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    [Image: j6CQVA2.jpg]

    Charles Aznavour - 90e Anniversaire | 4CD (2014) | Mp3

    Artist: Charles Aznavour
    Title: 90e Anniversaire
    Year Of Release: 2014
    Label: Wrasse Records
    Genre: Pop, Chanson, Jazz, Easy Listening
    Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps
    Total Time: 04:56:55
    Total Size: 702 MB

    cd1 (25 / 74:58)
    01. Charles Aznavour avec Pierre Roche - Le Feutre Taupe (02:30)
    02. Charles Aznavour avec Pierre Roche - Depart Express (Destination Inconnue) (02:50)
    03. Charles Aznavour - Les Deux Guitares (03:51)
    04. Charles Aznavour - Rendez-Vous A Brasilia (02:04)
    05. Charles Aznavour - Tu T'laisses Aller (03:43)
    06. Charles Aznavour - Je M'voyais Deja (03:26)
    07. Charles Aznavour - Monsieur Est Mort (02:41)
    08. Charles Aznavour - Les Comediens (02:25)
    09. Charles Aznavour - Trousse-Chemise (02:25)
    10. Charles Aznavour - Quand Tu M'embrasses (02:13)
    11. Charles Aznavour - Il Faut Savoir (03:11)
    12. Charles Aznavour - La Marche Des Anges (02:50)
    13. Charles Aznavour - Esperanza (02:37)
    14. Charles Aznavour - L'amour C'est Comme Un Jour (03:45)
    15. Charles Aznavour - For Me Formidable (02:21)
    16. Charles Aznavour - Bon Anniversaire (04:09)
    17. Charles Aznavour - Qui (03:39)
    18. Charles Aznavour - Et Pourtant (02:51)
    19. Charles Aznavour - La Mamma (03:49)
    20. Charles Aznavour - A Ma Fille (03:39)
    21. Charles Aznavour - On Ne Sait Jamais (02:33)
    22. Charles Aznavour - C'Est Merveilleux L'Amour (02:10)
    23. Charles Aznavour - Ay! Mourir Pour Toi (03:42)
    24. Charles Aznavour - Sur Ma Vie (02:34)
    25. Charles Aznavour - Pour Faire Une Jam (02:47)

    cd2 (26 / 76:40)
    01. Charles Aznavour - Hier Encore (02:24)
    02. Charles Aznavour - Le Temps (02:38)
    03. Charles Aznavour - Viens Pleurer Au Creux De Mon Epaule (03:15)
    04. Charles Aznavour - Que C'Est Triste Venise (02:39)
    05. Charles Aznavour - Le Palais De Nos Chimeres (02:23)
    06. Charles Aznavour - Jezebel (02:38)
    07. Charles Aznavour - Ce Sacre Piano (03:16)
    08. Charles Aznavour - Je Hais Les Dimanches (02:37)
    09. Charles Aznavour - J'Aime Paris Au Mois De Mai (04:39)
    10. Charles Aznavour - J'En Deduis Que Je T'aime (03:06)
    11. Charles Aznavour - A Propos De Pommier (03:07)
    12. Charles Aznavour - A T'regarder (02:25)
    13. Charles Aznavour - Apres L'Amour (02:02)
    14. Charles Aznavour - Heureux Avec Des Riens (03:00)
    15. Charles Aznavour - Poker (02:35)
    16. Charles Aznavour - Moi J'fais Mon Rond (03:04)
    17. Charles Aznavour - Parce Que (02:50)
    18. Charles Aznavour - Sur La Table (02:54)
    19. Charles Aznavour - Une Enfant (03:43)
    20. Charles Aznavour - Plus Rien (02:45)
    21. Charles Aznavour - Le Toreador (03:22)
    22. Charles Aznavour - De T'Avoir Aimee (02:27)
    23. Charles Aznavour - Les Enfants De La Guerre (03:15)
    24. Charles Aznavour - Les Bons Moments (02:28)
    25. Charles Aznavour - Paris Au Mois D'Aout (03:26)
    26. Charles Aznavour - Tout S'En Va (03:30)

    cd3 (18 / 66:21)
    01. Charles Aznavour - La Boheme (04:07)
    02. Charles Aznavour - Emmenez-Moi (03:36)
    03. Charles Aznavour - Desormais (03:12)
    04. Charles Aznavour - Mourir D'aimer (03:59)
    05. Charles Aznavour - Comme Ils Disent (04:55)
    06. Charles Aznavour - Idiote Je T'aime (03:28)
    07. Charles Aznavour - J'ai Bu (02:46)
    08. Charles Aznavour - Je Ne Peux Pas Rentrer Chez Moi (02:37)
    09. Charles Aznavour - Le Chemin De L'Eternite (03:17)
    10. Charles Aznavour - Ma Main A Besoin De Ta Main (02:52)
    11. Charles Aznavour - Si J'Avais Un Piano (02:37)
    12. Charles Aznavour - Il Y Avait (02:42)
    13. Charles Aznavour - Il Pleut (03:16)
    14. Charles Aznavour - Tous Les Visages De L'amour (02:29)
    15. Charles Aznavour - Ils Sont Tombes (04:09)
    16. Charles Aznavour - J'ai Vu Paris (03:43)
    17. Charles Aznavour - Non Je N'ai Rien Oublie (06:30)
    18. Charles Aznavour - Les Plaisirs Demodes (05:57)

    cd4 (21 / 78:55)
    01. Charles Aznavour - Mes Emmerdes (03:08)
    02. Charles Aznavour - Ave Maria (04:29)
    03. Charles Aznavour - Etre (03:55)
    04. Charles Aznavour avec la voix de Danielle Licari - Mon Emouvant Amour (02:45)
    05. Charles Aznavour - Une Vie D'Amour (03:27)
    06. Charles Aznavour - Une Premiere Danse (03:09)
    07. Charles Aznavour - La Salle Et La Terrasse (03:04)
    08. Charles Aznavour - Embrasse-Moi (05:03)
    09. Charles Aznavour - Les Emigrants Tous Ensemble (03:39)
    10. Charles Aznavour - L'Aiguille (05:11)
    11. Charles Aznavour - Sa Jeunesse (04:48)
    12. Charles Aznavour - La Marguerite (04:29)
    13. Charles Aznavour - Toi Et Moi (03:10)
    14. Charles Aznavour avec Edith Piaf - Plus Bleu Que Tes Yeux (03:05)
    15. Charles Aznavour - She (02:41)
    16. Charles Aznavour - Quand Tu M'aimes (03:29)
    17. Charles Aznavour avec Katia Aznavour - Je Voyage (04:28)
    18. Charles Aznavour avec Mayra Andrade - Je Danse Avec L'Amour (02:41)
    19. Charles Aznavour - Le Jazz Est Revenu (03:28)
    20. Charles Aznavour - Viens M' Emporter (03:51)
    21. Charles Aznavour - Tendre Armenie (04:44)

    La creme de la creme. The most comprehensive overview on Charles Aznavour. All the hits, plus his most beautiful songs and some lesser-known ones (like "La Salle Et La Terrasse"), on a 4CD box. Covering a spectrum of seven decades. Not always in chronological order, though. Undoubtedly, Charles Aznavour has the most beautiful voice in the world.

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    On Fri., Feb. 3, the independent music distribution platform Bandcamp will be giving 100 percent of today’s proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union for their legal efforts to support immigrants and refugees currently targeted by an executive order banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen.

    Bandcamp has been joined by over 400 artists and small labels donating their Bandcamp proceeds to the ACLU and a variety of other organizations, including the Nigerian Muslim Association of New York, Right to Remain, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and more. In a statement accompanied by selected albums from Bandcamp artists based in each of the targeted countries, founder and CEO Ethan Diamond writes:

    Bandcamp may be incorporated in the United States, but we host artists from every corner of the world. We believe that knowledge and empathy are crucial weapons against fear and intolerance. As another way of showing solidarity with the immigrants and refugees from the seven banned countries—as well as those impacted by the construction of the Mexican border wall—we’ve compiled a list of albums made by artists from the affected countries. We hope that, as you listen to these albums, you’ll not only discover some great new artists, but will also gain a further appreciation and understanding for the way music transcends all borders, and remember that, even in the darkest of times, there is more that unites us than divides us.

    We encourage you to check out Bandcamp’s list, and we’d like to offer a few suggestions of music from some of the countries on the no-travel list, including some artists we’ve featured over the years, available for purchase on Bandcamp:


    Alsarah and the Nubatones, Silt (Wonderwheel Recordings)

    Alsarah is a musician and ethnomusicologist based in New York City. You can read an excellent post on vintage Sudanese pop music by Alsarah here.

    The Lost 45s of Sudan (ShellacHead)

    A compilation of rare recordings from the Golden Age of the Sudanese recording industry. For another perspective on Sudanese music, check out our program “Sudan: A Musical History of Conflict and Diaspora.”


    Dur-Dur Band, Vol. 5 (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

    Beautiful ’80s Somali pop from one of the biggest bands in Somalia. The founders are now living in the U.S. The album was reviewed here.

    Malitia Malimob, ISIS

    Guled Diriye and Mohamed Jarato are two Somali MCs currently based in Seattle, WA, making gangsta rap about the immigrant experience. Learn more here. Also, check out our Hip Deep program “Reconstructing Somalia: Love Songs at the Birth of A Nation.”


    Sevdaliza, Bebin

    Born in Iran and based in the Netherlands, alternative r&b artist Sevdaliza released this song in reaction to last week’s executive order. In her own words: “In protest of the inhumane political climate, I could not rest my head in privilege. I wrote ‘Bebin’ in Farsi, to solidify. I stand strong with love. In this case I choose to avoid mainstream media, because I have no interest in part taking in a victimized concept. As I will not be able to travel to the United States for indefinite duration, take this without lights, camera, action. I am solely a messenger. In the brain of love, there is no place for racism nor bigotry.” Libya

    Ibn Thabit, Tripoli is Calling (Beats4Change)

    Ibn Thabit is a protest rapper featured on a compilation by the Beats4Change organization.

    Ahmed Fakroun, Nisyan

    Born in 1953 in Benghazi, Libya, composer and signer Ahmed Fakroun is widely considered a pioneer of Arab world music. His soulful and disco-inflected rai songs continue to captivate audiences around the world.


    Omar Souleyman, Jazeera Nights (Sublime Frequencies)

    The Syrian wedding singer extraordinaire, Souleyman, had a concert lined up with the World Music Institute at Le Poisson Rouge in May, but now he may not be able to perform, despite having traveled to the U.S. 16 times before.  

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  • 02/03/17--09:54: Artifacts
  • Black Flower is a jazz group that hails from Belgium, but you probably wouldn’t guess it based on how they sound. Painting with the pentatonic brush of Golden Age Ethiopian music, Black Flower proves to be more than just capable imitators. There are stylistic sleights of hand all over the album that are applied so gracefully as to be almost invisible.

    For instance, the title track, “Artifacts,” has plenty of that woodwind-keyboard interplay, as melodic lines bounce from flutes to keys and back, like a Getatchew Mekurya track. But Black Flower augments the instruments with guitars that are washed dub-influenced delay, a decidedly modern move.

    The band members play in Gypsy jazz and ska bands, and the results show up, but only in the most complementary ways. The opening track, “Bones,” has hollow acoustic percussion that drives a plucky, Gypsy-jazz slink that, by the second track, “Alexandria,” gives way to a fine Afro-funk groove anchored by a drum kit.

    Even their closer homages are done selectively and made their own. “High Upon the Mountain, High Upon the Hill” has a swing and openness that’s every bit as relaxed as Mulatu Astatke’s “Tezeta” (Nostalgia) but trades Astatke’s casual 6/8 meter for something decidedly off-kilter. But with the bass cheerfully wandering around in the middle of the sonic spectrum and the airy trumpet solo, it’s only a secret that reveals itself if you look for it.

    There’s a lot to recommend this band of contemporary European guys playing old musical styles from Ethiopia, but they sort of undercut their own credibility with the album’s accompanying copy, which could be read as Orientalist. They’ve obviously done their research on the music to create something as nuanced, gloaming and delightfully ominous as the track “Sound Sacrament;” no real reason to add in some dread at “exotic sounds” in your promo copy, particularly when you aren’t African.

    The music seems deeply rooted in respect of a complex and singular musical time and place. The group seems to see those elements—artifacts—as their playground and they take them to interesting places. It’s a delightful journey to join them. To order Artifacts, click here.

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    Muito obrigad...

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    Herminia Silva - Essencial (2014) :guit:


    Artista: Herminia Silva
    Nome do Álbum: Essencial
    Ano: 2014
    Tamanho: 122 MB
    Formato: Mp3
    Velocidade de Bits: 320Kbps
    Fonte: WEB
    Editora: EVC
    Género: Fado...
    Pais: Lisboa,
    Capas: Frente
    CD: 1
    Faixas: 20


    01. Lisboa Antiga
    02. A Tendinha
    03. Sou Miúda
    04. Sonhei Abraçar-Me À Vida
    05. Às Ginjas Com Elas
    06. Raminho De Violeta
    07. Rosa Enjeitada
    08. Vou Dar De Beber À Alegria
    09. Fado Ribatejano
    10. A Nova Tendinha
    11. Soldado Do Fado
    12. Fado Das Mãos Sujas
    13. Fado Mal Falado
    14. Gonçalo Velho
    15. O Meu Testamento
    16. A Rua Mais Lisboeta
    17. Fado Do Arco
    18. Fado Da Sina
    19. Fado Hermínia
    20. Marinheiro Americano




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    Luiz Goes - Essencial (2014) :guit:


    Artista: Luiz Goes
    Nome do Álbum: Essencial
    Ano: 2014
    Tamanho: 117 MB
    Formato: Mp3
    Velocidade de Bits: 320Kbps
    Fonte: WEB
    Editora: EVC
    Género: Fado...
    Pais: Coimbra,
    Capas: Frente
    CD: 1
    Faixas: 20


    01. É Preciso Acreditar
    02. Balada Do Mar
    03. Homem Só, Meu Irmão
    04. Poema Para Um Menino
    05. Balada Da Distância
    06. Cantiga De Um Vagabundo
    07. Balada Dos Meus Amores
    08. Sonhar Contigo, Ó Coimbra
    09. Balada Do Tempo Breve
    10. Boneca De Trapo
    11. Balada Da Velha Sé
    12. Fado Dos Beijos
    13. O Meu Fado
    14. Canção Da Infância
    15. Viagem De Acaso
    16. Balada Para Ninguém
    17. Rua Larga
    18. Canção De Todos Os Dias
    19. Teu Corpo
    20. Última Canção De Amor





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    oBrigado pelo post....boa músic...

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    The acclaimed Festival au Désert was scheduled to return to Timbuktu this year, although all the preparations were kept secret due to ongoing security concerns. Unfortunately, the festival has now been canceled by Malian authorities after suicide bombers attacked a military base outside Gao, killing over 50 people and wounding over 100.

    Afropop Worldwide covered the Festival au Désert since its founding in 2000, and our producers attended the Festival in 2003, documenting the epic three days and nights of beautiful music with a full-length radio documentary, featuring live sets from Tuareg superstars including Super Onze, Tartit and Tinariwen. This program, recorded during one of the highlight years of the Festival au Désert, is a testament to the hopeful vision of Malian unity and international exposure for Tuareg artists.

    Listening to this program now, with the knowledge of all the strife that would come to the region in proceeding years, leaves us with nostalgic sadness. When we re-aired this program in 2012, it seemed most urgent to support the utopian goals of the festival. Writing at the time, we noted:

    The Festival in the Desert continued successfully, growing each year, until January 2012. For the past three years, as security concerns in the region mounted, the Festival was moved from Essakane to Timbuktu. This year, 2012, with a record international crowd and Bono in attendance, the festival literally ended as Tuareg-led forces armed with heavy weapons from Libya after the fall of Gaddafi were moving forcefully into the area. The festival was not disrupted, and visiting attendees left unharmed–but it was close. Today, radical Islamist forces control Timbuktu. They have declared Shariah law and banned music, so, obviously, there will be no 2013 Festival in the Desert in Timbuktu. But festival organizers are not giving up. Plans are in the work for a safe alternative.

    Since then, the festival has been in exile, so to speak, with organizers and artists waiting for a chance to return to the northern Malian desert. Sadly, the wait continues for now.

    When Afropop returned to Mali in 2016, it was an optimistic moment: A 2015 peace deal had returned some sense of stability to Mali, which had been embroiled in uncharacteristic chaos, violence and uncertainty since the crisis of 2012. We attended the Festival Sur le Niger in Ségou, which heavily featured Tuareg musicians from the Timbuktu region. Producer Banning Eyre documented the vibrant discussions there in a Afropop Closeup podcast, “Talking Peace in Mali:”

    To better understand the events of 2012 and the ongoing conflict in Mali, we suggest our 2016 Hip Deep program, “The Tuareg Predicament in Mali,” in which Banning explored the complexity of Tuareg identity and the economic and cultural roots of of the Tuareg rebellion, and delved into the issues of drug trafficking, Islamic extremism and French intervention in the North.

    We will keep watch and keep you updated with news from northern Mali… Until the next Festival au Désert! See you there.

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    muito obrigado...

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    Ouvindo Luiz Goes

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     :cerveja: gracia...

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     :obrigado: :s...

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    Wychazel - In Search of Lemuria (2017)

    Исполнитель: Wychazel
    Альбом: In Search of Lemuria
    Год издания: 2017
    Стиль: New age, Relax

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    z320 kbps | 161 MB | UL |

    1. Emotional Weather Report (Live) (6:23)
    2. Eggs And Sausage (Live) (5:50)
    3. Eggs And Sausage Intro (Live) (3:04)
    4. Better Off Without A Wife (Live) (4:45)
    5. Semi Suite (Live) (6:27)
    6. Spare Parts (Live) (8:10)
    7. The Ghosts Of Saturday (Live) (8:24)
    8. New Coat Of Paint (Live) (2:24)
    9. Warm Beer And Cold Women (Live) (5:48)
    10. Virginia Avenue (Live) (2:47)
    11. San Diego Serenade (Live) (4:26)
    12. Pulman County (Live) (6:08)
    13. Ol’ 55 (Live) (3:30)

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    z320 kbps | 102 MB | UL | OB | TB |

    Visiting planet Gurf has always been an enlightening experience. After all, this Gurf Morlix fellow – Buffalo born, Texas bred – has provided us with countless indelible musical moments in the last 40-plus years: his exemplary guitar and production work with Lucinda Williams; his instrumental accompaniment to artists ranging from Blaze Foley to Warren Zevon; his production of watermark albums for artists such as Ray Wylie Hubbard, Robert Earl Keen and Mary Gauthier – and, since 2000, a series of eight solo records that have a singular worldview and can be both harrowing and heartening, often at the same time.
    Now, prepare yourself for “The Soul And The Heal”. Gurf Morlix’s ninth album is another chapter in a songbook that pithily relates the human condition. But though Morlix’s signatures are still present on this masterstroke – lyrics that don’t waste a syllable, instrumentation without a spare note – there is also a hopefulness and vulnerability not always readily evident on his recent releases.
    The fact that “The Soul And The Heal” is pivotal for Gurf is immediately clear from the striking front cover image of a heart-shaped cherry with its pit exposed, and from the stark title that he says speaks to “the healing of the soul from all the damage we inflict on ourselves”.
    It would be too easy to attribute Gurf’s evolution to the fact that in Feburary 2016 he suffered a heart attack while dead stopped in the fast lane, in a traffic jam, on his way to a gig. In fact these new songs were all written before this episode, from which he has fully recovered. But there’s no doubt the emotions stirred by the unexpected December 2014 passing of Gurf’s musical mate, rock keyboard legend Ian McLagan, contributed to the career pinnacle that “The Soul And The Heal” is for Morlix.
    The album was recorded at his Rootball home studio. Morlix comes by his musical minimalism naturally: “It’s the way my brain is wired. I like to hear everything clearly.” It’s a solitary sound, different from the sonics he brought to his outside productions – but, as always, it’s anchored by Morlix’s sinewy, expressive guitar. The other constant is drummer Rick Richards – who shares Morlix’s straightforward aesthetic (and whose rhythms Gurf echoes with two foot drums during his almost 100 solo gigs a year).
    This batch of songs yields the expected Morlix darkness and humor, but woven between are numbers imbued with a warm light. The call to positive action on “Move Someone,” the mindfulness of “Right Now” and the sensitive finale “The Best We Can” balance this focused collection, an album that manages to run the gamut of emotions without being cloying or obvious.
    With “The Soul And The Heal” Morlix continues to create his own singular musical universe, but the yin and yang of his outlook has never been as in sync as it is now, making it even more inviting to join him on Planet Gurf.

    Jody Denberg

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    Mamar Kassey / Alatoumi Жанр : World Music, AfroBeat, Desert Blues Страна-производитель диска : Germany Год издания : 2001 Издатель (лейбл) : World Village Номер по каталогу : 470003 Страна : Niger Аудиокодек : FLAC (*.

    Тема на форуме

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    muito bom obrigado a team reformado...

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