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    320 kbps | 79 MB | LINKS

    Full Flower is an exercise in letting the light in – the result of a band exploring sonic space throughout its thirteen tracks, weaving smaller, more production intensive vignettes into the larger fabric of Us and Us Only’s trademark see-sawing dynamics. In allowing its home in bedroom ambiance to work in harmony with high fidelity studio prowess, Full Flower is a rock album viewed through the morning haze of half-open eyes.

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    Τρίτο άλμπουμ για τους Fos, που δεν είναι άλλοι από την Κατερίνα Κουτούζη. Είχαν προηγηθεί τα “Psila” (2008) και “Rock” (2009) και να τώρα, οκτώ χρόνια μετά, ένα LP υπό τον τίτλοCaptain Free [nearthe exit music, 2017], που έρχεται να ταράξει τα νερά, γιατί όχι, στην τωρινή folktronica.
    Η Κουτούζη δεν ζει στην Ελλάδα. Είναι από χρόνια εγκατεστημένη στο Λονδίνο, και από ’κει μας έρχονται οι δίσκοι της. Πρώτη φορά είχα γράψει για τους Fos, το 2011, λέγοντας πως η Κουτούζη… «στήνει “περιβάλλοντα”, αφηγούμενη μια προσωπική της ιστορία – αναμνήσεις, αγάπες, όνειρα, άλλοι χρόνοι, φάσματα συναισθημάτων, όλα τοποθετούνται στις θέσεις τους, δημιουργώντας έναν τύπο φολκτρόνικας, όχι μακρυά, ορισμένες φορές, από εκείνον του Bibio ή των Tunng». Τα ίδια πάνω-κάτω, και όσον αφορά στην ουσία της υπόθεσης, θα πω και τώρα, καθότι η Κουτούζη δίνει ένα πράγματι πολύ καλό άλμπουμ (βινυλίου), γεμάτο και από τα δύο. Και από τους προγραμματισμούς της και από τις σκόρπιες ανταύγειες, ενδιαμέσως, των παραδοσιακών ηχοχρωμάτων.
    Το άλμπουμ ανοίγει με το “Captain Free”, ένα electro τραγούδι, που κυλάει μέσα σε μιαν eightiesρυθμική μακαριότητα, με τα synths και το drum machineνα μεταφέρουν τα πρέποντα vibes. Στο “Aeras fissa” η Κουτούζη τραγουδάει ελληνικά – και όχι εν είδει exotica. Το τραγούδι έχει, πάνω απ’ όλα, ελληνικό νόημα, με τα πλήκτρα να χαράζουν και εδώ την κύρια μελωδική γραμμή. Το “Better no map” είναι το πρώτο σχεδόν ορχηστρικό του άλμπουμ (υπάρχουν φωνητικά, που παίζουν ρόλο οργάνου), κι εκείνο στο οποίο εναποθέτονται τα πρώτα, ας τα πούμε, αντιδημοφιλή στοιχεία. Η φάση γίνεται πιο εσωστρεφής, οι αλλαγές δεν είναι πολλές και μια σχετική μονοτονία δημιουργεί τις προϋποθέσεις για να παίξουν παιγνίδι τα κρουστά, η μελόντικα, τα κοχύλια, το glockenspiel. Ωραίο κομμάτι – διαφορετικό από τα προηγούμενα δύο. Τέταρτο κομμάτι της πλευράς ο “Adamos”. Ακορντεόν, βιολί και ηλεκτρονικά για εισαγωγή, και μια «μπομπάτη» συνέχεια με τη μελόντικα να παραπέμπει ακόμη και σε Augustus Pablo – reggae δηλαδή(!) σε συνδυασμό με πολύ ανεβασμένα beats, στα όρια του techno. Τελευταίο κομμάτι για την A sideτο “Captain Free II”, που ναι μεν εμφανίζει ένα νησιώτικο άρωμα, βασικά λόγω του βιολιού τής Johana Hartwig (πρόκειται για τη μοναδική guest μουσικό του άλμπουμ), αλλά στην πορεία «φεύγει».
    Η B sideέχει τρία tracks. Ξεκινά με το “Captain Free III”, που είναι σχεδόν 4λεπτο. Βαθιά bass-line, βοκαλισμοί από την Κουτούζη, πλήκτρα να πλέουν… γενικώς ένα άνετο electro, που μοιάζει, ίσως, για εισαγωγή σε κάτι άλλο. Ακολουθεί λοιπόν το 6λεπτο “Sailing out of the storm”, ένα κάπως υποχθόνιο track, που κυλάει σε σχετικά γρήγορο τέμπο και που πλαισιώνεται από δέσμες ηλεκτρονικών. Υπάρχει μια βασική μελωδία, αλλά υπάρχουν και οι συμβολές που την υπονομεύουν, με την όλη «κατασκευή» να κρατάει κάποια γερά pagan ρίγη. Πολύ καλό κομμάτι! 
    Το άλμπουμ θα ολοκληρωθεί με το 11λεπτο “Wild on blue”. Ήχοι από κύματα, πιάνο, πειραγμένη φωνή – με το τέμπο να γίνεται πιο γοργό στην πορεία, η μελωδία ν’ απλώνεται και το κομμάτι ν’ αποκτά ένα σαν-κοσμικό επίχρισμα, καταλήγοντας μ’ ένα lo-fi κλείσιμο.

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    FLAC | 626 MB | LINKS

    Sam “Lightnin’” Hopkins, a true poet who invented most of his lyrics on the spot and never seemed to run out of new ideas, was a blues giant of post-war blues whose style was rooted in pre-war Texas traditions. While he cranked up his amp to fierce proportions when performing for his friends at Houston juke joints, producers who recorded him for the so-called folk-blues market usually insisted that he use an acoustic guitar for more “authentic” results. Either way, Lightnin’ seldom made a bad record, and this June 4, 1963, session on which he played acoustic was among his finest, thanks much to the sensitive support of bassist Leonard Gaskin and drummer Herbie Lovelle, who did a remarkable job of following his irregular bar patterns and abrupt song endings.


    Side A:
    01. Wake Up Old Lady (4:27)
    02. Don’t Embarrass Me, Baby (3:25)
    03. Stranger Here (5:53)
    04. Little Sister’s Boogie (3:34)

    Side B:
    05. Goin’ Away (5:50)
    06. You Better Stop Her (4:42)
    07. Business You’re Doin’ (3:21)
    08. I’m Wit’ It (4:00)

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    Artist: John Matthias & Jay Auborn
    Title: Race To Zero
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Village Green
    Genre: Ambient, Experimental/Electronic
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 38:11 mins
    Total Size: 219 MB

    b. England. Although Matthias may be best known for his contributions to recordings by other artists, the multi-talented musician finally got around to launching a solo career shortly after the dawn of the twenty-first century. Influenced by artists such as the Beatles and the Smiths early on, Matthias soon began playing in bands, such as the obscure Jackdaw Music. By the middle of the 90s, he had become quite an in-demand session musician (mostly for his violin skills), as he appeared on recordings such as Radiohead’s landmark The Bends, the Wishplants’ Coma, Matthew Herbert’s Bodily Functions, and Lunatic Calm’s Breaking Point. After relocating to Bristol, Avon in 1998, Matthias noticed that the relaxed pace of his new home town began to influence his style of songwriting, as evidenced in his debut solo release three years later, Smalltown, Shining (a release that saw Matthias lay down his violin momentarily, as he focused on his singing and guitar playing, in addition to serving as producer). The pop folk album proved to be a critical favourite, as it earned comparisons to Neil Young’s more serene moments.
    01. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Actress
    02. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Pretoria
    03. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Caretaker
    04. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Wax Heart
    05. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Stone Face
    06. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Tilted Stage
    07. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Every Word a Mask
    08. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Soma Vapour
    09. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – Songbird

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    Artist: Keny Arkana
    Title: L’esquisse Volume 3
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Because Music
    Genre: Hip-Hop
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 52:12 mins
    Total Size: 344 MB

    Keny Arkana est une artiste rare à plus d’un titre. Elle fait la jonction sur disque et sur scène entre les mondes du rap, du rock, de la chanson engagée et du reggae. Toujours pas de compromis avec le système médiatique et promotionnel, elle développe sa musique de manière virale et organique auprès de son public. 4 ans 1/2 après «Tout tourne autour du soleil», Keny Arkana revient avec «L’esquisse 3» : 16 nouvelles chansons où elle continue de livrer ses messages, tant avec conviction et poésie qu’avec rage et musicalité.
    01. Keny Arkana – Element Feu
    02. Keny Arkana – Abracadabra
    03. Keny Arkana – Couleur Molotov
    04. Keny Arkana – Lejos
    05. Keny Arkana – Element Terre
    06. Keny Arkana – Fourmiliere
    07. Keny Arkana – Tout Est Faux
    08. Keny Arkana – Tu M’as Trahie
    09. Keny Arkana – Laissez-Moi
    10. Keny Arkana – Element Eau
    11. Keny Arkana – La Route Sera Longue
    12. Keny Arkana – Freestyle Beatbox
    13. Keny Arkana – De L’opera A La Plaine 3
    14. Keny Arkana – Madame La Marquise
    15. Keny Arkana – La Verite Fait Mal
    16. Keny Arkana – Element Air

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    Artist: VA
    Title: 90s Pop Tour (En Vivo)
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Sony Music
    Genre: Pop, Latino
    Quality: MP3 320 kbps
    Total Time: 2:15:09
    Total Size: 328 Mb

    01. Ritmo de la Noche (feat. Erik Rubin, Fey, JNS, OV7, Aleks Syntek & Litzy) [En Vivo] – The Sacados
    02. No Puedo Más (En Vivo) – Calo
    03. Dame Amor (feat. Calo) [En Vivo] – Erik Rubin
    04. Entre Azul y Buenas Noches (feat. Erik Rubin) [En Vivo] – Jns
    05. Azúcar Amargo (feat. Calo & JNS) [En Vivo] – Fey
    06. Enloquéceme (feat. Calo) [En Vivo] – OV7
    07. Formas de Amor (feat. OV7) [En Vivo] – Calo
    08. No Hay Palabras (feat. JNS) [En Vivo] – Litzy
    09. Gatos en el Balcón (feat. Erik Rubin) [En Vivo] – Fey
    10. Sólo Vivo para Ti (feat. OV7 & The Sacados) [En Vivo] – Jns
    11. Tú Necesitas (feat. OV7) [En Vivo] – Aleks Syntek
    12. Capitán (feat. Aleks Syntek) [En Vivo] – Calo
    13. Hey Güera / Mío / Es por Amor (feat. Litzy & OV7) [En Vivo] – Erik Rubin
    14. Mis Impulsos Sobre Ti (feat. Aleks Syntek & Erik Rubin) [En Vivo] – Aleks Syntek
    15. Tus Besos (feat. Erik Rubin & Aleks Syntek) [En Vivo] – OV7
    16. Me Enamoro de Ti (feat. JNS) [En Vivo] – Fey
    17. La Noche se Mueve (feat. OV7) [En Vivo] – Fey
    18. Duele el Amor (feat. OV7, Calo, JNS & Litzy) [En Vivo] – Aleks Syntek
    19. De Noche en la Ciudad (feat. Calo, OV7 & The Sacados) [En Vivo] – Aleks Syntek
    20. Bikini a Lunares Amarillo (feat. JNS) [En Vivo] – The Sacados
    21. Cuando Mueres por Alguien (feat. Erik Rubin) [En Vivo] – Erik Rubin
    22. Más de lo Que Te Imaginas (feat. OV7 & Fey) [En Vivo] – The Sacados
    23. Pepe (feat. The Sacados) [En Vivo] – Jns
    24. No Te Extraño (feat. Litzy) [En Vivo] – Litzy
    25. Media Naranja (feat. Litzy, JNS, Calo & OV7) [En Vivo] – Fey
    26. Vuela Más Alto (feat. OV7) [En Vivo] – OV7
    27. Ponte Atento (feat. Aleks Syntek) [En Vivo] – Calo
    28. Shabadabada (feat. Fey, Calo, JNS, The Sacados, Aleks Syntek, Litzy & Erik Rubin) [En Vivo] – OV7
    29. Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas (feat. OV7, Fey, Calo, JNS, The Sacados, Litzy & Erik Rubin) [En Vivo] – Aleks Syntek
    30. Enferma de Amor (feat. OV7, Calo & Litzy) [En Vivo] – Jns
    31. Mírame a los Ojos (feat. JNS, Aleks Syntek, Fey, Calo, The Sacados, Litzy & Erik Rubin) [En Vivo] – OV7
    32. Muévelo (feat. OV7, JNS, Aleks Syntek, Calo, The Sacados, Litzy & Erik Rubin) [En Vivo] – Fey

    Regresa OV7, FEY, JNS, Caló, Aleks Syntek, Erick Rubín, Litzy y The Sacados, marcando un momento único e irrepetible en la gira más grande del 2017, donde realizan un recorrido musical con sus más grandes éxitos: Muévelo, Enferma de amor, Mírame a los ojos, El capitán, Más de lo que te imaginas, Cuando mueres por alguien, entre otros.


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    Artist: Charlie Fink
    Title: Cover My Tracks
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Charlie Fink
    Genre: Folk, Pop, Acoustic
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 29:20 mins
    Total Size: 176 MB

    After four diverse and successful albums at the helm of Noah & The Whale, Charlie Fink breaks for solo terrain. It’s a hugely ambitious first foray, a concept album of songs also incorporated into a theater production (starring Fink himself). Fortunately, his ambition is matched by the quality and care of execution. Fink suits the role of troubled, country-tinged folk troubadour. Lyrically, the rich storytelling feels Dylanesque (particularly on the exquisite “Firecracker” and “The Howl”), and songs like “The End of the Legendary Hearts” showcase that natural way Fink has with a beautiful, melodic chorus.
    01. Charlie Fink – Firecracker
    02. Charlie Fink – Anywhere You’re Going Is on My Way
    03. Charlie Fink – I Was Born to Be a Cowboy
    04. Charlie Fink – The End of the Legendary Hearts
    05. Charlie Fink – Give Me the Road
    06. Charlie Fink – Orpheus Is Playing the Troubadour
    07. Charlie Fink – The Howl
    08. Charlie Fink – I’m Through
    09. Charlie Fink – Someone Above Me Tonight
    10. Charlie Fink – Here Is Where We’ll Meet
    11. Charlie Fink – Firecracker, Pt. 2

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    Artist: Soulfood
    Title: Shaman’s Way Collection
    Year Of Release: 1998-2005
    Genre: Native american, new age, world
    Total Time: 06:18:37
    Total Size: 970 MB



    1998 – Breathe
    CD 1
    01. Creation (07:50)
    02. Breathe (13:46)
    03. Chameleon (08:47)
    04. Wisdom (07:06)
    05. Wayob (06:36)
    06. Vision (07:12)
    07. Mystery (09:28)
    CD 2
    01. Deeper Creation (08:21)
    02. Breathe Deeper (05:44)
    03. Deep Chameleon (12:54)
    04. Deeper Wisdom (11:49)
    05. Deep Wayob (02:44)
    06. Deeper Vision (10:15)
    07. Deeper Mystery (09:50)


    2000 – Sky Spirit (with Anakwad (Frank Montano)
    01. Manitou (Spirit) (08:34)
    02. Wigwam (Earth Lodge) (07:44)
    03. Manitou Giishik (Sky Spirit) (04:59)
    04. Nokomis Giisis (Grandmother Moon) (05:12)
    05. Nimke Nagamon (Thunder Song) (05:53)
    06. Mishomis Giisis (Grandfather Sun) (06:03)
    07. Gimiwan (Rain) (10:31)


    2002 – Shaman’s Way (with Rita Coolidge & Brent Lewis)
    01. Dreaming Taos (08:55)
    02. Shaman’s Journey (Part I) (03:51)
    03. Vision Quest (05:50)
    04. The Way (07:12)
    05. Prophecy (06:59)
    06. Shaman’s Way (06:20)
    07. Echo Canyon (08:06)
    08. Shaman’s Journey (Part II) (10:37)
    09. Sky Creek (02:12)


    2004 – Power Down 10
    01. Vision Quest (05:39)
    02. Dreaming Taos (05:12)
    03. Chamber 12 (05:08)
    04. Chamber 14 (04:00)
    05. Prophecy (05:08)
    06. Chamber 15 (05:29)
    07. Chamber 13 (03:19)
    08. Shamanic Dream (05:10)
    09. Chakra Dance (05:13)
    10. Awakening (04:32)
    11. Shaman’s Way (04:53)
    12. Shaman’s Journey (Pt. II) (06:21)


    2004 – Power Down 11
    01. Hatha (04:51)
    02. Yoga Dreams (05:19)
    03. Namaste (05:04)
    04. Soaring (05:03)
    05. Dreaming (05:13)
    06. Equinox (05:01)
    07. Planet Weaver (05:08)
    08. Native Sky (05:02)
    09. Gimiwan (Rain) (04:35)
    10. Autumn (04:33)
    11. Dancing Rain (04:26)
    12. Yoga Dreaming (06:43)


    2005 – Mystic Canyons
    01. Soulstice (04:33)
    02. Distant Spirits (05:41)
    03. Mystic Canyons (04:32)
    04. Canyon Echoes (06:02)
    05. Hawk Ridge (03:06)
    06. Coyote Moon (07:26)
    07. Thunder Song (07:30)
    08. Sky Creek (10:27)
    09. Mystic Canyon (Part 2) (09:32)
    10. Encore (03:42)

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    Artist: Swear And Shake
    Title: The Sound of Letting Go
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Swear and Shake
    Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Folk
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 44:26 mins
    Total Size: 251 MB

    SWEAR AND SHAKE is a New York-based indie-folk-rock quartet that features singer-songwriters Kari Spieler and Adam McHeffey, bassist Shaun Savage and drummer Tom Elefante. While studying at SUNY Purchase in 2009, Adam and Kari collaborated on a simple one mic demo. Shortly after realizing the potential in their musical chemistry, the duo was joined by Shaun and Tom, adding a colorful new energy to their melodic and catchy songs.
    01. Swear And Shake – Tear Us Apart
    02. Swear And Shake – Not for Nothing
    03. Swear And Shake – Two Years Lost
    04. Swear And Shake – Friendly Fire
    05. Swear And Shake – Falling in Love
    06. Swear And Shake – Blouses
    07. Swear And Shake – Tina
    08. Swear And Shake – Until Someone Does It to You
    09. Swear And Shake – Love Radiating
    10. Swear And Shake – Landing Planes
    11. Swear And Shake – Easier to Do
    12. Swear And Shake – The Sound of Letting Go
    13. Swear And Shake – How We Fight

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    Artist: The Bright Road
    Title: Ocean
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Fake Chapter Records
    Genre: Alternative, Pop, Folk
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 41:00 mins
    Total Size: 237 MB

    The origins of pop-rock outfit The Bright Road date back to around 2010, when singer-songwriter Philippe Garceau started collaborating with musicians in Montréal, Québec. From those collaborations arose 2012’s Norway, an atmospheric album whose tranquil songs create space for reflection, peace, and solitude. David Brisson and Keven Juneau joined The Bright Road a few months after Norway was released, and the band attacked touring and songwriting with a new collaborative focus. After two years of writing songs together and being immersed in Montréal culture, Ocean was born. A symbol that accommodates all walks of life, the ocean is broad enough to welcome multiple stories and interpretations; even a new member: Léa Boudreau. For the band, it’s important for all listeners to let their own stories guide interpretations of Ocean. Garceau, Brisson, Juneau and Boudreau call music a “universal language” that communicates and brings people together in ways that words cannot.
    Les origines du groupe pop-rock The Bright Road remontent à 2010, lorsque le compositeur-interprète Philippe Garceau a commencé à collaborer avec des musiciens de Montréal. De ces collaborations nait Norway en 2012, un album atmosphérique dont les chansons créent un espace de réflexion, de paix et de solitude. David Brisson et Keven Juneau ont rejoint The Bright Road quelques mois après la sortie de Norway, et le groupe a entamé les tournées et les chansons avec un nouveau focus collaboratif. Après deux ans d’écriture de chansons et d’immersion dans la culture montréalaise, Ocean est né. Un symbole qui accueille tous les horizons de la vie. L’océan est assez large pour accueillir plusieurs histoires et interprétations; et même un nouveau membre : Léa Boudreau. Pour le groupe, il est important que les auditeurs se laissent guider par leurs propres histoires et interprétations de l’océan. Pour Garceau, Brisson, Juneau et Boudreau, la musique est une langue universelle qui communique et rassemble les gens d’une manière que seuls les mots ne peuvent pas.
    01. The Bright Road – Far Away
    02. The Bright Road – We’ll Be Fine
    03. The Bright Road – Be There
    04. The Bright Road – Our Home
    05. The Bright Road – Question
    06. The Bright Road – Great
    07. The Bright Road – Incendie Fragile
    08. The Bright Road – As It Should
    09. The Bright Road – La Mer (feat. Gilles Vigneault)
    10. The Bright Road – Ocean
    11. The Bright Road – Sea

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    Artist: Grace Sings Sludge
    Title: Life With Dick
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Empty Cellar Records
    Genre: Alternative, garage, psychedelic, indie folk
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 32:02 mins
    Total Size: 130 MB

    Life With Dick is the new album by Grace Sings Sludge (The Sandwitches, The Fresh and Onlys). It’s the continuation of a world Grace Cooper began illustrating as one of the lead songwriters of the San Francisco band The Sandwitches, and on her previous three collections of solo home recordings (released as limited run cassette tapes). As with the other solo albums, Cooper does the artwork for the album. Her delicate yet disturbing pen and watercolor creations are the perfect accompaniment to her songs, as though they’ve emerged from the same troubled dreams. Though understated, a sense of urgency permeates this record. Cooper’s voice dances through the songs with a chameleon quality that’s sultry and commanding on ”In Spite of Doom” and desperate, vulnerable and sharp on ”Can’t Play” and ”Everlasting Arms.” Her lyrics contain the weariness of giving in to a love requited, and the unsettling realities of maintaining that love. In some pieces it seems she no longer knows where to direct her endless yearning. She observes on ”Bad Timing Pt. 2”: ”Two boats they don’t meet up in the night, they glide by each other and forever out of sight… they might just be the lucky ones.” The spookiness of Cooper’s sound a sound influential in some of The Sandwitches’ best songs like ”Joe Says” and ”In the Garden” is still present here and especially on the darker second side. Piercing guitars and heartbeat drums on ”Everlasting Arms” warn that ”something’s growing in the basement” and something comes ”from within.” The recording quality of this release is raw but it is far from being a ”garage record.” It is a recording brought down from the attic, with no date and with no intended audience, and is best listened to alone.
    01. Grace Sings Sludge – A Man Doesn’t Want
    02. Grace Sings Sludge – Runaway (Bad Timing)
    03. Grace Sings Sludge – Bad Timing Pt. 2
    04. Grace Sings Sludge – Can’t Play
    05. Grace Sings Sludge – In Spite of Doom
    06. Grace Sings Sludge – Everlasting Arms
    07. Grace Sings Sludge – U.C.
    08. Grace Sings Sludge – Dedicated

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    FLAC / Hi-Res | 527 MB | LINKS

    In the past year, the biggest bands in the world have embraced the future by lurching in a new direction, for better or worse. Muse went gung-ho Depeche Mode with ‘Dig Down’. Arcade Fire went Americana ABBA with ‘Everything Now’. The Killers turned into disco titans with ‘The Man’. Big bands are giving it their all to avoid sinking into a rut. Even Coldplay, the magnificent but much-maligned stadium giants who could sell millions for decades, are still willing to test the leftfield with an EP like Kaleidoscope.

    But the rest of the EP is a glorious return to Coldplay’s mid-’00s explorative period. Opening track ‘All I Can Think About Is You’ begins as a dusky, ambient Radiohead art-throb in which a muffled Martin mumbles about “chaos giving orders”, sounding as if he’s hiding underwater from the political nightmares of 2017. Then, three minutes in, familiar ‘Clocks’ piano chords kick in and the tune becomes a celestial scream of adoration, love rising above Trumpageddon.

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    VA - Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Version) (2009) FLAC (tracks + .cue)
    Artist: VA | Album: Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Version) | Released: 2009 | Genre: Soundtrack, Rock | Country: USA | Duration: 01:06:14

    0 0

    320 kbps | 118 MB | LINKS

    1. Goin To Louisiana (3:10)
    2. Come Home Find My Baby Cry (3:04)
    3. Rock Me Baby (3:28)
    4. Hurt Me When You Cry (3:57)
    5. Boogie Chillum (3:17)
    6. I´m Coming Back Home (4:23)
    7. Back Door Friend (3:38)
    8. My Baby Is Gone (7:40)
    9. Little Red Rooster (4:31)
    10. Mr. Charlie (3:39)
    11. Goin To Louisiana T2 (3:18)
    12. Grandmama Told Grandpap (3:30)
    13. Obama The President Song (3:43)

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    320 kbps | 82 MB | LINKS

    Vancouver-based pop-punk band Needles//Pins is back from a three-year hiatus with their third full-length offering, Good Night, Tomorrow.

    The trio, made up of guitarist/vocalist Adam Solomonian, bassist Tony Dubroy and drummer Macey Budgell, released a couple of 7″ singles and a cassette before putting out 12:34, its first full-length album, in 2012. Since then the band, with its high-energy sets and Solomonian’s signature growly vocals, has been a fixture on the live scene in Vancouver.

    Lyrically, the songs on Good Night, Tomorrow are a chronicle of Solomonian’s life in the city, full of references to coping with boredom, never-ending rain and, most of all, his chronic battle against insomnia.

    “I think it’s just an environmental thing. It’s just such a good description for a lot of things that have to do with Vancouver, ” he told ION magazine. “That whole record is about my insomnia…. One of the things that often happens when you lie awake is that you listen to the rain.”

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    Download Baka_Beyond-Spirit_Of_The_Forest-1993-GCP Free
    Artist: Baka Beyond
    Title: Spirit Of The Forest
    Genre: Ethnic
    Year: 1993
    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 245 Kbps
    Tracks: 8
    Time: 00:49:03
    Size: 86.42 MB

    01. Baka Beyond – Spirit Of The Forest (5:33)
    02. Baka Beyond – The Man Who Danced Too Slowly (6:08)
    03. Baka Beyond – Ngombi (4:53)
    04. Baka Beyond – Baka Play Baka (6:59)
    05. Baka Beyond – Nahwia (5:15)
    06. Baka Beyond – Eeya Be (Elephant Song) (7:35)
    07. Baka Beyond – Canya Jam (5:43)
    08. Baka Beyond – Bounaka (6:57)

    Download Baka Beyond-Spirit Of The Forest-1993-GCP

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    FLAC | 532 MB | LINKS

    Disc 1: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975

    1. Take It Easy
    2. Witchy Woman
    3. Lyin’ Eyes
    4. Already Gone
    5. Desperado
    6. One of These Nights
    7. Tequila Sunrise
    8. Take It to the Limit
    9. Peaceful Easy Feeling
    10. Best of My Love

    Disc 2: Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2

    1. Hotel California
    2. Heartache Tonight
    3. Seven Bridges Road
    4. Victim of Love
    5. The Sad Café
    6. Life in the Fast Lane
    7. I Can’t Tell You Why
    8. New Kid in Town
    9. The Long Run
    10. After the Thrill Is Gone

    0 0

    Download Sapho-Digital_Sheikha-1998-GCP Free
    Artist: Sapho
    Title: Digital Sheikha
    Genre: Ethnic
    Year: 1998
    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 247 Kbps
    Tracks: 13
    Time: 00:56:55
    Size: 101.46 MB

    01. Sapho – Sois Plus Radical (5:32)
    02. Sapho – Je T’Avoue (4:33)
    03. Sapho – Laouah (3:02)
    04. Sapho – Sahia (5:06)
    05. Sapho – Petit Demon (5:01)
    06. Sapho – Va Habib (3:21)
    07. Sapho – Ce Spectacle (4:46)
    08. Sapho – Dabayji (5:34)
    09. Sapho – Endi Ou Hida (5:02)
    10. Sapho – Shalini (3:59)
    11. Sapho – Titiha (4:07)
    12. Sapho – Amuenty (4:25)
    13. Sapho – Radio Bebe (2:27)

    Download Sapho-Digital Sheikha-1998-GCP

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    Perez Prado - Best Selection [Japan Edition] (2009)

    0 0

    320 kbps | 101 MB | LINKS

    From the dirty blues-soaked streets of Chicago to the cross cultural rhythms of New Orleans and beyond this talented roster of award-winning musicians has nailed their debut effort. Well written, arranged and performed! This sparkling gem is a testament to dedication and experience. From the haunting opener “Daddy” to the almost bluegrass-esque “You’re No Good For Me” this project is an excellent listen from front to back. A true musical exploration filled with mind bending twists and turns throughout.

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