddance – Tonight Is Mine (original mix) 06:33
    02. Carlos Pereira & Mike – The One Who Knocks (original mix) 04:40
    03. Andy Pitch – Broken Every Were (original mix) 06:33
    04. Andy Pitch – Disco A Round (original mix) 06:31
    05. Joseph Mancino – I Got That (original mix) 07:06
    06. Bainzu – Dark Week (original mix) 06:30
    07. Domenico Cetrangolo – Funkfun (original mix) 05:30
    08. DJ Aco Rolando Martinez – La Candela Viva! (original mix) 06:22
    09. Mi Sko – Freudentanz (original mix) 04:02
    10. Ros-Tom – Adrenadrome (original mix) 09:23
    11. Sheila D – The Floor (Manganelli extended mix) 05:56
    12. Oziriz & Dura – Tricky (original mix) 05:07
    13. Andy Pitch – Like A Truck (AP mix) 06:29
    14. Daviddance – Believe Her (feat J Cockburn) 06:40
    15. M Lloyd – Now Drop That (original mix) 04:24
    16. Sam Denver – Greenwich (original mix) 05:20
    17. Pardon My French – Supafly (original mix) 06:38
    18. Carlos Pereira & Mike – Tres Formas (original mix) 04:38
    19. Andy Pitch – Bluegreen (original mix) 07:05
    20. Haustuff – You Can Control (original mix) 05:42
    21. Bainzu – No Spliff In My House (original mix) 06:20
    22. Lorca – The Brest Bay Calling (original mix) 06:15
    23. Groove Cocktail – Morning Sun (original mix) 05:31
    24. AL3XG – Groove In The House (original mix) 05:40
    25. Andy Pitch – That Freak's (feat Febrizkyafi) 06:17
    26. Dirt Fun – Mez (original mix) 07:48
    27. Andy Pitch – Dance With Me (original mix) 06:18
    28. Micon – Strawberry Bank (original mix) 04:59
    29. Hakan Dundar – 2021 (original mix) 06:30
    Download link:

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    Asarualim – 3rd Dimension (2016)
    2016 | Binary Audio Machinery | Progressive, Psy Trance
    320 Kbps | 02:37:38 | 346 Mb

    Tracks List:
    01. Absolute Horror 06:45
    02. Jessy 07:58
    03. Alah U Akbar 07:02
    04. The 3rd Dimension 07:50
    05. Whata 06:42
    06. Evil D 07:41
    07. New Default 07:17
    08. Bad Boy 07:45
    09. Blackout 06:49
    10. God BAM Right 06:57
    11. Wochenende 07:13
    12. Downtown 07:11
    13. Klasse 08:13
    14. Blaubarsch Jungfrau 06:28
    15. Dry 07:23
    16. Pilze 07:10
    17. War Of The Worlds 07:36
    18. Theme Conflict 06:56
    19. Eruvadar 07:03
    20. Project Zwo 09:29
    Download link:

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    VA – Defected Accapellas Deluxe Vol.14 (2016)
    Electronic, Deep House, House, Tech House | Defected
    320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2016 | 01:50:12 | 251 Mb

    1. Anabel Englund – London Headache (04:04)
    2. Crookers – Get My Mind Right (feat Mike City) (05:04)
    3. Sonny Fodera – You & I (feat Janai – extended mix) (04:56)
    4. Mr. G – Precious Cargo (feat Blondewearingblack – vocal mix) (04:09)
    5. Kiddy Smile – Let A B!tch Know (05:17)
    6. ATFC – No Victim Song (feat Hannah Williams) (04:58)
    7. Chris Lorenzo – Sleep Talk (feat Alex Mills) (04:51)
    8. Fusion Groove Orchestra – If Only I Could (feat Steve Lucas) (05:28)
    9. Sure Thing – Holding You Tight (04:31)
    10. Sam Divine & Curtis Gabriel – Confessions (feat Nat Conway) (05:31)
    11. Joeski – Clap Yo Handz (feat E-Man) (02:41)
    12. Janet Rushmore – Joy (04:46)
    13. DJ Cameo & Junction 13 – Morning Rain (feat Manny) (05:10)
    14. Sonny Fodera – Over This (feat Shannon Saunders – extended mix) (06:30)
    15. Crookers – A Place In My Heart (feat Kym Mazelle) (04:41)
    16. S-Man & Harry Romero – Searching (feat Melisa Whiskey) (06:17)
    17. Benji Candelario & Arnold Jarvis & Nina Lares – Higher (04:10)
    18. SAsA? Ey – Do It Good (03:53)
    19. Tonja Dantzler – In And Out Of My Life (DJ Tool) (01:08)
    20. Tommy Bones – Aisha (02:23)
    21. Shuya Okino – Still In Love (feat Navasha Daya) (04:38)
    22. Rachel McFarlane & Nick Hussey – Let Nothing (03:54)
    23. Fred Everything – Searching (feat Jinadu) (02:56)
    24. Josh Butler – On The Edge (feat Kerrie-Anne) (04:08)
    25. Man Without A Clue – Bless Her Soul (feat Meleka) (03:56)
    Download link:

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    Klopfgeister – Illusia (2016)
    2016 | Spin Twist Records | Progressive, Psy Trance
    320 Kbps | 00:29:05 | 66,81 Mb

    Tracks List:
    01. Don't Tell Mom 07:09
    02. Missing Someone You Never Met 06:35
    03. Into The Night 07:58
    04. Du Hast Vergessen Wie Man Lebt 07:21
    Download link:

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  • 12/25/16--01:56: Shayna-Revew-WEB-2016-AZF
  • Download Shayna-Revew-WEB-2016-AZF Free

    Shayna – Revew (2016)
    Genre: Ethnic | Tracks: 1 | 00:04:18
    Format: MP3 | Bitrate: 320 Kbps | 10.06 MB

    01. Shayna – Reve’w (4:18)

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