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    Artist: Khaled
    Title: C’est La Vie
    Year Of Release: 2012
    Label: Cz Sounds Rec
    Genre: Ethno-Pop, Rai N’B
    Quality: MP3/320 kbps
    Total Time: 42:48
    Total Size: 102 MB

    1. C’est La Vie (3:50)
    2. Hiya Hiya (feat. Pitbull) (3:23)
    3. Encore Une Fois (3:26)
    4. Ana Âacheck (3:08)
    5. Dima Labess (feat. Mazagan) (2:48)
    6. Elle est partie (3:26)
    7. Laila (feat. Marwan) (4:20)
    8. Andalucia (3:11)
    9. El Harraga (3:22)
    10. Bab Jenna (4:11)
    11. Wili Wili (3:58)
    12. Samira (4:09)

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    Artist: Alaclair Ensemble
    Title: Les Frères Cueilleurs
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Disques 7ième Ciel
    Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
    Quality: mp3 320 kbps / flac lossless
    Total Time: 00:50:37
    Total Size: 116 / 334 mb

    01. Coucou les coucous
    02. La chicane
    03. Mash
    04. FOUETTE
    05. Ça que c’tait
    06. Les infameux
    07. Alaclair High (GDM)
    08. Mes gars shootent
    09. Humble french canadiens
    10. Bazooka jokes
    11. Sauce pois
    12. Sous-sol po fini
    13. DWUWWYL
    The Montreal collective’s low-key hip-hop invites you on a sleepy psychedelic trip. As the group’s three primary rappers slip between French and English verses, the understated but unpredictable beats allude to classic Southern and West Coast hip-hop. Together, everything serves to enhance the effect of what feels like a sublimely smoked-out lucid dream.

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    Artist: Kelly McGuire
    Title: Destiny & Fate
    Year Of Release: 2015
    Label: Redfish Island Records
    Genre: Country, Americana
    Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
    Total Time: 42:47
    Total Size: 105 Mb

    1. Any Better Than This
    2. Seventeen
    3. Coming Home
    4. Barnacles
    5. Destiny & Fate
    6. You Drive Me Crazy
    7. Broken Pieces
    8. The Flood
    9. Where Love Goes
    10. The Song

    Known for his songs with a sailing, ocean, island, beach, Belize or Mexico themes, Kelly’s new "Destiny & Fate" CD is more a collection of songs with a strong lyrical storyline. This CD ranges from a Bluegrass version of his powerful song, "The Flood", to Americana/Country to a rocking sax flavored boogie on "Coming Home". "Barnacles" aka dreaming His Way To The Islands, talks about a sailor who dreams of sailing back to the islands.
    You may hear his songs on XM Sirius Radio Margaritaville or country radio. Kelly’s "Boat In Belize" album was awarded Album of the Year at the 2008 Texas Music Awards. Kelly tours the US coast to coast and also performs in Mexico, Belize, Canada & Costa Rica. You may find him performing at a House Concert venue anywhere from Key West to Seattle for his fans that appreciate the poetry of lyrics and a good storyline as well as concerts, Festivals, Private & corporate events.
    Since 2000 with his first release of all original tunes Kelly has sold more than 30,000 CDs in addition to downloads! Check out the variety of music on his previous CDs especially if you like ‘escapism’ music about sailing to the islands!


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    Эмир Кустурица /Emir Kusturica и «The No Smoking Orchestra» в программе «Соль» (выпуск 34 от 20.11.2016) Страна : Сербия Жанр : Folk Rock, Ethnic Продолжительность : 00:55:17 Год выпуска : 2016 Телеканал : REN-TV Описание : Участниками очередного выпуска программы Захара Прилепина «Соль» стали Эмир Кустурица и музыканты группы The No Smoking Orchestra.

    Тема на форуме

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    z320 kbps | 105 MB | UL | OB | TB | RG | BF

    Barry Waldrep & Kelli Johnson have teamed up together as a duo. They are excited to release their first CD project together “Hey Country” summer 2016. Together they produce a unique blend of Bluegrass, Roots Rock and Traditional Country.

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  • 11/23/16--03:25: Black String
  • Tikabasamüzik sayfasından...

    New sounds from the ancient instruments of Korea: Black String create a unique musical language drawing on Korean traditional music, jazz and free improvisation. Extraordinary, enigmatic music that wells up from silence and grasps the senses.

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    Artist: Kazumi Watanabe New Electric Trio
    Title: Mo’ Bop
    Year Of Release: 2003
    Label: EWE Records ‎[EWSA 0080]
    Genre: Jazz-Rock, Fusion
    Quality: FLAC (*tracks + .cue,log)
    Total Time: 00:55:37
    Total Size: 378 mb (+5%rec.)

    01. Mo’ Bop (Kazumi Watanabe)
    02. DADA (Kazumi Watanabe)
    03. ROBO (Kazumi Watanabe)
    04. Ring Of Life (Kazumi Watanabe)
    05. Backdrop (Koko Tanukava)
    06. Naima (John Coltrane)
    07. MOMO (Koko Tanukava)
    08. NEO (Kazumi Watanabe)
    09. Partida (Kazumi Watanabe)
    10. Tricorn (Kazumi Watanabe)
    Kazumi Watanabe (guitar),
    Richard Bona (bass),
    Horacio "El Negro" Hernández (drums)



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    z320 kbps | 103 MB | UL | OB | TB | RG | BF

    1. Let Us Be (4:26)
    2. This Christmas Night (3:37)
    3. Blue Christmas (3:05)
    4. Do Not Be Afraid (4:29)
    5. My Heart Is Bethlehem (4:41)
    6. You Raise Me Up (4:24)
    7. I Don’t Want To Rush This Christmas (3:54)
    8. Mary Did You Know (3:35)
    9. Joseph’s Lullaby (3:20)
    10. O Holy Night (5:39)

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    Φίλος μού έστειλε χθες ένα βίντεο από την εκπομπή τού ΑΝΤ1 «Ράδιο-Αρβύλα» στην οποίαν οι παρουσιαστές της σατίριζαν, υποτίθεται, τη συνάντηση στο Μαξίμου μεταξύ Τσίπρα και Ομπάμα. Ο φίλος δεν γνώριζε πως σιχαίνομαι τη συγκεκριμένη εκπομπή επειδή τη θεωρώ κρετίνικη –μπροστά της οι εκπομπές του Σεφερλή είναι… αρχαίο θέατρο– και γι’ αυτό τον συγχωρώ, αν και πολύ πιθανόν να την εντόπιζα κι εγώ μιας και «μοιράστηκε» σε διάφορα sites.
    Παίρνοντας αφορμή από την παραπολιτική αηδία, που ξεβράστηκε μετά τη συνάντηση Τσίπρα - Ομπάμα, οι παρουσιαστές τής εκπομπής έκαναν ένα ηλίθιο βίντεο, με… σκοπό να γελάσουν οι ανόητοι της εποχής μας. Όσοι γελάνε δηλαδή (ρίχνοντας «καντήλια» συγχρόνως), επειδή βλέπουν τον Τσίπρα να μη φοράει γραβάτα, να μιλάει… ελληνοαμερικάνικα, να κάθεται σαν «χυμένος» στον καναπέ κ.λπ.
    Είναι αλήθεια πως το χιούμορ του νεοέλληνα, κυρίως λόγω ιντερνέτ και άλλων καταστάσεων, έχει υποστεί πανωλεθρία τα τελευταία χρόνια, επειδή κάθε καρυδιάς καρύδι νομίζει πως μπορεί να συναγωνιστεί σε ατάκες τον Αυλωνίτη ή τον Σταυρίδη. Το αποτέλεσμα το βλέπουμε. Πώς επιβιώνουν δηλαδή, μέσω likes και shares, διάφοροι «καραγκιόζηδες» (στο ιντερνέτ πάντα), που το παίζουν χιουμορίστες, σώνει και καλά, χρησιμοποιώντας κατά κόρον την αισχρολογία, το φτηνό υπονοούμενο, το υπόγειο μένος τους για πρόσωπα και καταστάσεις, και βεβαίως, το άκρον άωτον όλων, την υπερβολή των υπερβολών, το τραβηγμένο απ’ τα μαλλιά, πατώντας φυσικά (ασχέτως αν το γνωρίζουν ή όχι) στην ευρύτερη αμορφωσιά τού πλήθους. Να μεγεθύνουν δηλαδή στην ανόητη λεπτομέρεια, αδιαφορώντας για την ογκώδη και αποφασιστική ουσία. Το αποτέλεσμα; Ο νεοέλληνας να γελάει (έτσι φαίνεται…) με ό,τι να ’ναι (πάτος δεν υπάρχει) εκτός από τα χάλια του. Τα προσωπικά του χάλια.
    Δεν τρέφω, ούτε εξέθρεψα ποτέ, αυταπάτες για τις κυβερνήσεις Τσίπρα (άσε τον Καμμένο). Δεν τις θεωρώ αριστερές –το έχω γράψει πολλές φορές αυτό– καθότι δεν θεωρούσα ποτέ και τόοοσο πολύ αριστερά το χώρο από τον οποίο ξεπετάχτηκαν. Αλλά ας μην κολλήσουμε εκεί – δεν θα κάνουμε τώρα ιστορική αναδρομή τού αναθεωρητισμού στην Ελλάδα, όταν από την εποχή της δικτατορίας ήδη το ΚΚΕ εσ. έψαχνε πώς να στηρίξει τους συνταγματαρχαίους (μέσω του δοτού Μαρκεζίνη).
    Άλλο όμως αυτό. Είναι άλλο δηλαδή το να ασκείς κριτική στην κυβέρνηση Τσίπρα (και Καμμένου) σε σχέση με τα μνημόνια ή με ό,τι άλλο, γνωρίζοντας την πορεία τού χώρου τής «ανανεωτικής αριστεράς» και την πορεία του Τσίπρα στο χώρο εν γένει, και άλλο να εκχυδαΐζεις πρόσωπα και καταστάσεις, παίρνοντας αφορμή από το ανάξιο λόγου και το ασήμαντο.
    Εγώ δεν έχω πρόβλημα με το αν ο Τσίπρας φοράει ή δεν φοράει γραβάτα (προσωπικώς, λέω, καλά κάνει και δεν φοράει, γιατί η γραβάτα δεν μου αρέσει κι εμένα – έχω φορέσει μόνο σε Αποκριές, επειδή την νοιώθω πάνω μου σαν να πηγαίνω στο ικρίωμα), ούτε έχω πρόβλημα με τον αν μιλάει καλά ή χάλια αγγλικά (κανονικά δεν έπρεπε να μιλάει πουθενά αγγλικά, έπρεπε να μιλάει ΜΟΝΟ ελληνικά και να έχει δίπλα του μεταφραστή, όπως έχει η Μέρκελ, ο Πούτιν, ο Ερντογκάν και διάφοροι άλλοι), ούτε αν μιλάει… ελληνοαμερικάνικα [κι εγώ όταν πάω στην Κέρκυρα μέσα σε λίγες ώρες μιλάω… κερκυραίικα και στην Πάτρα πατριν(ι)ά], ούτε αν κάθεται σαν χταπόδι στους καναπέδες…
    Πολλοί, βεβαίως, μπορεί να μιλήσουν για τη γλώσσα του σώματος – αλλά εγώ αυτά τα θεωρώ εν πολλοίς βλακείες, ιδίως όταν τα πιάνουν στο στόμα τους οι ηλίθιες κουτσομπόλες και οι χάχες μαϊντανοί της τηλεόρασης. Γίνανε όλοι μετρ της «επικοινωνίας» από τα... ΙΕΚ Μπαρμπούτσαλου. Άιντε να χαθείτε… παλιοκομμώτριες (με όλο το σέβας προς το λειτούργημα του λαϊκού κομμωτηρίου των κοριτσιών της γειτονιάς) και σαχλαμαραίοι των Β.Π.
    Ανίκανοι λοιπόν να σατιρίσουν δημιουργικά την ουσία, το πρόβλημα, το ζήτημα που μας καίει όλους, που καίει την κοινωνία, οι «αρβύλες», ο ατάλαντος Κανάκης και ο ταλαντούχος (κατά το πολύ βάθος) Σερβετάς, επιμένουν σ’ ένα είδος γυμνασιακής πλάκας (ούτε καν λυκειακής), παίρνοντας αφορμή από τα κατακάθια των παραπολιτικών, επενδύοντας στο ανόητο καταγέλαστο και την αήθη ευκολία.
    Ακόμη κι αν σου φαίνεται τόσο αστείος ο Τσίπρας έτσι όπως κάθεται –εμένα δεν μου φαίνεται καθόλου– με το να επιλέγεις να «σατιρίσεις» τόσο χυδαία κάτι τόσο αδιάφορο, δεν κάνεις τίποτ’ άλλο παρά να καταφέρεσαι σε κάτι ευρύτερο από εκείνο που υποτίθεται πως «χτυπάς».
    Κι ας το σκεφτούμε τούτο καλά, όλοι μας, μόνοι μας (αν μπορούμε…) με την ελπίδα πως, σ’ αυτή την περίπτωση, θα μας κοπούν κάπως τα γέλια…
    Α, και κάτι ακόμη που το ξέχασα. Το να καταφέρεσαι εναντίον της αριστεράς, εν γένει, μέσω του πώς ντύνεται ή κάθεται ο Τσίπρας, είναι σιχαμένη και όψιμη κωλομοντερνιά, καθοδηγημένη από γνωστά και άγνωστα κνώδαλα.

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    Artist: Cindy Bédard
    Title: Cœur sédentaire
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Audiogram
    Genre: French Pop, Country
    Quality: mp3 320 kbps / flac lossless
    Total Time: 00:33:23
    Total Size: 101 / 216 mb

    01. 155 Nord
    02. Kapibouska
    03. J’m’en va r’viendre
    04. Cœur sédentaire
    05. Corde à linge
    06. Toi
    07. Amour polaroid
    08. Poêle à bois
    09. Emmène-moi boire
    10. Trop tard

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    zz320 kbps | 103 MB | UB | OB |

    01. This Is The News Today (04:29)
    02. Flat Roof House (04:06)
    03. Dream Horses (05:37)
    04. Crystal Vase (04:14)
    05. Exquisitely Hopeless (04:02)
    06. Madame Marina (03:59)
    07. I Say A Little Prayer (03:06)
    08. Ripples (03:22)
    09. …travelling Inside And Travelling Out (01:51)
    10. To Live In The Moon (02:53)
    11. Chorale (04:36)

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    xz320 kbps | 103 MB | UL | OB |

    Pastures, the new full-length album from acclaimed American songwriter, Roger Hoover, will be released on October 7 through Last Chance Records.

    “Roger Hoover says the secret to good songwriting is “blending observation with experience.” He does so masterfully on his new project, Pastures, which is as close to a John Prine record as it gets.” – Isthmus

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    Artist: John Renbourn & Wizz Jones
    Title: Joint Control
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Riverboat
    Genre: Folk
    Quality: FLAC/320 Kbps
    Total Time: 53:08
    Total Size: 255/127 MB

    1. Hey Hey (3:02)
    2. Buckets Of Rain (4:21)
    3. Glory Of Love (2:38)
    4. Getting There (3:16)
    5. National Seven (4:01)
    6. Mountain Rain (4:41)
    7. Great Dream From Heaven (6:12)
    8. Strolling Down The Highway (4:49)
    9. In Stormy Weather (2:58)
    10. Balham Moon (3:16)
    11. Blues Run The Game (3:28)
    12. Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning (4:31)
    13. Joint Control (5:47)

    Riverboat Records is delighted and proud to be releasing Joint Control whose 13 songs wonderfully embody the fruits of that friendship, capturing the two great artists and consummate guitarists performing together live and in the studio. The album is all the more poignant because it represents the final recordings by John Renbourn, the final tracks made just days before his death on 26 March 2015 from a heart attack at his home in Hawick in the Scottish borders. At the time of John’s death, Joint Control was almost entirely finished. The pair had been working together since the start of the year in a small studio, about an hour from John’s Hawick home. Alongside the sheer artistry of their playing you can’t but escape the warmth of the camaraderie permeating these performances. Most of the songs are drawn from a repertoire honed through their touring together since 2012; the only original composition, Wizz’s instrumental ‘Balham Moon’, was recorded at the insistence of John, who also gave it a title. Of course, many of the songs date back to that extraordinary period of the 1960s when Wizz and John first met, reflecting the ideas and techniques that were shared by all the young British pickers and the influences which neither Wizz nor John would have hesitated to acknowledge – Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Josh White and Davy Graham. Joint Control is fundamentally steeped in the history of British folk music in the 1960s with many songs by Wizz and John’s contemporaries such as Al Jones and Archie Fisher. Another on the scene was Jackson C. Frank who first arrived in London in 1965; his most famous song, ‘Blues Run The Game’, was one Wizz had never got round to recording. It was only in more recent years that he started to play it, albeit it from Bert Jansch’s version. Bert Jansch himself is appropriately represented on this album by no less than three performances each one bearing the hallmarks of his unique technique and great songwriting. The unreleased instrumental ‘Joint Control’ is an early example of the reflective, intricate filigree work that would dramatically bear fruit on 1966’s Bert & John album. It was actually recorded for Jansch’s It Don’t Bother Me the previous year but inexplicably left off the final selection. Masterfully interpreted here by John with Wizz, it makes it’s presence here all the more special and significant. The anthemic ‘Strolling Down The Highway’ first appeared on Jansch’s debut which in the hands of Wizz and John – as eloquently dsecribed by Peter Paphides: “now sounds like a careworn validation of the bohemian aspirations parlayed by Bert and all the contemporaries for whom the guitar represented an escape route from the expectations of their forebears.” The other Jansch song, ‘Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning’, from his LA Turnaround album, always provided one of the most moving moments in Wizz and John’s shows together; Wizz would usually look skywards at the song’s close. In the wake of John’s death, this recorded version becomes even more heartfelt and moving. As much as Joint Control is steeped in the celebrated history that its two participants shared, these genuinely historic recordings also sound utterly fresh and contemporary. John and Wizz had only rarely appeared on record together in the past. John produced (and played a little) on Wizz’s 1972 album Right Now, as well as on 2011’s Lucky The Man so we can be particularly thankful that these recordings were made. As Peter Paphides concludes: “Joint Control is a fitting testament to two musicians who never forgot the spirit of joy and exploration which made them pick up their instruments in the first place; two fires of more than fifty years standing. We’re very fortunate that they managed to capture it in time.”


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    Artist: John Farnham
    Title: The Essential John Farnham Limited Edition 3.0
    Year Of Release: 2009
    Label: Sony [886975538423]
    Genre: Rock, Folk, Pop
    Quality: FLAC (*tracks + .cue,log)
    Total Time: 02:53:48
    Total Size: 1.25 GB (+5%rec.)

    01. You’re the Voice (5:04)
    02. Chain Reaction (3:12)
    03. Seemed Like a Good Idea (At the Time) (4:16)
    04. Age of Reason (5:06)
    05. I Remember When I Was Young (4:31)
    06. One (2:52)
    07. Talk of the Town (3:42)
    08. Hearts on Fire (4:48)
    09. Trying to Live My Life Without You (3:31)
    10. See the Banners Fall (4:33)
    11. Two Strong Hearts (3:31)
    12. No Ordinary World (3:48)
    13. Going, Going, Gone (Remastered 2006) (3:34)
    14. All Kinds of People (5:16)
    01. That’s Freedom (4:16)
    02. Pressure Down (3:44)
    03. When Something Is Wrong with My Baby (4:56)
    04. Romeo’s Heart (4:18)
    05. A Touch of Paradise (4:41)
    06. Angels (5:44)
    07. In Days to Come (4:01)
    08. Every Time You Cry (4:47)
    09. Come Said the Boy (4:31)
    10. Please Don’t Ask Me (3:18)
    11. Beyond the Call (4:34)
    12. Comic Conversation (3:20)
    13. A Simple Life (3:58)
    14. Listen to the Wind (4:20)
    01. Have a Little Faith (In Us) (5:08)
    02. Don’t You Know It’s Magic (4:02)
    03. Man of the Hour (4:05)
    04. Help (4:24)
    05. Everything’s Alright (4:46)
    06. Burn for You (3:31)
    07. Reasons (4:23)
    08. Talent for Fame (4:39)
    09. We’re No Angels (4:49)
    10. Love to Shine (Remastered) (4:01)
    11. Friday Kind of Monday (2:45)
    12. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head (2:31)
    12. Sadie (The Cleaning Lady) (3:18)
    13. The Last Time (3:28)

    The post John Farnham – The Essential John Farnham Limited Edition 3.0 (2009) appeared first on MusDL.

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    Eszter Balint - Flicker (1998)

    Artist: Eszter Balint
    Title Of Album: Flicker
    Year Of Release: 1998
    Label (Catalog#): Scratchie Records [398 426 365-2]
    Country: Hungary/US
    Genre: Alternative, Indie, Folk Rock, Lo-Fi
    Quality: FLAC (tracks +.cue,log,scans)
    Bitrate: Lossless
    Time: 41:11
    Full Size: 301 mb
    Upload: Turbobit / DepFile / HitFile

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    Artist: Jim Cornwell
    Title: Nothing Left to Break
    Year Of Release: 2015
    Label: Jim Cornwell
    Genre: Country, Bluegrass, Americana
    Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
    Total Time: 47:37
    Total Size: 116 Mb

    1. Last Ride
    2. I’m Coming Home
    3. It’s Just Not the Same
    4. His Simple Ways
    5. Been There Done That
    6. I Don’t Feel That Way
    7. Nothing Left to Break
    8. I Wouldn’t Settle for Less
    9. It’s All About You
    10. My Boat Is so Small
    11. Dry Spell
    12. Through Your Eyes
    13. You Still Thrill Me
    14. Then You Walked In

    Country? At times. Folk? Kind of. Bluegrass? A little. I suppose these 14 original vocal songs, driven by the acoustic guitar, are a combination of all three which some might label Americana? We all share our own unique but similar experiences while traversing life’s highway. I hope this music gives you comforting companionship for your journey.
    My life is in your hands. Literally. I wrote some of these songs in my late teens and early 20’s. I wrote five of them during the recording process. I selected these particular songs from "my archives" to cover from the day I met my wife, our courtship and marriage, the raising of our children, to the final days of my father’s life who passed away during the production of this project.
    I am forever grateful to God, the Original Author and Composer, for giving me the gift of music and the resources to be able to share it with so many people. Thanks to my wife Kathy for enduring all the trials and tribulations of being married to a musician. Thanks to my daughter Christina and my son Daniel for their constant inspiration and purpose they have given to my life. I am so proud of you both!
    Thanks to all my musical friends from California to Tennessee who helped raise my musical bar by inviting me to pick with them. Special thanks to Chris Joslin for sharing his extraordinary musicianship and assisting me in bringing my songs to life.
    This album is meant to present me as a songwriter, so the vocals are a departure from my previous four instrumental CD’s, but I think both audiences will appreciate it’s presentation.


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    Artist: Jeff Givens and the Mugshot Saints
    Title: Midnight in Muscle Shoals
    Year Of Release: 2015
    Label: Jeff Givens and the Mugshot Saints
    Genre: Country, Alt Country, Americana
    Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
    Total Time: 50:12
    Total Size: 127 Mb

    1. Never Get Over You
    2. Hard Livin’
    3. Breaking Up and Breaking Down
    4. Long Weekend
    5. Midnight in Muscle Shoals
    6. Livin’ the Dream
    7. Last of a Dying Breed
    8. It Didn’t Take No Time
    9. Get Back Home
    10. Full Moon
    11. Shadow of Love
    12. Standing At the Gates of Hell
    13. Hey TC

    Singer/Songwriter Jeff Givens is a road-seasoned troubadour. As a contemporary musical gypsy, Jeff travels the country, meeting folks from every aspect of life and listening to their stories. He lives this life, documenting it all in his songs. Somehow, writing through the haze of self-destruction like his heroes before him, (Kerouac, Burroughs, Lennon, Hank, Townes and others) he has prevailed and come out the other side, battling his demons by writing about them. Born in Tennessee and raised in Chicago, Mr. Givens is a music veteran of over 30 years and has played in many bands, from Chicago to Boston to London. Working with Jay Bennett from Wilco was one of his numerous experiences. Back in 2001, Jeff went all-in; he left his day gig and everything else to fully embrace this musical journey. Tramping around America, like another prince of skid row, he began writing songs that defined his life. Settling back in Chicago, Jeff reconnected with producer, collaborator and fellow hell-raiser, Jason Botka, to finish writing and record these songs. From the easy rooms of Skye Bleu Studios, "Bourbon Cowboy" was born.
    In 2014, Jeff gathered his closest brothers in music for his sophomore album, "Midnight in Muscle Shoals", which was tracked on the sacred ground of Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. A founding member of The Righteous Hillbillies, Kev Wright added his southern rock flair on guitar and vocals, and Jason Botka brought in keys, organ, guitar and harmonica. All left the Shoals sessions feeling like they had "been to the mountain". Jeff knew something special had happened next to that Tennessee River, and it needed to continue. Once home, Johnny Gadeikis added his talents on bass and Luke Smith on drums to round out the Mugshot Saints. This diverse band, with many decades of combined writing and touring experience between them, developed both acoustic and plugged in line-ups and started gigging in some of the best rooms in Chicago; the Metro Chicago and Schubas to name just a couple. The Saints draw from outlaw country, southern rock and rock, blues and folk influences to create their multifaceted sound. Part Allman Brothers part Stones, with some Van Morrison and a dash of Father John Misty; The Mugshot Saints put on a show that will rock you to "holler & swaller" one minute, then with some old school folksy blues, you’ll be crying in that same beer the next.


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    folderKeith Jarrett
    A Multitude Of Angels
    (ECM, 2016 4cd)
    more details

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    Artist: Jed Morrison
    Title: Once You Go Honky Tonk
    Year Of Release: 2015
    Label: Jed Morrison
    Genre: Country, Americana
    Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
    Total Time: 42:20
    Total Size: 109 Mb

    1. Cowgirls, Coronas & Country
    2. Once You Go Honky Tonk
    3. Poor Rich People
    4. The Cougar Song
    5. College Days
    6. When Country Songs Come True
    7. Comprende
    8. Must’ve Been Drinkin’
    9. Arizona Mountain Man
    10. If You Were Me
    11. Before I Was Ready

    Jed Morrison’s music was described as "Real Country, played down, dirty, and without mercy!" K.V.R.D 105.7. His songs have that classic country feel with a truth inside each one from a ranch hand’s perspective and experiences in today’s world. The rowdiest songs to the saddest songs you’ve ever heard.


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    Megahits 2017 - Die Erste (2016)

    Artist: Various Performers
    Title: Megahits 2017 - Die Erste
    Label: Polystar (Universal Music)
    Style: Reggae, Pop Punk, Alternative, Trap, Dance, Hip-Hop, Electropop, Synthpop
    Release Date: 22-11-2016
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 45 Tracks
    Size: 360 Mb / 02:35:58 Min

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