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    cover320 kbps | 104 MB | LINKS

    Call It What It Is, the new album from Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals is an incisive, bold, poetic statement that could only come from these long-time band mates and close collaborators, one of popular music’s most essential, cohesive and dynamic ensembles.

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    zz320 kbps | 223 MB | LINKS

    1. She Never Spoke Spanish To Me (Live) (14:40)
    2. Tonight Is The Night (Live) ( 4:15)
    3. Soulmates (Live) ( 3:34)
    4. Did I Tell You (Live) ( 4:26)
    5. Dinero (Live) ( 3:20)
    6. You Got Me Wondering (Live) ( 2:14)
    7. Love Me Do (Live) ( 4:11)
    8. La Muana (Live) ( 3:57)
    9. This Could Be The One (Live) ( 2:48)
    10. Who Were You Thinking Of (Live) ( 2:50)

    1. Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio (Live) (3:11)
    2. Mi Corazon (Live) (5:08)
    3. Hey Baby Que Paso (Live) (3:19)
    4. Ay No Digas (Live) (4:12)
    5. Together Again (Live) (4:29)
    6. La Felicidad (Live) (5:36)
    7. He’ll Have To Go (Live) (5:28)
    8. Marina (Live) (5:48)
    9. Wooly Bully (Live) (3:22)
    10. Goodnight Irene (Live) (6:16)

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    zz320 kbps | 307 MB | LINKS

    Features live and studio performances dating back to B.B.’s earliest recordings in the 1950s on through to his most well-known and best-loved classics such as “The Thrill Is Gone,” “Every Day I Have The Blues,” “Payin ‘The Cost To Be The Boss,” “Guess Who” and many more!

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    VA - Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival Volume 1-4 (1991)

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title Of Album: Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival Volume 1-4
    Year Of Release: 1991
    Label: Smithsonian Collection
    Genre: Folk, Blues Gospel
    Quality: FLAC (tracks,cue,log)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Time: 4:43:34
    Full Size: 1.39 gb
    Upload: Turbobit / DipFile

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    61-WqdU%2BsoL._SS500.jpg320 kbps | 124 MB | LINKS

    From the shores of Jersey to the clubs of Britain, the Billy Walton band have been kicking around for ten years. Billy Walton himself has played with Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, and his band really reflect that soulful rock and blues sound. His guitar playing is second to none and it’s a combination of rock and soul blended together like that of no other, yet it’s done traditionally enough to sound familiar to the masses.

    The influence of the New Jersey sound is something you can’t miss from this band, and that doesn’t come without the mention of Bruce Springsteen, but also Count Basie and the rest who forged the sound of that area so long ago. Billy Walton and his band carry on in that same tradition with the live show being the main means of constant work, touring all over the US and the UK. The new album marks a fresh perspective with new tracks for the stage, and the video for “Hell Or Highwater” helps preview what’s to come when they hot the road in support of it.

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    51M8ffg5EDL._SS500.jpg320 kbps | 698 MB | LINKS

    This CD anthology contains 100 songs nearly half of Piaf’s entire recorded output, including many of her best known hits, such as “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”, “La Vie En Rose” and “Milord”. She was, and still remains, one of France’s greatest talents.

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    51pkpIRJ-kL._SS500.jpg320 kbps | 77 MB | LINKS


    01. Age of Miracles (3:40)
    02. William Blake (4:27)
    03. Story Teller (5:21)
    04. I Heard God Laughing (3:38)
    05. The Luminous Hours (2:56)
    06. Mountains and Beaches (3:39)
    07. The Poet of the Vineyard (2:30)
    08. The Knocker (3:05)
    09. Sayonara (2:52)
    10. True Lovers Always Say Farewell (2:59)

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    Το Substunce Sans Scrupule [Άγιος Άνθρωπος/ Ηρακλής/ Coherent States/ more mars/ noise-below/ Robbery AlarmRecords, 2017] είναι μια συμπαραγωγή έξι(!) ελληνικών labels (υποθέτω πως και το Robbery Alarm είναι ελληνικό), που υπογράφουν ο γνωστός στο χώρο του ηλεκτρονικού πειραματισμού Γαλλοαλγερινός Jean-Marc Foussatκαι ο έλληνας συνάδελφός του Γεώργιος Καραμανωλάκης (από Οδός 55 κ.λπ.).
    Για το ποιος είναι ο Foussatμπορεί ο καθείς να ανατρέξει στο δίκτυο (να διαβάσει και ν’ ακούσει). Επιγραμματικώς να πούμε πως ο άνθρωπος βρίσκεται στη σκηνή από τα πρώτα χρόνια του ’70, ως μέλος διαφόρων πειραματικών progressiveσυνόλων (Phyllauxckzairrâh N° III, Le Lézard Marçio κ.ά.), εγγραφές των οποίων ακούστηκαν για πρώτη φορά στο τετραπλό CDAlternative Oblique” το 2015 και πως η προσωπική δισκογραφία του (στο discogs) περιλαμβάνει 20 άλμπουμ (πέραν των συμμετοχών του σε άλλες ομάδες). Αυτός λοιπόν ο μουσικός, με τα πολλά και σοβαρά credits, συνεργάζεται με τον Καραμανωλάκη για τη δημιουργία ενός άλμπουμ, που μπορεί να… τρυπήσει αυτιά με τη δύναμη και την οξύτητα των ηχητικών κυμάτων του.
    Με ένα κομμάτι ανά πλευρά, το Substunce Sans Scrupule” δεν είναι ένα LPγια τον καθέναν. Είναι ένα άλμπουμ για… τριακόσιους αυστηρά μυημένους στα πεδία της σκληρής musique concrète (από François Bayle, Bernard Parmegiani και πέρα…) και κυρίως εκείνης της εικονοκλαστικής επέκτασής της προς τον ακραίο ηλεκτροστατισμό και τον έντονο, και παρατεταμένο συχνά, θόρυβο.
    Οι δύο πειραματιστές, και στα δύο tracks του LP, το “Substunce sans scrupule” και το «Μαγικο-θρησκευτικο-επιστημονικά δρώμενα», μετέρχονται πλήθος ηλεκτρονικών πηγών (το κλασικό EMS Synthi AKS είναι βασικό, μα και άλλα διάφορα μηχανήματα, που μανιπουλάρουν φωνές και ήχους, όπως και πιο συμβατικές ακουστικές πηγές, παιγνίδια φερ’ ειπείν ή jews harps, που χειρίζεται ο Foussat), κατορθώνοντας να δημιουργήσουν, ιδίως στην περίπτωση του «δρωμένου», μιαν εξώκοσμη και ταυτοχρόνως χθόνια κατάσταση, ανακατεύοντας προχωρημένους ήχους με αρχέγονες παραδοξότητες (και βασικά φωνές). Το αποτέλεσμα αυτής της αυθόρμητης(;) συνύπαρξης είναι πλήρως υποβλητικό ως άκουσμα και πολύ κοντά ή μάλλον πάνω-καταπάνω (και) σ’ εκείνο που, μέσω τίτλου, εξωφύλλου και ενθέτου (στο εικαστικό μέρος αναφέρομαι), οι δύο πειραματιστές προβάλλουν. Τον συνδυασμό εννοώ του παγανιστικού χθες με το ορθολογικό σήμερα.
    Πρέπει ν’ ακούσει κάποιος για να μπει αληθινά στο πνεύμα...

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    Judy Collins - The Essential (2005)

    Artist: Judy Collins
    Title Of Album: The Essential
    Year Of Release: 2005
    Label (Catalog#): Laserlight [4724243]
    Country: United States
    Genre: Folk Pop/Rock, Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter
    Quality: FLAC (tracks,cue,log)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Time: 1:17:28
    Full Size: 449 mb
    Upload: Turbobit / HitFile / DipFile

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  • 01/17/18--04:11: 101 Stax Records 5CDs (2017)
  • 101 Stax Records 5CDs (2017)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: 101 Stax Records 5CDs
    Label: Universal Music, Spectrum Audio
    Style: Religious, Gospel, Country, Early R&B, Disco, Black Gospel, Blues, Doo-Wop
    Release Date: 24-11-2017
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 101 Tracks
    Size: 789 Mb / 05:34:38 Min

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    MI0000366772.jpg?partner=allrovi.comFLAC | 240 MB | LINKS

    Coming out in late 2002, shortly after Dashboard Confessional’s breakthrough into mainstream radio, its easy to see where Scott Windsor (aka the Lyndsay Diaries) is getting his ideas from. With confessional tunes of a heartbroken emo boy, Windsor is aimed head on at the acoustic, emotive style that came barreling out of the underground in the year before he completed his record. Distant whispers and fleeting moments that hint at a hunger for Bright Eyes’ complexity come and go, but never stick, and unfortunately, not even the painfully catchy hooks of Chris Carraba’s Dashboard are able to find their way out of what is ultimately a lackluster and far too weepy rumination on Windsor’s late teens and early twenties. There are some promising moments, like the Kind of Like Spitting-esque title track, complete with some interesting drum loops, or a number of tunes that would sit comfortably among the quieter work of the Get up Kids, but it falls off the wagon a little too often, and while Windsor certainly has some good ideas, the songs on this disc may have left the dorm room a little prematurely.

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    Karen-and-the-Sorrows-300x300.jpg320 kbps | 105 MB | LINKS

    Karen Pittelman grew up listening to her parents’ country record collection and despite starting out in a punk band she eventually found herself wanting to sing songs about heartbreak. Only by using the pedal steel did she find the musical ‘essence of sorrow’ she was looking for, played here by Elana Redfield (drummer Tammi Johnson completes the trio). The Narrow Place is an album connected to the musical roots of country music but thematically and lyrically unique.

    Karen and the Sorrows are trailblazers in the queer country scene – running events like the Gay Ole Opry and Another Country Festival. For too long country has been seen as a deeply conservative genre and many bands and fans feel excluded from the white bro-country narrative. Welcoming more diverse artists to the genre is something that can only be beneficial to its future survival.

    Of course it’s deeply ironic that most alternative country is actually more traditional in terms of its sound than anything you can hear on MANstream radio. This album is no exception, with the opening song Back Down to the Dirt a perfect introduction to the vocal style and country heart of this band. There’s no dirt here in the sound, it’s raw in terms of production but the singing is as sweet as cherry pie.

    This is followed by the best song on the album, the melodic ‘Can’t Miss What You Never Have‘, which is about ‘living in between’ and dreaming of a ‘normal’ life. It’s about that ache for the things you don’t have, for the life you want but are excluded from. In this song I guess it’s about the perfect notion of family life but it could be about anything. The themes and experiences here are personal but they become universal truths, like the best songs do.

    Take Me For A Ride turns the beer and truck song on its head – this is sung by a girl, for a girl. So simple an idea and hardly rebellious since gay marriage is legal but we just don’t hear enough of these songs in country. Even out stars like Brandy Clark still take on character roles and sing about men and Girl Crush was a cop out since it was framed in terms of a man. Country music is three chords and the truth after all – it can’t be real if you’re too afraid to sing about who you actually love.

    Another simple way to make a song diverse is heard on The Man Who Loves You, where gender roles are switched. This is a great little folk inspired number, a sweet melody sung to a lover in the hope of turning things around in their relationship. The Wire and ‘Everything I Had‘ are slices of heartbreak with a more bluesy rock sound, yet slow and mournful. Nowhere puts the pedal steel right to the front, and this is a lovely lilting song of lost love.

    The Price of the Ticket is inspired by a James Baldwin essay on racism, here the personal becomes political. The voice is high but this feminine heart is what makes songs like this so uniquely affecting. Walk Through the Desert had a seventies rock feel to it while I Was Just Your Fool is a classic country shuffle.

    The Narrow Place may have been inspired by heartbreak like so many other country albums of the past but Karen & the Sorrows transcend the cliches and offer a genuinely distinctive listening experience.

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    z320 kbps | 102 MB | LINKS

    Singer songwriter Sam Newton is a storytelling folk musician from Sydney who takes full advantage of traditional country and blues foundations to build both free wheelin’ and carefully constructed songs. A staple in the Australian Alt-Country scene, his hooks and poignant lyrics will stay with you long after the music finishes.

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    z320 kbps |  105 MB | LINKS

    The new album “Confluence” melds together a pleasurable roots experience exploring some beautiful instrumentation ranging from mandolin, fiddle, pedal steel to horns, harmonica, piano, B3 and plenty of guitars and vocal harmonies. It is a musical treat that is leaving listeners awaiting the release of the bands third album expected soon.

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    Monocle-Band-300x300.jpg320 kbps | 111 MB | LINKS

    The Clearing, Monocle Band’s second album, is the kind of record the Americana genre label was made for. Their songs have elements of folk, country, rock, and bluegrass without tipping particularly far in any direction. They’ve got a pair of strong singers, one male, one female, and one standout player, fiddler Emily Lewis.

    The opening two songs demonstrate the contrast in songwriting styles between vocalists Monica Marie and Bill Huston. “Medicine” kicks off the record with an amiable mid-tempo folk-rock vibe. There’s a pleasant, tuneful guitar solo between the chorus and second verse and welcome background color throughout by guest banjoist Dusty Rider. Marie’s soulful, earthy voice recalls the Indigo Girls while her abstract lyrics are singable but not particularly deep. Next up is the Huston-penned “Not If I Have My Way”, a rolling country-folk song with a bluegrass spine that shows up whenever the singing stops. In contrast to Marie, Huston’s conversational baritone singing recalls a slightly more twangy Ed Robertson (of Canadian pop-rock stalwarts Barenaked Ladies – a constant distraction to me that is in no way Huston’s fault). Lyrically, Huston is a storyteller, and “Not If I Have My Way” tells the tale of a good man gone bad. It’s just as melodic as “Medicine”, but the song’s lyrics reward multiple listens while “Medicine” lays it out there the first time through.

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    Woven Hand - полная дискография Жанр : Alternative country, Folk rock Годы выпуска : 2002 - 2014 Страна : USA Аудио кодек : MP3 Тип рипа : tracks Битрейт аудио : 320 kbps ID3-тэги : есть Источник : lossless- и lossy-релизы на rutracker.

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    Cowboy - Cowboy, Boyer & Talton Reunion 2010 (2011)
    Artist: Cowboy
    Title Of Album: Cowboy, Boyer & Talton Reunion 2010
    Release Date: 2011
    Location: USA
    Label: Hittin The Note
    Genre: Country, Southern Rock
    Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue+covers)
    Length: 01:18:20 min
    Tracks: 17
    Total Size: 505 MB (+5%)

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  • 01/17/18--08:58: Blaque Dynamite Killing Bugs
  • Blaque Dynamite
    Killing Bugs
    (Ropeadope, 2017)
    more details

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    Elvina Makaryan (Էլվինա Մակարյան / Эльвина Макарян) 2001-2008 discography Жанр : Pop, Ретро Эстрада, Jazz-Pop, R&B, Smooth Jazz, Chanson Страна-производитель диска : USA / Armenia Год издания диска : 2001-2008 Издатель (лейбл) : Hollywood Music Center, Narek.

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  • 01/17/18--09:58: Gili Yalo Gili Yalo
  • Gili Yalo
    Gili Yalo
    (Dead Sea, 2017)
    more details

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