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    Faith Hill - Deep Tracks (2016)

    Artist: Faith Hill
    Title Of Album: Deep Tracks
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label (Catalog#): Warner Bros. Records [558290]
    Country: United States
    Genre: Country Pop, Adult Contemporary
    Quality: FLAC (tracks +.cue,log,scans)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Time: 57:03
    Full Size: 468 mb
    Upload: Turbobit

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    Bob Culbertson - AcouStick Dawn (2003)
    Label: Stick Music 
    Жанр: Jazz, Classical, Celtic
    Год выпуска: 2003
    Формат: FLAC (tracks) / MP3
    Битрейт аудио: Lossless / 320
    Продолжительность: 53:40
    Размер: 275 MB / 122 

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    320 kbps | 1,23 GB | LINKS

    The Fox Box” feature a remastered audio mix and tighter song spacing than the versions that were released at the time.
    …The Fox Box sold out its initial 2004 run before being re-released in late 2005. The set’s apparent popularity is at least somewhat understandable, particularly among those seeking immersion in the kind of sprawling experience associated with the band in its heyday. After all, as demonstrated by classic double-disc vinyl sets like At Fillmore East and Eat a Peach, back then the Allmans played with such inspiration, expressiveness, and fire that no one would want to wrench them from the stage until they had wrung every last note from their axes, no matter how long it took.

    Given that the early-2000s band had its strongest lineup in years, a really extended live showcase (dwarfing the One Way Out double-CD set) might seem warranted to some — and The Fox Box would surely seem to fit the bill.

    The box does make a certain amount of sense from a packaging perspective (although the physical package itself is pretty cheap and cheesy). During their 2004 tour the Allmans could fill up three nights of music with very little repetition, so when they arrived at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta for a three-night run from September 24 through 26, they were able to bring a slew of different music to the ears of the faithful each night. There is some repetition — three versions of “Dreams” (with a different guitarist taking the extended solo each time) and, most egregiously for the home listener, two of those very long drum breaks that really must be experienced live to be appreciated — but for the most part these nine discs tend not to overlap. Most importantly, there is often true inspiration in the playing and the choice of material, not to mention some genuine unpredictability amidst the sprawl.

    On the first night, the Allmans bookended their show with the beginning and ending of “Mountain Jam,” originally split between two sides of Eat a Peach, and the next night featured a similar decision, as they bracketed the show with the introduction and main body of “Les Brers in A Minor.” Overall, the music is a nice mix of tried-and-true warhorses, then-recent material from their Hittin’ the Note CD, and the occasional cover such as “I Walk on Guilded Splinters” and “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.” Derek & the Dominos’ “Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad?” seguing directly into the Dead’s “Franklin’s Tower” — with a nice vocal from Oteil Burbridge and “Blue Sky” quotes from the guitars — is a particularly potent pairing, and “Layla” — featuring Derek Trucks on slide — rightfully reclaims the tune as part of the Allman legacy, although the band tends to push the beautiful extended coda just a bit too far into the red. The band is on fire on the first disc of the September 26 show (including “Revival,” “Every Hungry Woman,” “Hoochie Coochie Man,” and “End of the Line”); a fearsomely intense level of energy is achieved during Warren Haynes’ “Elizabeth Reed” solo; and the interplay between guitarists Trucks, Haynes, and Jack Pearson on the “Mountain Jam” reprise is pure musical bliss, nostalgic perhaps but that’s just fine, as memories of the most beautiful call-and-response dialogues between Duane and Dickey are conjured up. And speaking of Dickey Betts, his finest early songs are here even if his guitar and singing aren’t, and Gregg Allman’s vocals, quite frankly, provide some soulful heft to a countrified classic like “Blue Sky” without weighing the tune down.

    Still, the Instant Live approach has its shortcomings. The band is recorded well, but whoever is responsible for miking the audience on these recordings, apparently to make sure there is plenty of concert ambience, should either turn those mikes down or unplug the damn things completely. As in the early days, this band is capable of some subtlety, but unlike those early days, certain members of the 21st century audience apparently feel that quieter moments are precisely the best times to scream their friggin’ heads off. Hey, everybody loves a party, but why give these particular crazies such prominence in the mix? (Oh, that’s right — they’re the ones buying the CDs after the show is over.) Track indexing can also be problematic: the “Mountain Jam” reprise is needlessly split in two, and it would be nice to have the alternative of programming out the drum break that stretches an otherwise killer “Elizabeth Reed” out past the 30-minute mark (and a hot little blues-rocker like “Black Hearted Woman” nearly hits half an hour for the same reason). For the home listener, those drum breaks provide rare examples of the Allmans stretching their jams past inspiration and into longwindedness.

    Regardless, The Fox Box showcases practically everything that the 21st century Allmans could present at their most epic, revealing a band in astoundingly good shape 35 years after its founding. Hearing the group stretch out in 2004 can be a wonderful experience, although if you pop for The Fox Box you might ultimately wish you could edit portions out. — AMG

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    Faith Hill - Discography (1993-2016)

    Artist: Faith Hill
    Title Of Album: Discography
    Year Of Release: 1993-2016
    Label: Warner Bros. Records
    Country: United States
    Genre: Country Pop
    Quality: FLAC (tracks +.cue,log,scans)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Time: 10:32:59
    Full Size: 4.79 gb
    Upload: Turbobit

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    Στην κλινική
    Την ετοίμασαν και με φώναξαν να ασπαστώ.
    Ήταν ένα δωματιάκι στο υπόγειο της κλινικής
    καμωμένο για την περίσταση.
    Ξαπλωμένη σ’ ένα μαρμάρινο πάγκο
    μου φάνηκε πως κοιμόταν.
    Τόσο είχε γαληνέψει.
    Καθώς την κοίταζα μες στο καλό της φόρεμα
    τη θυμήθηκα στο χωριό Κυριακή
    που πηγαίναμε για την εκκλησία.
    Τι γυρεύαμε σ’ αυτό το υπόγειο!
    «Μάνα» τραύλισα, κι αναλύθηκα σε λυγμούς.

    [Από τη συλλογή «Σύντομο βιογραφικό», Διαγώνιος 1991]


    “And now, without you by my side, I’m lost / how can I survive?” 
    Μη βάζετε πεθαμένες μανάδες στο φέισμπουκ. Τις ρωτήσατε αν θα ήθελαν να βλέπουν τις φάτσες τους οι λογής-λογής τυχάρπαστοι;

    Γιουροβίζιον δεν είδα φυσικά, είδα/άκουσα όμως πριν λίγο το νικητήριο τραγούδι της Πορτογαλίας. Λοιπόν ο κακομοίρης αυτός που κέρδισε τραγούδησε ένα κομμάτι βασισμένο σε μια γερή «χολυγουντιανού» τύπου μελωδία. Αμερικανιά δηλαδή, που θα μπορούσε χωρίς ζόρι να διακριθεί ακόμη και στα fifties. Δεν ξέρω τι λένε οι στίχοι (κάτι για αγάπες και λουλούδια υποθέτω), αλλά τέτοια τραγούδια πάντα έχουν καλή τύχη, γιατί είναι γραμμένα από ανθρώπους (με κάποια ικμάδα ψυχής) και όχι από μηχανές.
    (Όχι σαν το απαράδεκτο δικό μας, δηλαδή, που δεν είχε ούτε αρχή, ούτε τέλος)

    Μ’ αυτό το αλαφροπάτητο ζεϊμπέκικο του Άγγελου γινόταν χαλασμός στο νησί, τα καλοκαίρια, τέλη έιτις. Μέχρι τις 12 βέβαια, γιατί το γλέντι ήταν υπαίθριο και κινδύνευε το μαγαζί με κλείσιμο. Ανεπίδεκτοι μάθησης Εγγλέζοι να σέρνονται «στουπιά» στην πίστα και μυτόγκες Εγγλέζες, και κατά βάση ξενέρωτες, να κάθονται βιδωμένες «στα γόνατα» και να ψευτοχτυπάνε (άρρυθμα) παλαμάκια.
    Μετά συνεχίζαμε, στα σκεπαστά, με Rick Astley και Belinda Carlisle… μέχρι να βγούνε τα καρπούζια κατά τις 5 το πρωί και να πάμε σιγά-σιγά για ύπνο.

    Εσείς που ασχολείστε με τη Γιουροβίζιον (και την ιστορία της) ψάξτε να δείτε τι έγινε με τον Γιάννη Καλατζή και το διαγωνισμό του 1968 – έξι χρόνια πριν σκάσει η Μαρινέλλα ως… πρώτη επίσημη συμμετοχή.
    (Και όταν λέω "ψάξτε" δεν εννοώ στο ίντερνετ - εκεί/εδώ δεν υπάρχει τίποτα)

    Κάθε αποτυχία της Ελλάδας με τονώνει αυτή την εποχή!
    Ελπίζω στα χειρότερα για τη Γιουροβίζιον! 

    Μέσα σε τρεις μέρες είδα δύο 70άρηδες με τατουάζ, στο Παγκράτι, σε λεωφορείο τον έναν και στο δρόμο τον άλλον (σχεδόν έπεσε πάνω μου). Τι σύμπτωση! Είχαν χτυπημένη μια κακοσχεδιασμένη, αχνή, πράσινη άγκυρα στο αριστερό χέρι, στο ίδιο μέρος, πάνω από την παλάμη. Ναυτικοί…
    Αν δω, πάντως, και τρίτο θα τον σταματήσω… «Συνέντευξη» μ’ έναν τυχόντα.
    Τώρα; Τώρα τι; Τώρα βλέπω σωρηδόν τατουάζ, όπως όλοι μας, πάνω σε κάτι χιπστερομαλάκηδες και… αποστρέφω την κεφαλήν μου. 

    "Και δεν μπορούν πια να ταξιδέψουνε / μα κάθε μέρα ως το λιμάνι πάνε
    κι άνεργοι, ανώφελοι και πένθιμοι/ σαν κατιτίς να χάσανε κοιτάνε"
    Ένα από τα ωραιότερα και όχι πάρα πολύ γνωστά τραγούδια που έχει πει ο Πουλόπουλος – κι ένα από τα λίγα παλιά δικά του, που μπορώ να τ’ ακούσω και σήμερα.

    Η απίστευτη διάσταση που έχει πάρει το θέμα τού ανύπαρκτου Τζήμερου στο fb δείχνει πως κατά βάση δεν έχουμε με τι ν’ ασχοληθούμε και περιμένουμε την «επικαιρότητα», για να μας βγάλει από τη δύσκολη θέση.
    Αν ο Τζήμερος βιαιοπράγησε –να δούμε το πλήρες βίντεο– είναι ένα θέμα. Κάποιος ΕΠΩΝΥΜΟΣ, πάντως, που φτάνει στο σημείο να βιαιοπραγήσει ΔΗΜΟΣΙΩΣ δεν είναι ΑΝΑΓΚΑΣΤΙΚΑ φασίστας. Συχνότερα είναι κάτι άλλο, που, και εξ ιδιότητας δικής μου, δεν μου πέφτει λόγος να το πω. Ας μιλήσουν οι ειδικότεροι… Εμένα π.χ. περισσότερο φασιστικό μου φαίνεται το να κατεβάσεις μιαν αφίσα απ’ οπουδήποτε (είτε επιτρέπεται η αφισοκόλληση είτε όχι). Και το λέω τούτο, παρότι οι αφίσες του ΠΑΜΕ και αισθητικά και επί της ουσίας (για τη στοιχισμένη απεργία της «μιας μέρας», αντί της «επ’ αόριστον» φερ' ειπείν) είναι απαράδεκτες. 

    «Σ’ αυτή τη συνοικία ο ήλιος χάθηκε/ κι απ’ τ’ ουρανού την πόρτα
    μες στης αυγής τα φώτα/ ένα φεγγάρι μαύρο ήρθε και στάθηκε»
     Ο Χρήστος Γκάρτζος ξεκίνησε από τα συγκροτήματα του ’60, αφού έπαιζε όργανο στους Jaguars, στο δεύτερο μισό του ’67. Στα χρόνια του ’70 και του ’80 έδωσε «επιτυχίες» στον Νταλάρα, την Πρωτοψάλτη, τον Ψαριανό κ.ά. Το καλύτερο τραγούδι του δεν ήταν η «Αθήνα» (Νταλάρας ’78), αλλά το «Αθήνα-Λάρισα» (στίχοι Μιχάλης Μπουρμπούλης), από ένα προσωπικό LP του, στο οποίο τραγουδούσε κιόλας, τις «Περιπολίες» [Lyra, 1983].

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    Hot Future Dancefloor Tracks (2017)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: Hot Future Dancefloor Tracks
    Style: R&B, New Jack Swing, Latin, Future House, Reggae, Trap, Electronica
    Release Date: 14-05-2017
    Format: CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 91 Tracks
    Size: 721 Mb / 05:07:25 Min

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    Release Name:Harry Styles – Harry Styles (2017)
    Size: 93.1 MB
    Genres: Pop
    Label: N/A

    01 Meet Me In The Hallway
    02 Sign Of The Times
    03 Carolina
    04 Two Ghosts
    05 Sweet Creature
    06 Only Angel
    07 Kiwi
    08 Ever Since New York
    09 Woman
    10 From The Dining Table
    Download link:
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    Rapidgator (upto 12TB Traffic):

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    2010 | Stones Throw
    RnB, Soul,Funk | Mp3, 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) | 00:47:39 | 110 Mb / 301 Mb

    01. Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar (04:02)
    02. Aloe Blacc – Green Lights (02:56)
    03. Aloe Blacc – Hey Brother (02:37)
    04. Aloe Blacc – Miss Fortune (04:19)
    05. Aloe Blacc – Life So Hard (04:10)
    06. Aloe Blacc – Take Me Back (03:44)
    07. Aloe Blacc – Femme Fatale (03:55)
    08. Aloe Blacc – Loving You Is Killing Me (03:23)
    09. Aloe Blacc – Good Things (04:02)
    10. Aloe Blacc – You Make Me Smile (03:28)
    11. Aloe Blacc – If I (04:07)
    12. Aloe Blacc – Mama Hold My Hand (05:08)
    13. Aloe Blacc – Politician (Reprise) (01:41)
    Download link:
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    1. Malibu (3:51)
    Release Name:Miley Cyrus – Malibu [Single] (2017)
    Size: 9.38 MB
    Genres: Pop
    Label: N/A

    Download link:
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    Release Name:Machine Gun Kelly – Bloom (2017)
    Size: 106 MB
    Genres: Rap/Hip-Hop
    Label: N/A

    1. The Gunner
    2. Wake + Bake
    3. Go For Broke (feat. James Arthur)
    4. At My Best (feat. Hailee Steinfeld)
    5. Kiss the Sky
    6. Golden God
    7. Trap Paris (feat. Quavo & Ty Dolla $ign)
    8. Moonwalkers (feat. DubXX)
    9. Canâ™t Walk
    10. Bad Things (with Camila Cabello)
    11. Rehab
    12. Let You Go
    Download link:
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    DMC Commercial Collection 412 (2017)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: Commercial Collection 412
    Label: DMC Records
    Style: Reggaeton, Latin, Swing, Dance, Cut-up, Classic Rock, Electro, Tech House, Disco, Funk
    Release Date: 27-04-2017
    Format: 2CDr, Compilation, Partially Mixed, Special Edition
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 19 Tracks
    Size: 379 Mb / 02:39:56 Min

    0 0

    Salah Ammo vive en Viena desde 2012 debido a la situación en su país de origen, Siria. Todo lo que trajo de allí fue su bouzouki, su música, su pasión y su sueño musical. La voz conmovedora de Salah Ammo se acompaña de la extraordinaria y sensible instrumentación y del canto de Peter Gabis. Las composiciones que nos presentan están en lengua kurda y árabe y proporcionan un espacio emocionante y de versátil comunicación musical para los dos artistas.
    Antes de trasladarse a Damasco para estudiar en el Instituto Superior de Música, Salah Ammo vivió y creció en el norte de Siria, donde los pueblos kurdo, árabe, armenio, y asirio convivieron juntos durante cientos de años. Influenciado por la música de estas culturas, presentó su experiencia con su grupo JOUSSOUR, considerado como una de las bandas interculturales más importantes de su país. Por su parte, Peter Gabis es baterista de jazz, percusionista y cantante de tonos. Estudió en Viena y Nueva York, y es conocido como un sólido percusionista en la vibrante escena vienesa de jazz, habiendo participado en innumerables conciertos y giras en Europa, Estados Unidos, Australia y África. En los últimos años se ha centrado en la música étnica, en paisajes sonoros meditativos y en el canto de tonos, siendo profesor de percusión en el Conservatorio de Viena.
    El proyecto de Salah Ammo y Peter Gabis comenzó en 2013, y el resultado es Assi – A Story of a Syrian River, donde las composiciones que realizan reflejan la apertura de los músicos para combinar diferentes estilos de muchas culturas e interpretarlas de una manera totalmente novedosa. Las letras son profundas, e incluso cuando la o el oyente no entiende el idioma, la emocionalidad de los paisajes sonoros que crean transportan al significado de las canciones.

    Assi aborda los acontecimientos en curso en Siria y sus consecuencias sobre el pueblo sirio. Se basa en su fuerte creencia de que la música no es sólo una forma de entretenimiento, sino mucho más un acto y estilo de vida, una actitud y una forma de expresión y reflexión sobre los valores y pensamientos de las personas.
    Indudablemente, una canción o un disco no son suficientes para narrar el desastre sirio y sus trágicos capítulos de diáspora, opresión y muerte. Por otro lado, ¿qué puede aportar un músico sirio para confrontarlo, que no tiene más que su voz y su música, y las historias que vivió con todos sus sentimientos? Con esta tragedia, la música se convierte en el hogar, el refugio y el lenguaje, que esperanzadamente reúne al pueblo sirio que ha estado separado por la política, el conflicto y la injusticia.
    El título del álbum "Assi" es el nombre de un río en Siria (el río Orontes) y significa "desobedecido" porque fluye al revés. En la canción "Assi" se lleva a cabo un diálogo entre Assi y el cantante, durante el cual intercambian ideas sobre la tragedia siria y la traición del mundo al pueblo sirio y a su calvario humanitario. La historia de "Assi" se sitúa metafóricamente en las historias de millones de sirios/as. El río solía ser una fuente vibrante de energía para las ruedas de agua (Nuayir) de la ciudad de Hama (una de las ciudades monumentales más famosas de Siria).
    Además de "Assi", el álbum cuenta con otras seis canciones en árabe y kurdo. El álbum contiene un libreto que presenta cada canción en kurdo, árabe, inglés y alemán, diseñado por el artista sirio Ahmad Ali (que reside en Paris).
    En definitiva, Assi: A Story of a Sirian River es la respuesta musical de un hombre que perdió su hogar, pero no su esperanza de un mundo mejor.

    Página web oficial: Salah Ammo, Peter Gabis

    tracks list:
    01. Leysa Lil Kurdi illa Arrieh
    02. Assi
    03. Sabahkon Huorya, Roja wa Azzadi ba
    04. Darweshe Avdi
    05. Rojava ma
    06. Lami Maqam "Ya man Hawaho"
    07. Alhajir

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    Maalem Mahmoud Guinia, Floating Points, James Holden / Marhaba Жанр : World Music, African, Experimental Носитель : WEB Год издания : 2015 Аудиокодек : FLAC (*.flac) Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт аудио : lossless Продолжительность : 00:43:41 Источник (релизер) : Belfunk Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи : нет Треклист : 01.

    Тема на форуме

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    320 kbps | 72 MB | LINKS

    Matthew Melton has spent the last few years fronting great garage-y power pop outfit Warm Soda (and Bare Wires before that). He’s put that band to bed and formed Dream Machine with his wife, Doris, heading into new sonic territory — that of heavy, organ-fueled prog and psych. The new band’s debut album, The Illusion, will be out May 19 via Castle Face.Dream Machine get right on down to the funky world of 70’s hard rock with The Illusion, which could very much have come out of the catalogues of an Iron Butterfly or a Deep Purple. There is a joyous revelry in the dance of the organ and the guitars, and in the harmonised vocals.

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    Download Paco_Kone-Taaga_Baga_Togola-WEB-BF-2016-RYG Free
    Artist: Paco Koné
    Title: Taaga Baga Togola
    Genre: Ethnic
    Year: 2016
    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
    Tracks: 7
    Time: 00:30:07
    Size: 69 MB

    01. Paco Koné – Timpoko (4:21)
    02. Paco Koné – Yiki (4:01)
    03. Paco Koné – Africa (4:10)
    04. Paco Koné – Burkinabé (3:30)
    05. Paco Koné – Djidji (4:44)
    06. Paco Koné – Kotesse (4:09)
    07. Paco Koné – Nongui Taaba (5:12)

    Download Paco Kone-Taaga Baga Togola-WEB-BF-2016-RYG

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    Download VA-Zouk_West_Indies_Vol._2-WEB-FR-2015-RYG Free
    Artist: Princess Lover
    Title: Zouk West Indies, Vol. 2
    Genre: Ethnic
    Year: 2015
    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
    Tracks: 17
    Time: 01:12:41
    Size: 166.47 MB

    01. Nichols, Mainy & Ali Angel – Zouk bordel 2004 (4:46)
    02. Pascal Lanclume – X ans Feat. Big Tom (4:51)
    03. Kaysha – Si tu veux de moi (3:59)
    04. Damogueez – Damogueez style (4:04)
    05. Bolingo – Moyi Ya Butu (4:08)
    06. Princess Lover – Dans la vie (5:02)
    07. Nichols – Vini Feat. Marysa (3:48)
    08. Kaysha – Can you say Feat. Teeyah (4:07)
    09. Guerdy – An de bra aw (4:18)
    10. Gessy Nataly – An za pale baw (4:11)
    11. Princess Lover – Certes (4:20)
    12. Talina – Je suis prête Feat. Elizio (3:57)
    13. Shana Kihal – My Love Is Not for Sale (4:14)
    14. Kaysha – One Love (3:59)
    15. Jamice – Sa mwen lé (4:22)
    16. Kaysha – Raquel Feat. Nichols (4:17)
    17. Princess Lover – Mon soleil (4:18)

    Download VA-Zouk West Indies Vol. 2-WEB-FR-2015-RYG

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    Download VA-Zouk_West_Indies_Vol._1-WEB-FR-2015-RYG Free
    Artist: Guerdy
    Title: Zouk West Indies, Vol. 1
    Genre: Ethnic
    Year: 2015
    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
    Tracks: 17
    Time: 01:12:59
    Size: 167.19 MB

    01. Vanda May – Done with You Feat. Shana Kihal (4:04)
    02. Soumia – On a tout le temps (4:07)
    03. Kaysha – One Love (3:59)
    04. Aycee Jordan – Addicted (3:42)
    05. Warren – Je te donne (5:23)
    06. Sandra Nanor – Selmen de jou (4:29)
    07. Elizio – Ne me laisse pas Feat. Celia Flore (5:06)
    08. Anarita – I Wanna Be Your Girl (3:44)
    09. Perle Lama – Mayé (4:26)
    10. Face à Face – Bay Lov (4:23)
    11. Anarita – My Valentine (4:28)
    12. Sylvie Davison – Plaisir charnel (4:07)
    13. Laury – Few plesi Feat. Patrick Andre (3:36)
    14. Patrick Andrey – Partir avec toi (4:41)
    15. Sonia Dersion – Kimbe (4:33)
    16. Margie – Nouveau départ (3:53)
    17. Guerdy – An de bra aw (4:18)

    Download VA-Zouk West Indies Vol. 1-WEB-FR-2015-RYG

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    Uzelli Psychedelic AnadoluIn the early ’70s, a little shop opened in Frankfurt. It sold the small comforts many Turkish guest workers missed in Germany: tea glasses, carpets, art for their walls. It also sold music. The shop became a hub for Turkish migrants, and the cassettes it sold morphed into a label, named for the its founders, the Uzelli brothers.
    Now the label is starting a new chapter, uncovering forgotten gems and funky classics in its vaults on Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu. This compilation spans the label’s heyday: the period between 1975, the high point of vinyl culture, and 1984, the culmination of the cassette industry.
    The time is ripe to reconsider this music, as new migrants are seeking homes across Europe and as Turkey experiences its own complicated times.

    108 MB  320 ** FLAC

    Uzelli’s artists feel charmingly retro, yet undeniably timely. “Vintage Turkish music is undergoing something of a revival,” notes compilation curator Kornelia Binicewiczj. Uzelli’s massive, 1,300+ album catalog, slated for digital re-release, will certainly help fuel this new interest.

    The ten years of Turkish history covered on Psychedelic Anadolu were times of political chaos, divided into two periods by the military coup in 1980. After the coup d’etat, those citizens who felt ignored and underappreciated, for whom politics had never been the most important part of their daily lives, became more and more visible. They demanded their music be heard in their new urban environment.

    The political circumstances transformed everyday routines, culture and music. Rock was expanded to make a place for new musical genres that more accurately reflected people’s social and economic positions, their innermost feelings and moods. Psychedelic music of the 1970s combined hip instruments such as electrified baglama, moog and synthesizers with sweet melodies and heart-braking lyrics, and these sounds became even more radical and edgy in the 1980s.

    “The design of Uzelli cassette tapes also set them apart,” Uzelli notes. “It was Armagan Konrat – a left-wing painter from Istanbul – who took Uzelli to another level. His unique style of graphic design is a great example of Turkish pop art from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.”

    Uzelli’s releases might have faded into obscurity, had it not been for Metin Uzelli, son of one of the label’s founders. Born right as the label launched in the mid-70s, Metin saw its rise and transition, from LPs to cassettes, from family shop to international enterprise, with warehouses and manufacturing plants in Turkey.

    The tracks on Psychedelic Anadolu are selected from the best psychedelic arrangements of rock, pop, and folk songs. They also represent a unique combination of personalities and characters, from giants of the Turkish Psychedelic scene like Erkin Koray and Ünol Büyükgönenç of Kardaslar, to unknown and undiscovered Kerem Güney; the ephemeral band Zor Beyler with Ayzer Danga from Mavi Isiklar and Mogollar on drums; Ali Ayhan from Urfa with his unquestionably unique voice from the folk scene; and Akbaba, the extreme wedding duo. This compilation would not hit so hard without two ladies: the mysterious Elvan Sevil and Nese Alkan, accompanied by Zafer Dilek Orchestra, whose amazing voices bring down the tempo and melt your heart.

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    320 kbps | 200 MB | LINKS


    01. Hank Williams – Why Don’t You Love Me
    02. Hank Williams – Cold Cold Heart
    03. Eddy Arnold – Bouquet Of Roses
    04. Hank Williams – Hey Good Lookin’
    05. Frankie Laine – Rose, Rose, I Love You
    06. Pee Wee King – Slow Poke
    07. Eddy Arnold – Anything That’s Part Of You
    08. Hank Snow – (Now And Then Theres) A Fool Such As I
    09. Tony Bennett – Cold, Cold Heart
    10. Phil Harris – The Thing
    11. Hank Williams – Lovesick Blues
    12. Hank Thompson – Wild Side Of Life
    13. Hank Williams – Kaw-Liga
    14. Johnnie Ray – Please, Mr. Sun
    15. Lefty Frizzell – Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses)
    16. Hank Williams – Half As Much
    17. Eddie Fisher – Wish You Were Here
    18. Tony Bennett – Solitaire
    19. Kay Starr – Wheel Of Fortune
    20. Tony Bennett – Blue Velvet
    21. Jo Stafford – You Belong To Me
    22. Hank Williams – My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
    23. Hank Williams – I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You)
    24. Webb Pierce – Back Street Affair
    25. Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys – Faded Love
    26. Hank Williams – Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
    27. Johnny Standley – It’s In The Book
    28. Eddy Arnold – Don’t Rob Another Man’s Castle
    29. Jo Stafford – Shrimp Boats
    30. Eddy Arnold – Anytime

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