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    Simphiwe Dana - Kulture Noir (2010)

    Label: Gallo Record Company
    Жанр: Afro-Beat, Ethnic Jazz, Neo Soul
    Год выпуска: 2010
    Формат: FLAC (tracks) / MP3
    Битрейт аудио: Lossless / 320
    Продолжительность: 60:50
    Размер: 398 MB / 139 MB

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  • 02/02/17--02:31: Cheerleader 69
  • cheer.jpg

    Chanteur de Punish Yourself, Cheerleader 69, Experimente Diverses Sonorités
    Pour Obtenir Une Noise, Noire et Profonde Aux Confints Du Styx
    Ou Se Melent, Ambiance Dramatique et Poésie Lyrique

    Cantador de Los Punish Yourself, Cheerleadre 69, Experimenta Diversos Sonoridades
    Para Obtener Una Noise, Negra y Profunda, Del Barrio del Styx
    Donde Se Mezcla, Ambiente Dramatica y Poesia Lirica

    Singer Of Punish Yourself, Cheerleader 69, Experiment Diverse Sonorities
    For Get One Noise, Black And Deep, Next To The Styx
    Which It's Mixing Dramatic's Ambiance And Lirical's Poesy

    Cf : Le Bal Des Enragés, Punish Yourself

    Autres : Others (Punish Yourself)

    Godriders In The Sky 2006

    01 Your Book Is Full Of Killings
    02 Bad Tape
    03 Crystal Sierra
    04 Godriders (In The Sky)
    05 Number 17
    06 Radio Apocalypse
    07 Priviet Tibie (Hurrah)
    08 Simstim Christ
    09 La Dernière Charge de La Morve D'Or
    10 Transgression
    11 Overused
    12 Up To Date
    13 Rotta Flammis Circumsepta

    Mother Of 1966 Bombs Ep 2009

    01 King In Orange
    02 Armaggedon Woman
    03 Battlefield
    04 So Long, Son Lon/ Here Comes The Winter Of The Everlasting Summer

    Nagatsuki 2010 Meets .Cut

    01 Nagatsuki- Meets .Cut

    Toulouse, La Dernière Chance 11-03-12

    01 RatShackD I
    02 Erin
    03 RatShackD II
    04 Dies Irae
    05 This Is The Way They Tattoo Angels
    06 RatShackD III
    07 Messages (Runnin'Thru The Back Brain)
    08 RatShackD IV/ Last Chance Callz
    09 Gingerbread Woman

    Piece Of Broken Toys 2012

    01 Pirate Jenny (Spoken)
    02 Nous N'Avons Fait Que Fuit- Noir Désir Cover
    03 Strategies Against The City
    04 Running Through The Bacj Brain (Messages)
    05 This Is The Way They Tattoo Angels (Live Saint Des Seins 2012)
    06 You're Like Heroin To Me [Gun Club Cover]- Work Version
    07 Virrey

    Littles Fishes- Part I- LIT 2012

    01 Doomsday Scenarios- Demo 2003
    02 Crystal Sierra- Live 2007
    03 Lo Pan- John Carpenter Tribute
    04 This Is The Way They Tattoo Angels- Live 2007
    05 Overused (2003)
    06 Running Through The Back Brain- Live 2007
    07 Rotta Flammis (2003)
    08 King In Orange- Live 2008
    09 Armaggedon Woman- Live 2008
    10 Battlefield- Live 2008
    11 So Long, Son Lon- Live 2008
    12 Here Comes The Winter Of The Everlasting Summer- Live 2008
    13 The Frontline- Trailer 2007
    14 Up To Date- Twin Peaks Tribute

    Little Fishes- Part II- TLE 2012

    01 Drone Junky I- It Was The End Of The Line
    02 Drone Junky II- There's An Easy Way
    03 Drone Junky III- And A Hard Way
    04 Drone Junky IV- The Blood Soaked Through
    05 Drone Junky V- ... Of Doing Things
    06 Drone Junky VI- Drunk Of The Fifty Pesos
    07 Drone Junky VII- Like The Terminal Stages
    08 Drone Junky VIII- Yage
    09 Dies Irae- Live
    10 Iktus- Live

    Little Fishes- Part III- FIS 2012

    01 Dinosaur Planet
    02 Kingsom Come, Orange Drops- Live
    03 ... And It's The Black Sun Rising
    04 Battlefield Sixty-Six
    05 The Land Of Rape And Commies
    06 A Soldier's Lullaby
    07 Phung
    08 Anda Jaleo- Yo Marché Con El Tren Blindado
    09 Anda Jaleo- Camino de Andalucia
    10 Anda Jaleo- Por Tierras Altas De Burgos
    11 Anda Jaleo- Silba La Locomodora
    12 Anda Jaleo- Ya Veremos Como Corre
    13 Anda Jaleo- Cuando Llegue El Tren Blindado

    Little Fishes- Part IV- HES 2012

    01 King In Orange- Prologue
    02 Vox Deorum- Live 2011
    03 Dinosaur Planet- Live 2011
    04 This Is The Way They Tattoo Angels- Live 2011
    05 Punh- Live 2011
    06 Vox Deorum II- Live 2011
    07 Overused- Live 2011
    08 Ogoun- 2010
    09 JawClawFangPaw
    10 Harlock- 2006
    11 A 50/50 Mixture Of 2.4.5-T & 2.4-D (King In Orange Jam)- Live 2011

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  • 02/02/17--02:32: Punish Yourself
  • py.jpg

    Né En 1993 à Toulouse, Punish Yourself Est Un Concept Musical Mélant
    Des Sonorités Folles Melant, Cyber-Punk, Psychédélique, Industrial Rock et Autres
    Théâtralisé Par Un Jeu de Scène et de Corps Unique Au Monde

    Naci En 1993 En Toulouse, Punish Yourself Es Un Concepto Musical Que Mezcla
    Las Sonoridades Locas Mezcla de Cyber-Punk, Psichidelico, Industrial Rock y Otros
    Teatralisando Con Un Juego de Escena y De Cuerpo, Unico Al Mundo

    Born In 1993, In Toulouse, Punish Yourself Is A Musical Concept Which Mix
    Mad Sonorities Mix Of Cyber-Punk, Psychedelich, Industrial Rock And Others
    Theatralised By And Play On Stage And On Body, Unique In The World

    Cf : Cheerleader 69Le Bal Des Enragés

    Site Officiel

    First Demo Tape 1994

    01 I'm Feuer- First Version
    02 L.O.O.N.Y
    03 Point Mort
    04 Kiss My Ass

    Bouc Emissaire 1995

    01 I'm Feuer- 2Eme Version
    02 To The Core
    03 Air Tribe
    04 Punish Yourself
    05 Le Pardon

    Feuer Tanz System 1998

    01 Dispossessed
    02 Flower
    03 Air Tribe
    04 I Like It
    05 Eye Sex Dance
    06 Nothingness Station
    07 Death By Water
    08 Slow Motion Demonstration

    BONUS CRYPT 1996-2002 [2005]

    09 Ceux Qui Vivent, Vivent Des Morts- Live 1996
    10 Mecanibal- Live 1997
    11 Endzeit Banh Bao- Live 1997
    12 Totentranz- Live 1997
    13 Sexystem- Demo 1998
    14 Suck My Tv- Demo 1998
    15 Lucifer Burger 666% Fat- 1999

    Disco Flesh :Warp 99 2001

    01 Radio Jazz 99
    02 (Let's Build) A Station In Space
    03 Sexy
    04 Suck My Tv
    05 Blast Off Siddharta Junkie
    06 No One To Talk With
    07 Atomic Alarm Broadcast
    08 Night Of The Hunter
    09 Enter Me Now
    10 Criminal
    11 Old Brother Left Hand
    12 Night-Club

    BONUS CRYPT 1996-2002 [2005]

    13 Enter Me Now- Collapse Remix
    14 Night-Club- The Dead Sexy Inc Remix
    15 Elvis Died For You- 2002
    16 Sexystem- Live 1998
    17 Old Brother Left Hand- Demo 1999
    18 Blast Off Siddharta Junkie- Live 2000

    Behind The City Lights (Live) 2003

    01 Sliky/ No One To Talk With
    02 Rock'n'Roll Machine
    03 Suck My Tv
    04 Gimme Cocaine
    05 I Like It
    06 Night Of The Hunter
    07 Old Brother Left Hand
    08 Night Club
    09 Bikini Bitch
    10 Salvation Is A Last Minute Business
    11 They Don't Want You

    Sexplosive Locomotive 2004

    01 Gay Boys In Bondage
    02 Primitive
    03 Rock'n'Roll Machine
    04 Holy Trinh Thi
    05 Eastern War
    06 CNN War
    07 See Ya Later Aligator
    08 Gimme Cocaine
    09 U.S.D (We Are Ready)
    10 Shadowsteelplastic
    11 They Don't Want You
    12 T4 Song

    Gore Baby Gore [Cd] 2006
    The Voodoo Gun Night Live [Dvd] 2006


    01 XX Judgment
    02 Come On Come On
    03 Dead-White Skin- Feat Candice [Eths]
    04 Mothra Lady
    05 The Dexedrine Ritual
    06 XVI The Tower
    07 Sister Apocalypse
    08 Worms
    09 VII Strength
    10 Gun
    11 Las Vegas 2060
    12 Voodoo Virus
    13 Doctor Doom


    01 Night Of The Voodoo Gun
    02 Groupie Girl
    03 Primitive
    04 Suck My Tv
    05 See Ya Later Alligator
    06 Rock'n'Roll Machine
    07 Come On Come On
    08 Gay Boys In Bondage
    09 Gimme Cocaine
    10 Enter Me Now
    11 CNN War
    12 Worms
    13 Station
    14 Holy Trinh Thi
    15 Nightclub
    16 Shadowsteelplastic
    17 They Don't Want You
    18 Sexy
    19 USD
    20 No One To Talk With

    Cult Movie 2007

    DISC I

    01 Opening Credits...
    02 ... Blood Is The Key
    03 Ghost Level
    04 Saint Alia Of The Knife
    05 Snakebiteredschmuck
    06 Dead Hills
    07 Cult Movie Remake
    08 Evil Lurks
    09 12 Toons Army...
    10 ...Badrattlesnakemickey
    11 We Shall Be The New Messiah
    12 Always Hungry
    13 Six Dollars, Sixty-Six Cents
    14 Men In THe Jungle/ Heart Of Darkness


    01 Gay Boys In Bondage
    02 Primitive
    03 Rock'n'Roll Machine
    04 Holy Trinh Thi
    05 Eastern Western
    06 CNN War
    07 See Ya Later Alligator
    08 Gimme Cocaine
    09 USD (We Are Ready)
    10 Shadowsteelplastic
    11 They Don't Want You
    12 T4 Song


    13 Gimme (More) Cocaine
    14 Mole IX
    15 Les Elephants- Feat Ambassador 21

    Pink Panther Party 2009

    01 ...Than A Thousand Suns
    02 Shiva Only Is God
    03 End Of The Western World
    04 (My Name Is) Legion
    05 A Russian Lullaby
    06 Zmeya
    07 Born In Thorns, Torn To Pieces
    08 Deadmeatpetroleum
    09 This Is My Body, This Is My Gasoline
    10 Satan Buddies
    11 You Ain't Got Me
    12 Welcome To Now

    Peacemakers Inc 2009

    01 Lizzie In Toxicland-*
    02 Apathy Is Killing Us-*
    03 We Are Food For Worms-*
    04 Lifestyle-* Vs Quietophobic
    05 Another Brick In The Wall [Traumanoize Cover]-*
    06 Comes In Your Face -**
    07 Afghanistani Syndrome-**
    08 I Wanna Kill U.Com 29-**
    09 New War Sensation-**
    10 Enough-**
    11 (My Name Is) Legion-***
    12 ...Than A Thousand Suns-***
    13 Shiva Only Is God-***
    14 Zmeya-***

    * : By Chrysalide
    ** : By Ambassador 21
    *** : By Punish Yourself (Live At Le Transformateur & Les Caves Du Manoir, Switzerland)

    Phenomedia 2010 Vs Sonic Area

    01 Obedience Channel- Part I
    02 Twisted Thrill Ride
    03 Tragic Hollywood Hero
    04 I Had Orders
    05 Powercut
    06 Cancer Anyone
    07 The Higher We Fly...
    08 Ici Bas
    09 There's No Way Out But Down
    10 Obedience Channel- Part II
    11 Wacko- Season II
    12 Dead Idols Island

    Holiday In Guadalajara 2013

    01 Bienvenido Al Estado Libre y Reunido De Mexxxas
    02 All You Zombies- Feat Micropoint
    03 Nation To Nation- Feat Tagada Jones
    04 William Seward's Got A Gun, 1951
    05 Spiders 375 Necromancers- By 1969 Was Fine
    06 Compañeros de La Santa Muerte
    07 She Buys Me Drugs
    08 Abajo Bajada
    09 La Reina de Agujas, Santisima Muerte En Su Traje De Carne y Sangre
    10 Gunsliger
    11 Become The Next Sun
    12 Behold The Jaguar Christ
    13 Nagual Blues

    Inedits & Side-Project

    Experiment Haywire- New World Order Show [P.Y Vs Sonic Area Mix]
    K-Bereit- Lesson One [Newspeak Remix By P.Y Vs Sonic Area]
    Krystal System- Un Etat D'Hypnose [Apocalyptic Side By P.Y Vs Sonic Area]
    Morbid Angel- Destructos Vs The Earth [Doomsday March Remix By P.Y Vs Sonic Area]
    P.Y- Blast Off [Tribute To Rowland S.Howard]
    P.Y- End Of The Western World- Live At The Rehearsal Room
    P.Y- Elvis Died For You [Tribute To Zodiac Mindwarp]
    P.Y- M.Q.V.P.H.V.D.F
    P.Y- Vive Le Feu [Bérurier Noir Tribute]
    P.Y Vs Ambassador 21 [Tribute To Bérurier Noir]
    P.Y Vs Sonic Area Feat B'Loon- Nous N'Avons Fait Que Fuir II [Tribute to Noir Désir]
    P.Y Vs The Cult Movie Memorial- Do Not Trust [Tribute To Twin Peaks]
    P.Y Vs The Cult Movie Memorial- Khalifa-Replacement For Nothing
    Suicide Inside- Homicide [Instrumental Remix By P.Y Vs Sonic Area]

    Remixes & Featurings

    Ambassador 21- Revolution Is A Business [Feat D.O.A, Schizoid & P.Y]
    Ambassador 21- Right To Die- Feat P.Y
    Collapse- Tribe & Scorn [P.Y Remix]
    Helltrash- I Am The Enemy [P.Y Remix]
    HIV+- Just One X God [P.Y Remix]
    Jabberwock- Dirt [P.Y Remix]
    Le Diktat- Satan Buddies [Vs P.Y]
    Legacy Of Music- Psychoblaster [By P.Y]
    No Forgiveness- Give Me A Scream [P.Y Remix]
    Sayag Jazz Machine- Dallas [P.Y Remix]
    Sidilarsen- Surhomme [P.Y Remix]
    Sith- Destroy You [Feat Vx69]
    Tagada Jones- Nation To Nation [Vs P.Y]
    Tamtrum- Zero Killed [Feat P.Y]
    The Shizit- Herdcore [P.Y Remix]

    Others Tracks

    Cheerleader69- Up To Date [Twin Peaks Tribute]
    Desireless And Operation Of The Sun- Le Sel Sur Tes Mains- Feat Cheerleader69
    Desireless And Operation Of The Sun- Les Petits Poissons- Feat Cheerleader69
    F.Y.D- No One To Talk With [Remix By P.Y]
    Jabberwock- Bombzilla [Remix By P.Y]
    Micropoint- Zombie Room- Feat Vx69
    Montreal Nintendo Orkestar- I'll Meet You In The Caves Of Thulsa Doom, Baby!
                                                          [Remix By Punish Yourself Vs Sonic Area]
    Muckrackers- Muckrackers Flug [Bombastic Jazz Mix By P.Y]
    Normotone- Black Horses Of Destruction- Feat P.Y
    P.Y- Disposition- Live 3 Jours En Vrac
    P.Y- Night Club- Live 3 Jours En Vrac
    P.Y- No One To Talk- Live 3 Jours En Vrac
    Remain Silent- Rest In Pain [Twin Peaks Tribute]- Feat Vx69
    Sidilarsen- Hermanos [Remix By P.Y Vs Sonic Area]

                                                                          SIDE PROJECT        

    1969 Was Fine - ... But 666 Is Alright 2009

    01 Vietnamsexbomb
    02 Living In The City
    03 Spiders 375 Necromancers
    04 Bloodstone
    05 La Muerte Hotel
    06 Right To Riot (2K6 Song)
    07 Freewheelin'
    08 Psychosnake
    09 Altamont Baby
    10 Doctor Room
    11 Altamont Baby- Alternate Mix

                                                    CONCERTS -- CONCIERTOS -- LIVES      

    N.B.C, La Zone 22-01-99

    1 Part
         Unknown Tracklist

    Neo-Toulousovsky Apocalypse 2003

    01 Godzilla Vs King Kong & The Amazing Japanese Horror Show- Intro
    02 No One To Talk With
    03 Rock'n'Roll Machine
    04 Sexy
    05 CNN War
    06 Suck My Tv
    07 Gay Boys In Bondage
    08 Gimme Cocaine
    09 I Like It
    10 Blast-Off Siddharta Junkie
    11 A Station In Space
    12 USD (We Are Ready)
    13 Night Of The Hunter
    14 Primitive
    15 Criminal
    16 Nightclub
    17 The Amazing Shadow Of The Japanese Horror Show- Outro
    18 Enter Me Now
    19 Old Brother Left Hand
    20 They Don't Want You

     Zombie Mixtape Vol.III

    1 Part
         Unknown Tracklist

    Zombie Mixtape Vol.IV [18-12-06]

    1 Part
         Unknown Tracklist

    Rockstorm Fest, Lyon, Transbordeur 14-04-12 

    01 Mothra Lady
    02 Let's Build A Station In Space
    03 Las Vegas 2060's
    04 CNN War
    05 Cult Movie (Redux)
    06 Come On Come One
    07 Dispossessed
    08 This Is My Body, This Is My Gasoline

    En El Fin Del Mundo, Toulouse, Bikini 21-12-12

    01 Mexxxican Choir- Intro
    02 Gun
    03 She Buys Me Drugs
    04 Suck My Tv
    05 Zmeya
    06 Mothra Lady
    07 Rock'n'Roll Machine
    08 Zombie Room (All You Zombies)
    09 CNN War
    10 Cult Movie (Redux)
    11 Shiva Only Is God
    12 Las Vegas 2060's
    13 This Is My Body, This Is My Gasoline
    14 Enter Me Now
    15 Nation To Nation
    16 Come On Come On
    17 ¡Desdichado! (Dispossessed)
    18 Primitive
    19 Gay Boys In Bondage
    20 Let's Build A Station In Space

    Hellfest 2013

    1 Part
        Unknown Tracklist

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    SVE PIŠE GORE NA SLICI a MAURICE RAVEL je moj najdraži kompozitor tako da uvek skupljam izvodjenja njegovih dela pa i ovaj put jerr je ovo istorijski snimak sa Radio Beograda. ŠPANSKI SAT OTKUCAVA


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    SVE PIŠE GORE NA SLICI a MAURICE RAVEL je moj najdraži kompozitor tako da uvek skupljam izvodjenja njegovih dela pa i ovaj put jerr je ovo istorijski snimak sa Radio Beograda. ŠPANSKI SAT OTKUCAVA


    Filed under: music for all

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    The Kentucky Colonels / Live In Sweden Жанр : Bluegrass, Clarence White Носитель : CD Год издания : 2016 Издатель (лейбл) : RW Music Номер по каталогу : RW0003 Аудиокодек : FLAC (*.flac) Тип рипа : tracks+.

    Тема на форуме

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    cover320 kbps | 112 MB | UL | OB |

    ‘Little Fictions’ was recorded in Scotland and Manchester and sees the band collaborate with the string players of The Hallé Orchestra, the Hallé Ancoats Community Choir, members of London Contemporary Voices and session drummer Alex Reeves. As with the previous three elbow albums it was produced by Craig Potter.

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    Albanska golgota LJUBOMIRA BOŠNJAKOVIĆA je jedna lepa stara radio emisija ovde ima slobodnu interpretaciju omota jer taj snimak i pripadda Radio Beogradu kao nekakva govoorreća iskustva! ALBANSKA GOLGOTA LJUBOMIRA BOŠNJAKOVIĆA

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    Antologia De Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol. 1Various Artists
    Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol.1
    (Discrepant, 2017)
    more details

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    Download Cheveu_Group_Doueh-Dakhla_Sahara_Session-(BB092LP)-WEB-2017-MOHAWK Free
    Artist: Cheveu, Group Doueh
    Title: Dakhla Sahara Session
    Genre: Ethnic
    Year: 2017
    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
    Tracks: 10
    Time: 00:41:58
    Size: 100.04 MB

    01. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Moto 2 places (3:06)
    02. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Bord de mer (7:27)
    03. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Tout droit (3:49)
    04. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Skit, Pt. 1 (2:22)
    05. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Azawan (3:01)
    06. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Charaa (9:53)
    07. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Ach’had Lak Ya Khay (2:09)
    08. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Je penche (4:04)
    09. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Hamadi (4:49)
    10. Cheveu, Group Doueh – Skit, Pt. 2 (1:18)

    Download Cheveu Group Doueh-Dakhla Sahara Session-(BB092LP)-WEB-2017-MOHAWK

    The post Cheveu Group Doueh-Dakhla Sahara Session-(BB092LP)-WEB-2017-MOHAWK appeared first on Download Latest Music Releases.

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  • 02/02/17--06:00: Wells Fargo – Watch Out
  • Watch Out

    Release Date: January 20, 2017
    Label: Now Again
    Artist: Wells Fargo

    Just as the hippie era came to an end in America, a second 60s was beginning. In what is now Zimbabwe, young people created a rock and roll counterculture that drew inspiration from hippie ideals and the sounds of Hendrix and Deep Purple. The kids in the scene called their music "heavy," because they could feel its impact, and it resonated from Zambia to Nigeria. At its peak in the mid-70s, the heavy rock scene united tens of thousands of young progressives of all racial and social backgrounds. The country was called Rhodesia then, one of the last bastions of white rule in Africa, and heavy rockers defied segregation laws and secret police to make a stand for democratic change. Wells Fargo was at the forefront of the scene, and the title track of this album, Watch Out, was the anthem of the counterculture. This is the first time their music has been issued outside of Zimbabwe. Matthew Shechmeister tells the story of Wells Fargo drawing on interviews with the band's remaining members and numerous trips to Zimbabwe to investigate the genesis of the heavy rock scene under Ian Smith's oppressive government, and its dissipation after Zimbabwe's liberation. Never-before-published photographs and rare ephemera color the vibrant era of which this band was part. CD comes packaged in a 72 page hardcover book detailing the the history of Zimbabwe s heavy rock scene and the trajectory of Wells Fargo. Never before seen photographs and ephemera color a story so hard to believe that it has to be true. The book is printed on acid-free paper.

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    Download Cheveu_Group_Doueh-Dakhla_Sahara_Session-(BB092LP)-WEB-2017-MOHAWK Free
    Artist: Cheveu, Group Doueh
    Title of Album: Dakhla Sahara Session
    Genre: Ethnic
    Year of Release: 2017
    Tracks: 10
    Total Time: 41 minutes and 58 seconds
    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
    Total Size: 100.04 MB

    # Song Title Artist Time
    01 Moto 2 places Cheveu, Group Doueh 3:06
    02 Bord de mer Cheveu, Group Doueh 7:27
    03 Tout droit Cheveu, Group Doueh 3:49
    04 Skit, Pt. 1 Cheveu, Group Doueh 2:22
    05 Azawan Cheveu, Group Doueh 3:01
    06 Charaa Cheveu, Group Doueh 9:53
    07 Ach’had Lak Ya Khay Cheveu, Group Doueh 2:09
    08 Je penche Cheveu, Group Doueh 4:04
    09 Hamadi Cheveu, Group Doueh 4:49
    10 Skit, Pt. 2 Cheveu, Group Doueh 1:18

    Release: Cheveu_Group_Doueh-Dakhla_Sahara_Session-(BB092LP)-WEB-2017-MOHAWK

    The post Cheveu Group Doueh-Dakhla Sahara Session-(BB092LP)-WEB-2017-MOHAWK appeared first on AlbumDL.

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    z320 kbps | 80 MB | UL | OB |

    1. Not My Girl (02:59)
    2. Pch (03:13)
    3. The Ocean (03:41)
    4. Losing You (03:35)
    5. Please Don’t Let Me Down (03:11)
    6. My House (02:51)
    7. Awesome Day (03:50)
    8. Hang Your Heart (04:43)
    9. Living Like This (03:38)
    10. Vertigo (03:30)

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    . Various Artists Sambas de Enredo (Grupo Especial do Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro) 1997 - 2017 • • • • • • • . Жанр : Samba Страна : Brazil Издатель : Som Livre Годы выпуска дисков : 1996-2016 Аудио кодек : MP3 Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт : 320 kbps Общая продолжительность : 289 треков | 26 часов 21 минута Тэги : ID3v1 & ID3v2 + обложки .

    Тема на форуме

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    Amália Rodrigues - Essencial Vol. 1 & 2 (2014) :guit:


    Artista: Amália Rodrigues
    Nome do Álbum: Essencial Vol. 1 & 2
    Ano: 2014
    Tamanho: 195 MB
    Formato: Mp3
    Velocidade de Bits: 320Kbps
    Fonte: WEB
    Editora: EVC
    Género: Fado...
    Pais: Lisboa,
    Capas: Frente
    CD: 2
    Faixas: 28


    Vol. 1

    01. Nem Às Paredes Confesso
    02. Maldição
    03. Fado Português
    04. Ai Mouraria
    05. Vou Dar De Beber À Dor
    06. Barco Negro
    07. Gaivota
    08. Povo Que Lavas No Rio
    09. Estranha Forma De Vida
    10. Há Festa Na Mouraria
    11. Uma Casa Portuguesa
    12. Lisboa Antiga
    13. Coimbra
    14. Maria Lisboa

    Vol. 2

    01. Com Que Voz
    02. É Ou Não É?
    03. Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho
    04. Meia-Noite E Uma Guitarra
    05. Fadinho Serrano
    06. Cansaço
    07. Solidão (Canção Do Mar)
    08. Foi Deus
    09. Amália
    10. Abandono (Fado Peniche)
    11. Eu Queria Cantar-Te Um Fado
    12. Fadinho Da Ti Maria Benta
    13. Alfama
    14. Havemos De Ir A Viana




    0 0

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    cover320 kbps | 104 MB | UL |

    In the credits for Garden Of Ashes, Duke Garwood thanks “my soul brother Mark Lanegan for his friendship and inspiration”, and it’s not hard to see why. The pair, who first collaborated on 2013’s Black Pudding, seem to be merging together artistically, though it’s an aesthetic affinity that goes deeper than sound, as both men strive to map the darkness of the soul.

    In this instance, Garwood describes Garden Of Ashes as “beautiful apocalypse love music”, for lovers walking through the remains of an Eden razed by corporate greed and rapacity. The track itself is one of the loveliest here, developing a relaxed but compelling groove of quiet, wave-like drums spattered with trilling, mandolin-like guitar. Throughout the album, the tempi are slower than slow, rarely more than a stroll (if “Hard Dreams” were any slower, it would be in reverse), as Garwood forces the listener to adopt his pace – a sort of aural equivalent of the “slow food” movement.

    But it works: ”Coldblooded” opens the album with a slinky swamp-blues groove of cyclical, arpeggiated guitar figures, earthy percussion and haunting, wordless backing vocals that bring to mind Dr John’s Gris-Gris, an ambience that sucks one into Garwood’s song about “good gone bad”. “Gold shine in the sun / Nothing but metal in the dark,” he muses, his baritone murmur a simulacrum of Lanegan’s. And it’s clear which side of that divide he’s stranded: “It’s like the sun moved to a better world,” he frets in “Sonny Boogie”, trying to sweeten the darkness with a more than usually melodic croon, as tendrils of backwards guitar gradually ensnare the song.

    Save for the acoustic lullaby “Sleep”, the songs mostly feature variations of the same approach, performed in extempore manner, as if busked in the moment: achingly slow tom-tom pulses, and subtle striations of distorted guitars, occasional ghostly backing vocals by the Smoke Fairies, and Garwood’s deep, foreboding baritone, all captured in a remarkable mix (by Lanegan and Alain Johnannes) which conveys cavernous ambient depth despite every element being so upfront they almost crowd the listener. It’s perfect for lyrics that ponder the apocalypse so poetically: “Dust rises like a flock of angels”, he notes at one point; at another, “The silence will break like a thousand tears / Drinking all our futures in”. And when that happens, this would be as good a soundtrack as any.

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