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    320 kbps | 81 MB | LINKS

    Phil Ochs, best known as a writer of topical and political songs, was also a brilliant composer of enduring melodies and lyrics of startling poetic power. This collection consists entirely of songs that he wrote. Some songs look outward at the workings of power in the world, and others look inwards at the workings of the heart. Most of the songs do both, and masterfully. In the search for the emotional core of each song, I’ve taken musical liberties – most of these versions range a long ways from Phil’s own performances and arrangements. But I believe the versions here have stayed faithful to Phil’s spirit and intent. If this recording serves to introduce a few more folks to the music of Phil Ochs, I’ll have done my job.
    – Pat Wictor, Brooklyn, NY

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    Όποτε βλέπω το Φόβο του Κώστα Μανουσάκη είναι πάντα σαν την πρώτη φορά. Έτσι συμβαίνει με τις μεγάλες ταινίες, τραγούδια, βιβλία κ.λπ. Κάθε φορά ανακαλύπτεις και κάτι καινούριο, κάτι που δεν το είχες προσέξει παλιότερα, και που από μόνο του (αυτό το «κάτι») έχει τη δύναμη να σε μεταφέρει, ξανά, στην προσωπική σου Σάνγκρι Λα.
    Νοιώθω, πάντα, κάτι σαν δέος με το που πέφτουν οι τίτλοι αρχής τού Φόβου στην οθόνη (σε όποια οθόνη), ενώ «χάνομαι» στην τελευταία σκηνή τής ταινίας – ένα αληθινά ψυχοτρόπο 8λεπτο ταξίδι, που ορίζεται από μια κάμερα και μια μουσική (ένα εκπληκτικό μοτίβο του Γιάννη Μαρκόπουλου).
    Ο Φόβος δεν είναι από τα φιλμ που έχαιρε ιδιαίτερης εκτίμησης στο χώρο της κουλτούρας, για χρόνια, να το πούμε αυτό, και οι λόγοι ήταν πολλοί. Ο Κώστας Μανουσάκης έκανε ταινίες για παραγωγούς (Κλέαρχος Κονιτσιώτης, Δαμασκηνός-Μιχαηλίδης), χρησιμοποιούσε ηθοποιούς τού λεγόμενου εμπορικού κινηματογράφου (Βουγιουκλάκη, Μπάρκουλης, Φυσσούν, Ναθαναήλ, Φωκάς), ενώ δεν είχε κι εκείνο το σαφές πολιτικό στίγμα που θα… έπρεπε να διαθέτεις ως δημιουργός, ώστε να διαφοροποιείσαι από το παλιό. Παραμύθια…
    Κώστας Μανουσάκης
    Ο Μανουσάκης υπήρξε σκηνοθέτης με αυστηρή προσωπική ματιά, παρ’ ότι ο ίδιος δρούσε μέσα στην κοινή διανομή και το εμπορικό κύκλωμα. Και οι τρεις ταινίες που πρόλαβε να γυρίσει (Έρωτας Στους Αμμόλοφους το 1958, Προδοσίατο ’64, Ο Φόβος το ’66) αποδεικνύουν σπάνια (για τα εγχώρια δεδομένα) σκηνοθετική βιρτουοζιτέ, με αποκορύφωμα το Φόβο, φυσικά, εκεί όπου καταθέτει όλη τη μαεστρία του.
    Η ταινία γυρισμένη στους βάλτους της Κωπαΐδας, λογικά το καλοκαίρι-φθινόπωρο του ’65 (προβλήθηκε στις αίθουσες στις αρχές του ’66), πραγματεύεται ένα κοινωνικό πρόβλημα, ή μάλλον πολλά, ταυτοχρόνως, που σχετίζονταν με τα καταπιεσμένα ήθη μιας ξεκομμένης μεγαλοαγροτικής οικογένειας.
    Ποιος κυριαρχεί εκεί; Ένας τσιφλικάς πατέρας-αφέντης, ένας αποτυχημένος βασικά οικογενειάρχης με βαθύ αυταρχικό προφίλ (Αλέξης Δαμιανός), καθώς γύρω του κινούνται μόνο δυστυχισμένα πρόσωπα. Ένας καταπιεσμένος και σεξουαλικά ανώριμος γιος από τον πρώτο γάμο του (ο απίστευτος Ανέστης Βλάχος), η μουγκή θρησκόληπτη ψυχοκόρη, το θύμα τού Ανέστη, που αφού βιαστεί στη συνέχεια θα φονευτεί (Έλλη Φωτίου) και ακόμη η δεύτερη σύζυγος τού τσιφλικά, μια επίσης καταπιεσμένη και αλλοτριωμένη από τη μίζερη ζωή της γυναίκα (Μαίρη Χρονοπούλου), που είναι εντελώς αδύναμη, και αυτή, για να επηρεάσει την εξέλιξη των πραγμάτων.

    Η συνέχεια εδώ…

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    Jan SchulteLast year, Jan Schulte, AKA Wolf Müller, released an album on International Feel with Cass called The Sound of Glades, a set of balmy Balearic tracks that verged on ambient. Schulte is best known as a resident DJ at Salon Des Amateurs and a producer of entrancing dance records brimming with polyrhythms. His latest release, a compilation of hushed percussive workouts, Tropical Drums of Deutschland, enhances his reputation as a record collector. Comprised of tracks — made mostly in the mid- to late-’80s — from Schulte’s personal stash, it highlights German artists who were interested in the kind of rainforest exotica present in Schulte’s own music.
    Hand drums patter around the edges of Tropical Drums of Deutschland‘s Fourth World inspirations.

    144 MB  320 ** FLAC

    Faint bird cries and jungle samples float in the distance. The sounds of crickets and frogs simmer in the backdrop of Rudiger Oppermann’s Harp Attack’s “Troubadix in Africa,” for example, and bird calls help form the melody on Argile’s “Tagtraum Eines Elefanten.” “Sounouh”‘s African-inspired folk, by Sanza, is a gorgeous choral drum workout. Ralf Nowy’s “Akili Mali” opens with electronic squeals that emulate the sounds of nature before a loopy keyboard melody enters over a tumbling hand drum charge. Trimopen’s “Wagagroove” is an even spacier trip, its slow drum pattern quietly gaining steam in a way that resembles the percussive stomp of krautrock bands like Niagara.

    As Tropical Drums of Deutschland closes with two Wolf Müller edits, Schulte shows how tightly bound his own music is to the compilation. He gives more breathing room to Om Buschman’s “Hey Tata Gorem” while adding to its psychedelic allure. His version of TCP’s “At the Water-Hole” is even more bizarre, with squealing synthesizer tones and effects that sound like a damaged trumpet wheezing over its insistent rhythms. It’s a fitting closer for a collection that finds Schulte shining a light on German music with a global outlook.

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  • 07/10/17--22:04: DMC Cool Grooves 24 (2017)
  • DMC Cool Grooves 24 (2017)

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: DMC Cool Grooves 24
    Label: DMC Records
    Style: Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Latin, Dance, Funk, Tropical, Downtempo, Afrobeats, Swing, Grime
    Release Date: 06-04-2017
    Format: CDr, Compilation
    Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
    Tracks: 22 Tracks
    Size: 181 Mb / 01:17:33 Min

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    [Label: Rocksteady Disco | Cat#: RSD006]

    1. Standing Still Is An Illusion (feat. Topher Horn, Paul Randolph & Ryan Gimpert) (9:08)
    2. Ayiba I Yeri O (6:35)
    3. Pagode Americano (5:31)

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    320 kbps | 102 MB | LINKS

    For much of the 1970s and ’80s, guitarist Mighty Joe Young owned Chicago’s cozy Wise Fools Pub — at least musically speaking, he was the club’s top draw. Wise Fools Pub had a long and intriguing history that has played out in three acts. It started when it opened in 1968 and it quickly became one of the North Side’s most popular blues clubs, particularly once David Ungeleider took over in 1972 and invited blues legends from South Side clubs, including Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Jimmy Dawkins. George Thorogood made his first Chicago appearance at Wise Fools Pub, and Otis Rush and Mighty Joe Young both recorded live albums here. This initial iteration of Wise Fool’s Pub lasted until 1993 when Ungeleider sold the club and it started booking local rock and cover bands. Frankly, I feel Mighty Joe Young is one of the most talented guitar players in the country. I used Joe on many sessions because of his ability to interpret the particular feeling of a song. He has a traditional sound which is he able to mix with a very modern style and he uses this combination to emphasize a mood. I know that Might Joe Young always made his second home at the Wise Fools Pub, on one of Chicago’s best known music spots. In fact, people from all over the world came to the Wise Fools Pub looking for blues and that club definitely earned its fine reputation for good music Willie Dixon.

    1. Cruisin’ Down Highway 99 ( 4:13)
    2. That’s All Right ( 3:49)
    3. Whole Lotta Lovin’ ( 4:13)
    4. I Can’t Quit You Baby ( 4:20)
    5. Baby Please ( 3:28)
    6. Stormy Monday ( 4:54)
    7. Turning Point (11:33)
    8. Wise Fool’s Express ( 4:31)

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    Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL - Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) FLAC (tracks)
    Artist: Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL | Album: Mad Max: Fury Road | Released: 2015 | Label: WaterTower Music | Genre: Score, Soundtrack

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    Richie Kotzen - Change (2003) FLAC (image+.cue)
    Artist: Richie Kotzen | Album: Change | Released: 2003 | Label: Virtuoso music | Genre: Hard Rock

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    Richie Kotzen - Break It All Down (2000) FLAC (image+.cue)
    Artist: Richie Kotzen | Album: Break It All Down | Released: 2000 | Genre: Blues, Rock

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    zzx320 kbps | 101 MB | LINKS

    For the Good Times: A Tribute to Ray Price finds Willie paying tribute to one of his most legendary influences and longtime friend, Ray Price. The album debuts Willie’s new interpretations of 12 songs Price made famous, including “Heartaches by the Number,” “Crazy Arms,” “Night Life,” “Faded Love” and “For the Good Times.” It was produced and arranged by longtime Nelson and Price friends/collaborators, Fred Foster and Bergen White.

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    z320 kbps | 470 MB | LINKS

    Tom Paxton’s – Ain’t That News! (1965)
    Fred Neil’s – Bleecker & MacDougal (1965),
    Even Dozen Jug Band’s – Even Dozen Jug Band (1964),
    Phil Ochs’ – I Ain’t Marching Anymore (1965)
    Elektra compilation – The Blues Project (1964)

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    David Orlowsky Trio -  Paris • Odessa (Lossless, Hi Res 2017) Исполнитель: David Orlowsky Trio
    Альбом: Paris • Odessa
    Дата выхода: 2017
    Страна: Germany
    Категория(и): Jazz  World
    Дата выхода: 2017
    Продолжительность: 00:51:28
    Формат: FLAC, (tracks) 24 bits, 96 KHz, Lossless

    Давид Орловски Трио (Германия). Давид Орловски (кларнет), Йенс Уве Попп(гитара) и Флориан Дорман (контрабас). Проект «ПАРИЖ-ОДЕССА», в рамках мирового промо-тура нового диска SONY Classical. Давид Орловски Трио является ведущим ансамблем клезмер- джаз музыки в Европе. Трио записывается эксклюзивно на фирме SONY Classical, выпустившей уже 6 дисков музыкантов – кроме нового, “Noema”, “Nessiah”, “Chronos”...

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    Z320 kbps | 430 MB | LINKS

    CD1: Gram Parsons – GP
    CD2: The Byrds: Byrds
    CD3: The Souther, Hillman, Furay Band – The Souther, Hillman Furay Band
    CD4: Gene Clard – No Other
    CD5: Poco – Inamorata

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    OndatropicaOndatropica is a multi-generational, multi-genre Colombian music collective aimed at breaking down borders between urban and rural, folk and pop, past and present, cumbia and just about everything else. The project’s self-titled debut double CD won widespread praise in 2012. Cofounders Will Holland (Quantic) and Mario Galeano (Frente Cumbiero) took their time with the follow-up, but these 15 tracks are, if possible, even more surprising and delightful than the first set.
    Some 35 musicians took part in this recording, first tracking in the inland capital Bogota, home to Colombia’s active experimental roots music scene, and then on Old Providence Island, a place where resurgent folklore rubs shoulders with dancehall and reggae. The result is a rich, giddy and…

    141 MB  320 ** FLAC

    …wildly varied collision of cumbia lope, layered hand drums, sassy brass, vocals ranging from creaky to luscious, as well as flashes of gritty dancehall (“Come Back Again” and “Trustin’”), Congolese-flavored champeta (“Bogota”) and even Nigerian Afrobeat (“Hummingbird”). The unifying force here is a kind of joyous briskness that keeps the soundscapes open and inviting, never chaotic or cluttered in the least, despite the large cast and broad stylistic palette.

    The opener, “Commotion,” sung unexpectedly in English, sets the mood with a kind of cumbia/calypso mash-up memorable for the way Shala Boom’s gravelly baritone voice harmonizes improbably with Katia Bowie’s delicate alto. “Malaria” delivers a fittingly feverish take on cumbia, with march band snare drum (a thread through these songs), percussive accordion chops, and a satisfying interplay between trombones and accordion, panned hard left and right. Michi Sarmiento’s high, throaty lead vocal completes the mix with a rowdy campesino flavor. There is just so much to unpack here, from “Lazalypso,” a brassy carnival romp, to the ebullient 12/8 of “Boga Canoero,” with its tasty interplay of clean electric guitars, playful saxophone interludes, call-and-response vocal and rippling trumpet riffs on the outro.

    One certainly hopes for another Ondatropica live tour, as we saw in 2013, but even if all 35 of these musicians turned up, they would be hard pressed to recreate the down-home ambience of this transporting recording. It’s rare that an album delivers such a powerful sense of place, but listening to Baile Bucanero may well convince you that Colombia is a place you need to be. —

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    HDtracks | 789 MB | LINKS

    Carly Simon is singer-songwriter Carly Simon’s self-titled debut/studio album, released in February 1971. The album was released by Elektra Records and produced by Eddie Kramer, who had previously worked with Joe Cocker and Jimi Hendrix.

    The album included her first Top 10 hit, “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be”, a somber ballad centered on a woman pondering marriage with a sense of both inevitability and entrapment. Simon wrote the music and her friend and frequent collaborator Jacob Brackman wrote the lyrics.

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    Download VA-Deep_In_The_Heart_Of_Tuva_Cowboy_Music_From_The_Wild_East-1996-GCP Free
    Artist: Kongar-Ool Ondar & Paul Earthquake Pena
    Title: Deep In The Heart Of Tuva: Cowboy Music From The Wild East
    Genre: Ethnic
    Year: 1996
    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 219 Kbps
    Tracks: 16
    Time: 00:51:41
    Size: 80.87 MB

    01. Kongar-Ool Ondar – Medley Of Throat-Singing Styles Accompanied By Doshpuluur (4:32)
    02. Aldyn-Ool Sevek – Demonstration Of Kargyraa (1:57)
    03. Oleg Kuular – Collection Of Hoomei Styles (3:21)
    04. Oorzhak Khunashtaar-Ool – Bolur-Daa-Bol, Bolbas-Daa-Bol (1:13)
    05. Oorzhak Khunashtaar-Ool – Eder-Daa-Bol, Etpes-Daa-Bol (1:05)
    06. Bilchi-Maa Davaa – Hoomi Lullaby (1:02)
    07. Shaktar Shulban – Demonstration Of Sygyt And Kargyraa (2:08)
    08. Kongar-Ool Ondar – Dymzhuktaar (3:05)
    09. Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg – Fantasy On The Igil (4:24)
    10. Kongar-Ool Ondar – Fast Words (1:39)
    11. Kongar-Ool Ondar – Shamanic Prayer For Richard Feynman (5:29)
    12. Mikhail Alperin – Prayer I (6:28)
    13. Oleg Kuular & Mikhail Alperin – Tuvan Industrial (5:58)
    14. Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha – Yenisei-Punk (3:11)
    15. Paul Earthquake Pena – Kargyrra Moan (4:17)
    16. Kongar-Ool Ondar & Paul Earthquake Pena – What You Talkin’ About (1:52)

    Download VA-Deep In The Heart Of Tuva Cowboy Music From The Wild East-1996-GCP

    The post VA-Deep In The Heart Of Tuva Cowboy Music From The Wild East-1996-GCP appeared first on Download Latest Music Releases.

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    Foo Fighters - Wasting Light (Best Buy Deluxe Version) (2011) FLAC (tracks + .cue)
    Artist: Foo Fighters | Album: Wasting Light | Released: 2011 | Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock | Country: USA | Duration: 00:58:00

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    Rupert Gregson-Williams - Wonder Woman (2017) FLAC (tracks+.cue)
    Artist: Rupert Gregson-Williams | Album: Wonder Woman | Released: 2017 | Label: Sony Classical | Catalog #: 88985447072 | Genre: Score, Sountrack

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    Planetshakers - One (2009) FLAC (tracks+.cue)
    Artist: Planetshakers | Album: One | Released: 2009 | Label: Integrity Music | Genre: Rock, Christian Rock

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    Emilie Simon - Discography (2003-2014) FLAC
    Artist: Emilie Simon | Album: Discography | Released: 2003-2014 | Genre: Downtempo, Trip-Hop

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