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    320 kbps | 128 MB | LINKS

    Ranked 3rd in the World at the 2016 International Blues Challenge Finals, “The Soul Machine” Norman Jackson and his groove inducing love producing band guarantees that when they play the Blues you will, “Get Your Happy On!” Norman is the genuine article, growing up on the south side of Chicago, he was taught the Blues from the true giants in Blues and Soul. Norman began to apprentice his saxophonist, Rick Shortt from the age of 12, who is now the turbine engine of the band playing lead on saxophone. Along with the rock steady rhythm section of Danny Williams and “The Boogie Man”, the “Baddest Soul Band in the Land” will take you on a journey with stories from their lives on a road filled with laughter and showmanship laced with virtuoso mastery that will make everyone “Get Down and Get Happy”!

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    FLAC | 720 MB | LINK

    On his second solo album, Big City, Return to Forever drummer Lenny White leads an all-star cast on a jaunt through the diverse worlds of jazz fusion. The title track is a groove-oriented monster that unites the Brian Auger Oblivion Express with the Tower of Power horn section. While “Sweet Dreamer” is a soft ballad that features the singing of Linda Tillery, and “Rapid Transit” is a study in funk built around the bass playing of Verdine White, both songs benefit from the presence of Herbie Hancock on electric piano. Not to be forgotten, Lenny White shows off his penchant for sharp and accelerated drum cadences on interludes titled “Egypt” and “Ritmo Loco.” Yet his leanings towards rock are taken a bit too far with Ray Gomez and Neal Schon trading epic guitar solos on “Dreams Come and Go Away” as well as “And We Meet Again.” Fortunately the gap between sonic freak-outs is bridged by the exceptional “Enchanted Pool Suite,” which features Miroslav Vitous on acoustic bass, Jerry Goodman on violin, and Jan Hammer on Minimoog.

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    FLAC | 731 MB | LINK

    Following the huge success of their second record, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Iron Butterfly scored a second straight Top Five album with Ball. While it didn’t have any acid rock freak-out to compare with the epic “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” Ball was a more ambitious album, as the group experimented with shorter, more melodic songs. Like any Iron Butterfly album, the quality of the material is wildly inconsistent, yet cut for cut, Ball is a more consistent album than their two previous records, as the group trimmed away some of the acid rock excesses of their earlier records while retaining their brutally loud trademark heavy guitars

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    320 kbps | 104 MB | LINKS

    Liverpool’s instrumental rock trio Alpha Male Tea Party returns with their third album Health on June 23 via Big Scary Monsters Recordings. A follow-up to 2014’s critically acclaimed Droids, Health ups the game and offers instrumental rock with passion, what’s something that most instrumental bands forget about nowadays.

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    Malí ha sido, de siempre, un sitio de encuentro intercultural entre árabes y bereberes del norte y gente de la África Occidental del Sur. Es por ello que posee una vida cultural rica y variada. Su yacimiento musical es impresionante: Salif Keita, Ali Farka Touré, Toumani Diabaté, Oumou Sangaré, Ballaké Sissoko, Tinariwen, Bako Dagnon… forman parte de su elenco de leyendas vivas. Y, desde hace algunos años, Amadou & Mariam. Dimanche à Bamako (2004), disco producido por Manu Chao, supuso su salto a la fama internacional. Para entonces ya llevaban treinta años cantando juntos y cosechando éxitos en África Occidental con su blues hipnótico y luminoso, el "afro-blues".
    Mariam Doumbia y Amadou Bagayoko nacieron en Bamako, capital del país. Ambos perdieron la vista en la infancia, y se volcaron en la música desde su más temprana edad y fue la música la que les unió, en 1975, en el Instituto para Jóvenes Ciegos de Bamako en 1975. Desde entonces nunca se han separado, ni cuando emigraron a Abiyán (Costa de Marfil), ni cuando se fueron a Francia, ni cuando llegó la fama y el reconocimiento internacional.
    Entre 1974 y 1980, Amadou fue parte del grupo Les Ambassadeurs du Hotel. Mezclando influencias africanas, cubanas, de la India, el jazz, el reggae, el blues y el pop, Amadou & Mariam se abrieron paso en el gigantesco panorama de artistas africanos/as. Durante los años 90 viven una primera temporada en París. Graban un primer disco, Sou Ni Tilé, cuyo single "Je Pense A Toi" vende más de 100.000 ejemplares en 1998 en el país vecino. Sigue un segundo álbum y una serie de giras por Europa y USA. En 2003, Manu Chao, ya separado de Mano Negra, se enamora de su música y colabora con ellos en la composición de un nuevo disco, Dimanche à Bamako, que sale en 2004. El álbum, una pequeña joya de música maliense para oídos occidentales, recibe muchos premios, en Reino Unido y Francia entre otros, donde se venden más de 300.000 copias.

    El disco se abre a ritmo cadencioso con "M´Bifé", una de las seis canciones que Manu Chao coescribe con la pareja africana. Pero no es hasta "Coulibaly" y "La Réalité" cuando Dimanche à Bamako levanta el vuelo con una mezcla de ritmos africanos con los instrumentos eléctricos más modernos (guitarra, teclados, programación) y tradicionales (djembé, flauta y percusión).
    Registrado entre septiembre de 2003 y abril de 2004 en estudios de grabación de Bamako y París, además de algunas sesiones en un hotel campamento de Mopti, las quince canciones de Dimanche à Bamako supusieron un salto de calidad en el sonido contagioso de Amadou & Mariam, que hasta la fecha habían publicado tres discos grandes, Sou Ni Tilé (1998), Tjé Ni Mousso (1999) y Wati (2002), así como varias cassetes para el mercado regional africano.
    La acogida del disco fue inmejorable: logró los primeros puestos de las listas europeas de músicas del mundo, y la gente, además del renovado sonido africano de la pareja malí, sigue descubriendo en "Sénégal Fast Food" una de las mejores canciones que Manu Chao compuso en francés desde Mano Negra. Un disco hermoso. Una historia para repetir.

    Página web oficial: Amadou & Mariam

    tracks list:
    01. M´Bifé
    02. M´Bifé Balafon
    03. Coulibaby
    04. La Réalité
    05. Sénégal Fast Food
    06. Artistiya
    07. La Fête au Village
    08. Camions Sauvages
    09. Beaux Dimanches
    10. La Paix
    11. Djanfa
    12. Taxi Bamako
    13. Politic Amagni
    14. Gnidjougouya
    15. M´Bifé Blues

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  • 06/20/17--00:39: Amy Black – Memphis (2017)
  • FLAC | 258 MB | LINKS

    Amy Black has always been drawn to soul singers. But it wasn’t until she began exploring her own southern soul roots for her last album, The Muscle Shoals Sessions, that she found her musical sweet spot — and knew her next stop had to be the place where blues and soul converge (and where she herself was conceived); where Al Green, Otis Redding and so many others turned grit and groove into some of the world’s most beloved tunes. Black then hunted down several top musical architects to help her lay down the sound she was meant to make — the sound of Memphis.

    Releasing on her own Reuben Records, Memphis puts Black — already considered “a bluesy, R&B heavy hitter” by Elmore magazine — on the same continuum as soul sisters from Dusty Springfield, Ann Peebles and Mavis Staples to Bonnie Raitt and Shelby Lynne.

    The album was produced and engineered by Scott Bomar, the Grammy-nominated, Emmy-winning producer and leader of the Bo-Keys. His band includes Hi Records rhythm section drummer Howard Grimes, who joins fellow Hi greats the Rev. Charles Hodges (piano and Hammond B3) and his brother, Leroy “Flick” Hodges (bass), along with Stax guitarist Bobby Manuel on many of these tracks. Together with the Bo-Key’s Joe Restivo on guitar and horn and string arrangements by Marc Franklin (the Bo-Keys and Gregg Allman Band), the album’s seven originals and three well-chosen covers (by Otis Clay, Bobby “Blue” Bland and Ruby Johnson), nail the passion that flows through this town like the mighty Mississippi.

    Infusing her vocals with Saturday-night sultriness and Sunday-morning gospel, slow-dance sexiness and fast-dance exuberance, Black goes from silky smooth to raw and rough with equal ease. Her organic sound was recorded old-school analog style at Bomar’s Electraphonic Recording studio and mixed to tape by Adam Hill at Ardent Studios. The result is pure and authentic —and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

    “I love the music of Memphis; everything that came out of here in the ‘50s, the ‘60s, the ‘70s … I love the grit and the guts and the soul and the groove,” Black says. “And the heart of it all is the blues.”

    Black says she hopes Memphis inspires listeners to dig into this music as she has, and to explore “the history, the people, the stories” of this fabled place. With her live Memphis Music Revue, she’s ready to carry that music far and wide. But no matter how you experience her music, when Amy Black takes you to Memphis, it’s a journey you won’t forget.

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  • 06/20/17--03:24: KAMASI WASHINGTON
  • Συνέβαινε με την τζαζ αυτό και δεν πρέπει να μας κάνει εντύπωση. Πάντα στην 100χρονη ιστορία της κάποια πρόσωπα έβγαιναν μπροστά και χάραζαν καινούριους δρόμους. Είναι τα πρόσωπα εκείνα που δεν καινοτομούσαν απλά, αλλά αποτελούσαν, για τα μέτρα του χώρου, και τις εμπορικές αιχμές του. Το χρειαζόταν αυτό η τζαζ και το χρειάζεται – τους ανθρώπους, δηλαδή, που θα σύρουν το χορό σε κάθε εποχή, παρασύροντας στη δίνη της καινούρια πλήθη. Ο αμερικανός τενόρο σαξοφωνίστας Kamasi Washington είναι ο άνθρωπος, που μπορεί να πάει, σήμερα, την τζαζ πιο κάτω. Και κυρίως να δώσει την ώθηση ώστε να μετεξελιχθεί σε ολοκληρωμένο οργανισμό εκείνο που φαίνεται, σιγά-σιγά, να αναπτύσσεται. Ένα ολιστικό τζαζ άκουσμα, που να περικλείει κάθε πτυχή τής 100χρονης μαύρης μουσικής μέσα από ένα σημερινό άλεσμα. Το να ισχυρίζεται, λοιπόν, κάποιος πως «έχουν ειπωθεί τα πάντα» στη μουσική είναι η μισή μόνον αλήθεια, καθώς η άλλη μισή βρίσκεται στο πώς όλα αυτά «τα πάντα» θα μετατραπούν σε κάτι νέο. Εκεί ακριβώς μπαίνει ο Kamasi Washington για να πει την… προτελευταία λέξη.
    Γεννημένος στο Λος Άντζελες το 1981, ο Washington μεγαλώνει σε μουσική οικογένεια. Σπουδάζει μουσική σε καλά σχολεία και Εθνομουσικολογία στο UCLA. Οι ρυθμοί απ’ όπου κι αν προέρχονται (Αφρική, Ασία, Αμερική…) κεντρίζουν από την αρχή την προσοχή του, ξεκινώντας να παίζει με ροκ και τζαζ συγκροτήματα και καλλιτέχνες. Στη δισκογραφία, από τις πιο παλιές του εμφανίσεις, είναι εκείνες σε άλμπουμ του τραγουδοποιού Ryan Adams (2001) και των «εναλλακτικών» Twilight Singers (2003), πριν ξεκινήσει την πιο προσωπική τζαζ διαδρομή του, στην αρχή με κάποιες αυτοεκδόσεις, που δεν γνώρισαν όμως μεγάλη επιτυχία. Για έναν τζάζμαν όμως, όπως ήταν ο Washington, πολλά αρχίζουν και τελειώνουν πάνω στο πάλκο. Έτσι, τον συναντάμε από νωρίς να παίζει δίπλα στους Herbie Hancock, Gerald Wilson, George Duke και βασικά στον Wayne Shorter, που θ’ αποτελέσει μια από τις κυριότερες πρώιμες αναφορές του. Ακόμη, κοντά στον τρομπετίστα Gerald Wilson ο Kamasi Washington θ’ αρχίσει να κάνει «όνομα» σιγά-σιγά, καθώς θ’ αποτελέσει μέλος της ορχήστρας του για τέσσερα άλμπουμ (2005-2011).
    Πριν φτάσουμε στο “The Epic” του 2015, που άλλαξε την καριέρα του Washington, ου μην αλλά και της ίδιας της σύγχρονης τζαζ, υπάρχουν ακόμη ορισμένα tipsπου έχουν τη σημασία τους. Κατ’ αρχάς η παρουσία τού Kamasi στους punk-jazz Throttle Elevator Music, που κατακρατούν στοιχεία από τους soul-jazz «πατέρες» του ’60 μέχρι Material, Ronald Shannon Jackson και τις ακόμη πιο σύγχρονες street ρυθμολογίες. Εξαιρετικοί. Δεύτερον μια συμμετοχή του Kamasi, που δεν πρέπει να περάσει απαρατήρητη. Η παρουσία του σ’ ένα από τα σημαντικότερα «μαύρα» άλμπουμ των τελευταίων ετών, στο “To Pimp a Butterfly” (2015) του Kendrick Lamar. Μ’ αυτά και μ’ αυτά φτάνουμε στο «Έπος»…
    Το άλμπουμ κυκλοφορεί σε τριπλό βινύλιο, τον Μάιο του 2015 από την εταιρεία τού DJ, ράπερ και παραγωγού Flying Lotus, την Brainfeeder από το L.A. κι έχει κατ’ αρχάς ένα καταπληκτικό εξώφυλλο – συνέχεια των space covers του Sun Ra τύπου “Astro Black”. Ο Kamasi Washington μπροστά με το τενόρο του και πίσω πλανήτες, δορυφόροι και αστέρια σε ασπρόμαυρο φόντο.
    Το “The Epic” μπορεί να μην είναι εύκολο να περιγραφεί, το γεγονός όμως πως βρέθηκε μέσα σε όλες τις λίστες με τα καλύτερα άλμπουμ που κυκλοφόρησαν πρόπερσι λέει πολλά – ή, ίσως, και τα πάντα.

    Η συνέχεια εδώ…

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    320 kbps | 286 MB | LINKS


    01. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    02. Metropolis – Part 1 (The Miracle and the Sleeper) (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    03. Overture 1928 (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    04. Strange Deja Vu (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    05. Lifting Shadows off a Dream (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    06. Just Let Me Breathe (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    07. Peruvian Skies (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    08. Through My Words (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    09. Fatal Tragedy (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    10. Erotomania (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    11. Paradigm Shift (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    12. Universal Mind (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    13. Hollow Years (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    14. Another Day (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    15. Home (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    16. Pull Me Under (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    17. Under a Glass Moon (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    18. A Fortune in Lies (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    19. Only a Matter of Time (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    20. Take the Time (Live at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands 1999)
    21. Hell’s Kitchen (Live at the Mike Portnoy Drum Clinic, De Lantaarn, Hellendoorn, Netherlands 1999)
    22. Biaxident (Live at the Mike Portnoy Drum Clinic, De Lantaarn, Hellendoorn, Netherlands 1999)
    23. Paradigm Shift (Live at the Mike Portnoy Drum Clinic, De Lantaarn, Hellendoorn, Netherlands 1999)
    24. New Millenium (Live at the Mike Portnoy Drum Clinic, De Lantaarn, Hellendoorn, Netherlands 1999)

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  • 06/20/17--04:05: Super Spanish Combo
  • ssc.jpg

    Super Spanish Combo, Est Une Troupe De Barcelona, Composé De Musiciens
    D'Univers Et De Lieux Différent, Réunis Autour De La Musique Pour Partager,
    Leur Bonne Humeur Autour D'Une Cumbia, Hip Hop, Rock Brass Rumba

    Super Spanish Combo Es Una Troba De Barcelona, Composado De Musicos
    De Universos y Luegos Differente, Reunido Alrededor De La Musica Para Disfrutar
    Su Buena Humores, Con Una Cumbia Hip Hop Rock Brass Rumba

    Super Spanish Combo Is A Troup From Barcelona, Composed By Musicians
    From Universe And Places Differents, Reunited By The Music For Share His
    Good Emotions, With An Cumbia Hip Hop Rock Brass Rumba

    Site Officiel

    MP3 Llego El Combo Ep 2012
    FLAC Llego El Combo Ep 2012

    01 La Hipoteca
    02 Ritmo Callejero
    03 The Heroes- Feat Mathieu Aupitre
    04 Oye!
    05 Ave Pasajera
    06 Crudo
    07 Rebelion & War

    MP3 Llego El Combo 2013
    FLAC Llego El Combo 2013

    01 Ritmo Callejero
    02 Crudo
    03 Ave Pasajera
    04 Rebelion & War
    05 The Heroes- Feat Mathieu Aupitre
    06 La Hipoteca
    07 Super Combo
    08 Sierra Leona
    09 Oye!
    10 La Hipoteca- Calagad 13 Remix

    Remixed Ep 2013

    01 La Hipoteca- AGFA Remix
    02 La Hipoteca- Quincy Jointz Remix
    03 Ritmo Callejero- Basement Freaks Remix
    04 Ritmo Callejero- Calagad 13 Remix
    05 La Hipoteca- AGFA Remix Instrumental
    06 Ritmo Callejero- Calagad 13 Remix Instrumental
    07 La Hipoteca- Acapella
    08 Ritmo Callejero- Acapella

    Mataron A Juan Andres Ep 2016

    01 Mataron A Juan Andres
    02 Mataron A Juan Andres- Radio Edit

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  • 06/20/17--04:18: Cheap Trick – Discography
  • 320 kbps | 2,6 GB | LINKS


    1977 – Cheap Trick (1998 Remasterd)
    1977 – In Color (1998 Remastered)
    1978 – Heaven Tonight (1998 Remastered)
    1979 – Dream Police (2006 Remastered)
    1980 – All Shook Up (2006 Remastered)
    1982 – One On One (2004 Reissue, Japan Edition)
    1982 – One One One & 1983 – Next Position Please (2010 Remastered)
    1983 – Next Position Please (2003 Reissue, Japan Edition)
    1985 – Standing on the Edge (2010 Reissue)
    1986 – The Doctor (2010 Reissue)
    1988 – Lap of Luxury (Japan Edition)
    1990 – Busted
    1994 – Woke Up With A Monster
    1997 – Cheap Trick
    2003 – Special One (Japan Edition)
    2006 – Rockford
    2009 – The Latest (Japan Edition)
    2016 – Bang Zoom Crazy… Hello (Japan Edition)
    2017 – We’re All Alright! (Deluxe Edition)

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    100 Hits Pop Essentials 5CD (2017)

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: 100 Hits Pop Essentials
    Label: Demon Music Group Ltd
    Style: Doo Wop, R&B, Soul, Funk, Eurodisco, Reggae, Hi-NRG, Disco
    Release Date: 01-06-2017
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Quality: 256 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 97 Tracks
    Size: 696 Mb / 05:55:48 Min

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  • 06/20/17--06:04: Ultimix Vol 243 (2017)
  • Ultimix Vol 243 (2017)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: Ultimix 243
    Label: Ultimix Records
    Style: Dancehall, Dream Pop, Electropop, Future Bass, Southern Soul, Funk, Disco, Synthpop
    Release Date: 19-06-2017
    Format: CD, Compilation, Promo
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 24 Tracks
    Size: 218 Mb / 01:34:17 Min

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  • 06/20/17--07:05: Toggo Music 46 (2017)
  • Toggo Music 46 (2017)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: Toggo Music 46
    Label: Sony Music Media
    Style: Alternative, Electropop, Reggae, Folk, Soul, Hip Hop, Latin, Reggaeton
    Release Date: 20-06-2017
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 23 Tracks
    Size: 177 Mb / 01:17:21 Min

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    320 kbps | 78 MB | LINK

    01.Curse Of The Cajun Queen
    02.War Whoop
    03.After You ve Gone
    04.Single Boy
    05.(Sing A) Worried Song
    06.Long Legs
    07.Garden Of Delights
    08.Frankenstein s Mother
    09.Branding Iron
    10.Get Outta My Brain
    11.Silent Key
    12.White Devil
    13.Invisible Hand

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    VA - The Best Of The Fret Fest (1998)

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title Of Album: The Best Of The Fret Fest
    Year Of Release: 1998
    Label: Demo Pro Pre Production
    Genre: Alternative, Indie, Folk, Rock
    Quality: FLAC (tracks +.cue,log,scans)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Time: 56:39
    Full Size: 402 mb
    Upload: Turbobit / DepFile

    0 0

    320 kbps | 104 MB | LINKS

    Her solo debut, released on 16th June 2017, is a charming collection of songs both traditional and original.


    Rosie Hood, vocals, tenor guitar [2, 4, 8-9], fiddle [1, 6-7];
    Ollie King, melodeons [3, 6, 10];
    Isobel Barber, Lydia Barber, fiddle [2, 9-10];
    Eleanor Barber, viola, fiddle [2, 9-10];
    Jefferson Hamer, guitar, harmony vocals [4];
    Emma Smith, double bass [1-3, 5, 8-10, 12];
    Emily Portman, harmony vocals [2, 11];
    Tom A. Wright, lap steel [1], banjo [8]

    0 0

    320 kbps | 128 MB | LINKS

    Guitarist and composer Zacc Harris is best known for his work with Atlantis Quartet, winners of the 2015 McKnight Fellowship for Performing Musicians and City Pages Best Jazz Artist of 2011. He has toured throughout the US and UK, and released or performed on more than two dozen records. With American Reverie, Harris sets out to explore songs that evoke the nostalgia of an America gone by, with modern jazz inflected interpretations of classic folk songs like Shenandoah and the Tennessee Waltz, along with music by Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, The Ronettes, Woody Guthrie and more. Joined by bassist Matt Peterson and drummer Lars-Erik Larson, Zacc Harris’ American Reverie brings the past and present together.

    01. Shenandoah
    02. This Land Is Your Land
    03. Long Black Veil
    04. On the Road Again
    05. Be My Baby
    06. Take Me Out To the Ball Game
    07. In the Pines
    08. Simple Twist of Fate
    09. Carousel
    10. Jesus, Etc.
    11. Tennessee Waltz
    12. Star Spangled Banner

    0 0

    Larkin Grimm - Harpoon (2005)
    Artist: Larkin Grimm
    Title Of Album: Harpoon
    Release Date: 2005
    Location: USA
    Label: Secret Eye Records [AB-OC-18]
    Genre: Folk Rock, Acoustic, Experimental, Folk
    Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
    Length: 44:59 min
    Tracks: 13
    Total Size: 238 MB (+5%)

    0 0

    Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits (Japan Edition) (1987)
    Artist: Simon & Garfunkel
    Title Of Album: Greatest Hits (Japan Edition)
    Release Date: 1987 (1972)
    Location: USA
    Label: CBS / Sony (32DP 383)
    Genre: Folk Rock
    Quality: FLAC (image+.cue+covers)
    Length: 44:19 min
    Tracks: 14
    Total Size: 421 MB (+5%)

    Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits is the first compilation album from Simon & Garfunkel, released on June 14, 1972, two years after the duo had split. The album is currently available on CD under Legacy's Playlist banner.

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